Viveka Ljungström: Culture can save nature

Viveka Ljungström: Culture can save nature

CHRONICLE: Think how carelessly the word nature and natural is used. But what is nature? Is a meadow natural? Is pasture nature?

Culture can save nature

Imagine if you were to take and make a meadow in the city.

Much of what we call nature is actually culture, that is, created by man even though it is a long time ago.

A meadow with deciduous trees is one of the world's most species-rich places and a pasture is home to species that only survive if hooves trample the ground. But none of them are nature, they are culture, created by man several thousand years ago. Created, not to be rich in species but to ensure that the tambos have good food, all year round. In the pasture they graze, in the meadow the winter fodder grows. Both pastures and meadows are found in places that are rich in species by nature and have since been changed by humans and thus become even more species-rich.

Now we no longer have any use for pasture and meadow. The animals are fed in a different way. So they are disappearing. And with them many animals and plants. But they do not have to disappear. We can choose to preserve them because we think they are beautiful and because we believe it is good for us that many species are allowed to live on.

Garden is not nature either. It's culture. The word culture just means to cultivate or cultivate. But even though it is not natural, animals and plants thrive there. And by cultivating our garden, we can provide environments where nature's birds, insects and plants enjoy living.

In cultures, fashion goes. And right now, the trend that speaks for a peasant society and self-sufficiency is strong. Let's take care of it. If all homeowners were to turn half their lawn into a meadow and thus stop mowing that part with a motor lawnmower, it would lead to us reducing carbon dioxide emissions by just over 17,000 tonnes per year! In addition, a number of endangered species of plants and animals would find refuge.

At there are descriptions of how to make a meadow.

In the next issue of Allt om Trädgård (out in stores 15 February) there is a great seed special with tips on lots of exciting seeds. There we suggest, among other things, new meadow seed mixtures.


editor-in-chief Allt om Trädgård


This spring's trend special is finally here. Here is a small taste of stuff I do not want to be without this summer.

Just right and perhaps the hottest this summer is rattan furniture. Happiness is finding an old one at a flea market. If you do not do that, you are Monet from Danish an alternative.

A popular self-help book called The hippopotamus in the living room (Tommy Hellsten, Cordia). Worth reading about how easily it has happened that family tragedies remain unresolved even though the consequence is like living with just one hippopotamus in the room. I collect hippos to remind myself to dare to take on what is difficult. I place Anne Nilsson's in concrete in the garden.

Garden is pleasure. Tighten one hammock between the trees and listen to the bumblebees when the cherry trees are in bloom. This colorful one comes from

The softest wax cloth from Marimekko is Honeysuckle and sold by the meter. I put it on the table both outside and inside.

Lien is superior most motor mowers. In addition, it is, for the trend-conscious, crazy right to have leaned against a wall. Stylish, well made and at the top of the wish list is slåtterlie Lif from

Is it possible to separate nature from culture, is gardening nature or culture? Are all life forms equal when it comes to conserving biodiversity, is the cockroach worth as much as the guckusko? Where is the line between the natural and the unnatural, does cloning plants feel natural but not cloning animals?

In fifteen essays, a group of researchers from a diverse subject field write about their view of nature in an entertaining and thought-provoking way. That the authors deliver more questions than answers is entirely in order. Because by being confronted with their different tracks of thought, you as a reader are inspired to think further about the meaning and essence of nature.

Happiness of nature: our valuable biological diversity

Ola Jennersten takes us to our fascinating and living nature and tells knowledgeable and captivating in words and pictures about which flowers and plants such as bees, bumblebees, butterflies and other insects, the important pollinators, need the most. What we can do at home is both valuable and fun. The reward will be a showy, living nature and gardens with flowers and fruit on trees and shrubs.

On our journey through Sweden, we also get to meet happy Fia, the cow on the meadow with a thousand night violets and to follow exciting game hunting on bears, wolves and wolverines. We also meet some of the unique nature enthusiasts who entertainingly and generously share their joys, best tips and experiences.


For a long time, Hälleskogsbrännan's visitor center will provide an experience of nature after the fire. It has a messy charm that works, says Rasmus Wærn. Photo: Jason Strong.

Ten years ago Dagens Nyheter published a sweeping outcome against the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's ambition to build nature instead of protecting forests and land. The leader's shortcomings did not prevent him from gaining a devastating influence. Several planned nature reserves were put on ice. We will never know which ideas were crushed in their infancy. Hälleskogsbrännan's visitor center is not a nature these have a much more extensive program. But it shares their ambition, to not only lead visitors out into nature, but also into it. The significance of the fact that this ruin received some built facilities cannot be overestimated. They bring a bit of order to the chaos that the fire left behind. Without landscaped paths, beams, barbecue areas and towers, it would hardly be possible to visit the big fire. Here the trees can collapse without warning.

At the same time, there is an instructive story here that is about both shortcomings and heroic efforts. And if the ability of plants and animals to reclaim, yes in many cases exploit, the lands the fire left behind. A few years from now, these stories will be the reserve's main attraction. The wide views of dead trees are not much more than a dramatic background to the stories that the visitor's exhibition presents. I imagine that the exhibition will be redone as the forest grows. Today, losses are in focus, but soon the new will be at the center. Pine and spruce have already been planted outside the reserve, but in 60 percent of the fire area, nature is up to them. It is one of the largest protected areas in all of southern Sweden, about eight thousand hectares. Since it is above all birch, aspen and willow that have now taken over the old coniferous forest, it is Sweden's largest continuous deciduous forest that is now growing up here.

The tower ends the 300 meter long footbridge up Grävlingsberget. From there, the view is miles wide. Photo: Jason Strong.

Humans are probably one of the animals that have the most difficulty adapting to the new environment. Those who do not have establishment species as a special interest, need a bit of built-in care to be able to absorb the desolate greatness of the fire. The architect Mikael Hassel understood that. He won the assignment to design the facility at Grävlingsberget with a proposal based on his degree project at KTH. Later, he designed the whole thing as an employee at PS architecture. It was a successful debut, which was soon noticed by both the jury for the Siena Prize and by Sveriges Arkitekter in Västmanland.

The merits lie above all in the rhythm of the facility. The long footbridge trickles forward much like you would on a forest hike. The movement returns vertically, with the lookout tower as the highlight of the facility in every sense. The whole thing has a messy charm, which testifies that it is actually a kind of playground as well. Grävlingsberget will attract children. Few places are as safe to grill at and while the fire is burning, children can run around and inevitably reflect on what a single spark can accomplish.

Everything is robust, but important meetings are also designed with finesse. The architecture is related to the Vasa Museum, Månsson and Dahlbäck's award-winning collage of another disaster. Like there, the rustic constructions are spiced with quotes in this case for the area's knotted timber cottages. Some corners have been designed as corner chains, and the saddle roof shape is a recurring theme, but rather as a picture than as a practice. The architecture does not try to position itself in any avant-garde. It is, like the Vasa Museum, rather a reminder of the values ​​of modern tradition.

The design wisely does not refer to the fire itself. This has its monument in all the dead pines, and when they collapse, the facility must continue to be relevant. Few modern buildings are in an equally strong relationship with their environment, whose intensive renewal is at the same time the real spirit of the place. Nature changes and culture is constant, until it has played its role. It only has it when the area is a forest like any other. Until then, the facility will play many different roles.

The twelve meter high tower consists of three volumes that are directed towards different views. Photo: Jason Strong

The lookout tower, which is now a place to take in the extent of the fire, will soon be the only point where you can look over the slush forest that is on its way up. In a couple of generations, there will be a place to go into the treetops. The forest is made accessible, not only by being able to roll through it, but also by giving it a focus. Those who can focus on the details of what plants and animals themselves tell about the environment, do not need these great grips, but the rest of us need some guidance. Dagens Nyheter's writer passed on this pedagogical role at the reserve, but she would not have been able to see the difference that Grävlingsberget makes either.

A reserve like Hälleskogsbrännan was created for three purposes. First, it provided an opportunity to compensate affected forest owners. Secondly, it gives plants and animals an opportunity to reclaim the land with a mixture that a production forest can never provide. Thirdly, there are for visitors and students who want to see and learn about the forest. This third task requires some finesse so as not to become too intrusive. Mikael Hassel's has gnarled and a little grumpy woodwork. Reasonably well-equipped and without unnecessarily complicated shapes, buildings wedge and blast away over logs and stones. If they remain in 100 years, you will be able to marvel at how they weigh for the trees, although in this particular environment it will be the other way around. First culture. Then nature.

The roof of the lookout point with its terraces serves as an outdoor classroom. Photo: Jason Strong


Project name: Hälleskogsbrännan Address: 733 61 Västerfärnebo, Västmanland Architect thesis: Mikael Hassel Architect: Mikael Hassel Architect in charge: Peter Sahlin Participants: Julia Falås Subconsultants Designer: Johan Sandström Astadien Byggkonsult AB Execution contract Building contractor: Construction partner in Dalarna Service AB, Zmide in Krylbo AB Subconsultants to building contractor calculations glulam frame: Limträteknik AB Height and installation work: Precision Measurement technology Gross area: approx. 200 sqm buildings, excluding footbridge Year of construction: 2017–2018

"Sutip Austad is the coolest cultivation and cookbook of the year."

"One of our favorites."
The ladies World

The interest in plants has followed Thai Sutip Austad through life from the tough years of growing up as a child slave, in the encounter with Swedish nature and culture, to his own farm on the Swedish west coast. In cultivation, Sutip has found both his livelihood and his personal harmony.

In The Asian Kitchen Garden, she shares her story and cultivation philosophy, and shows you how to grow exciting Asian vegetables and herbs such as ginger, lemongrass, bitter melon, coriander, chili, pak choi and malabar spinach. It is excellent to create a flamboyant Asian kitchen garden also in Sweden. Sutip suggests fun and easy-to-grow plants, some thrive best in greenhouses and others work well in the open air or in pots.

Based on Thai cuisine, your own harvest is prepared in about 30 recipes.

Sutip Austad has for over 20 years grown organically on his farm in Spekeröd outside Stenungsund. Through collaborations with some of Sweden's best chefs, she has established herself as an esteemed grower who always does things on her own.

Henrik Francke, who has written the lyrics, is a freelance writer and writes for magazines and newspapers, and has been the creative director of the magazine Gourmet for a number of years.

"Most interesting for chefs and others are probably the full sections where Sutip Austad talks about vegetables and spices in text and image. Many of the products are still unusual in Scandinavia, others are well known for a long time but are presented with new angles."
Restaurant and commercial kitchen

"The grower phenomenon Sutip Austad in Spekeröd shares his knowledge in a new book."

"In her book The Asian Kitchen Garden, she gives invaluable advice on how to grow and cook Asian vegetables."
Country life

"The book's beautiful pictures, exciting cultivation tips and enticing recipes make us immediately want to move to the countryside and spend our days with earthy fingers in greenhouses and vegetable land."
The ladies World

"What was just going to be a quick flip through ended up with me devouring the book from cover to cover. The Asian Kitchen Garden is a book that surprises and it is definitely worth checking out."
Umeå Tidning

"We enjoy sharing her knowledge and are enchanted by the amazing photo."

"Sutip Austad's cultivation philosophy is extremely personal and springs from her own experiences. She has grown young primroses, herbs, spices and Asian vegetables in her greenhouses for 25 years. Now her book about life, cultivation and food is coming out."
All about Food

"Lots of inspiration and a personal life story that touches."

"Her book is rich in content in many ways, captivating and inspiring for those who want to cultivate Asian and perhaps know more about the philosophy behind Sutip Austad's way of cultivating."
Eskilstuna Kuriren

"It feels both fresh and interesting and also contains more philosophical pieces about how cultivation can be used to find its inner harmony. The photographs of herbs / plants in the book are reminiscent of old school posters of plants."
Wise home

"Now she works together with Swedish star chefs. Her book is about philosophy of life and solid cultivation. There are also exciting recipes here."
Dream Home & Garden

This year's coolest cultivation and cookbook is by Sutip Austad.

Download book for free The Asian Kitchen Garden: cultivation & philosophy epub PDF Kindle ipad

Author: Henrik Francke
Number of pages: 127
ISBN: 9789127145849
Language: Swedish
Format: PDF
File size: 17.62 Mb
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Staff Christmas gift tips

We who work at Bokus love books! Here you will find our very best Christmas gift tips

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Illustrated Version) - It's amazing to broaden your imagination by glorifying the illustrated version of the first Harry Potter book before sex. Part two has already been purchased and is under the Christmas tree this year.

Map Stories - "The best way to get to know the world is to go out the door, stare at the horizon and start walking" (Source: Map Stories). Another way to explore the world is through the book Map Stories or Atlas to the White Spots of the World. In the book, we travel, among other things. on Route 66, deep into the Amazon jungles and canoe canoes on the Mekong River.

1947 - August nominated for this year's Swedish non-fiction book! Well-written prose and history lesson in one, from a turbulent year in world history.

Biggest of all - Multifaceted, fascinating and exciting straightforward thriller that is hard to put down after a captivating introduction.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone

J K Rowling

Map stories: or atlas of expeditions to the white spots of the world

Francisca Mattйoli

Elisabeth brsbrink

Biggest of all

Malin Persson Giolito

The monk who sold his Ferrari - Before the new year, I get pepper and motivation from The monk who sold his Ferrari which is full of words of wisdom and guidance, something that can sometimes be needed in a stressful Stockholm. A perfect way to find some peace in the middle of all the Christmas stress!

And so they were just en - The classic that does not disappoint anyone. That Agatha Christie is called "the queen of detective novels" is hardly a coincidence. This book is a must for you who want a blade turner that delivers excitement at the highest level. Great as a Christmas present for the younger ones who may not have found Christie's treasure yet!

Fantastic beasts and where to find them - At home, Christmas feels complete in front of a lighted bonfire with a Harry Potter book in hand. Rowling's brand new script about the wizarding world therefore feels like a given Christmas present to like-minded HP fans - and there are plenty of them!

The monk who sold his Ferrari: a story about fulfilling his dreams and realizing himself

Robin Sharma

An arrogant villain to star lawyer, Julian Mantle, burns the candle in both spirits and has a heart attack in the courtroom. Three years later, he reappears, completely changed. From being fifty-three years old and looking like seventy, he is now three years older, but looks like thirty-five. During his absence, he has been staying in a small mountain village in the Himalayas with the Sagers of Sivana. These wise men (and women) are an old people who know the secret to an enlightened, happy, successful life. During a long night, he talks about his new life and the key to enlightenment for his friend and colleague John. The monk who sold his Ferrari is a captivating and entertaining depiction of an external and internal journey, where Eastern mysticism meets Western success. Easy to read as a novel for this book which is praised by, among others, Paolo Coelho (author of The Alchemist): їThe Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a captivating story that teaches as it delights.їChristina Doctare has read the book: їThe monk who sold his Ferrari is an exciting Book. It / / shows that it is possible to change one's life, and that repentance is a necessity of life if one wants to live on when one has seen death in white. Reading this book is a pure pleasure! Ї The monk who sold his Ferrari has so far been translated into twenty languages ​​and published in thirty countries. The book will be a film in 2006 (with the author himself in one of the roles!). Translation Cecilia Lyckow BöckmanRobin Sharma has been a lawyer from the beginning and is now a highly sought-after lecturer and coach in the areas of lifestyle, personal development and personal leadership. He is 41 years old, single and has two children. He has written seven international bestsellers, none of them previously published in Swedish, and his books are read and loved by all sorts of people, teachers, Hollywood celebrities, students, the British royal family, rock stars and reportedly an Israeli astronaut! See also his website

And then they were just one

Agatha Christie

Ten small soldiers їsupї Rio.One put in the throat, and they only sow nine.There is the classic children's rhyme that gave the name to Agatha Christie's style-forming masterpiece from 1939. Ten seeds have been invited to a mansion on isolated off the south coast of England. The goose's okre never shows up, but soon learns his goosebumps understand everyone will be punished. Morally, all were guilty of murders for which they have never been held accountable. The need for the first dead body is found, while at the same time it is clear that all contact with the surroundings is broken, a nightmare-like battle begins over and over. And they see only one of the most sweet books of all time, all categories. It's the first in a series of Agatha Christie detective stories based on children's rhymes. Agatha Christie's novels have since been out-of-print. Starting in the autumn of 2014, new translations of the great detective writer's work will be published. In a new translation of Helen Ljungmark, Agatha Christie's novels have a unity that spans the authorship. Outdated concepts have been modernized without the books having lost a linguistic basis by the time they were written. At the same time, a British ingenuity that has previously been overlooked has emerged. First out ї The Murder on the Orient Express and The House of the Pad in September 2014 followed by And they only see one in November, Poirot's Christmas in December and Death's Arrow, The Beach Resort Mystery, Five Smurfs and Miss Marple's Mysteries in 2015. The series was designed by Sara R. Acedo and released by Bookmark Publisher.Agatha Christie (1890-1976) Acquires the whole world as the queen of crime novels. Her books have been seen in more than eight billion copies all over the world, which no other author in modern times can find. In total, Christie has written їio crime novels and short story collections, nineteen dramas and six novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

J K Rowling

When Magizoologist Newt Scamander arrives in New York, he intends his stay to be just a brief stopover. However, when his magical case is misplaced and some of Newt's fantastic beasts escape, it spells trouble for everyone. Inspired by the original Hogwart's textbook by Newt Scamander, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original screenplay marks the screenwriting debut of J.K. Rowling, author of the beloved and internationally bestselling Harry Potter books. A feat of imagination and featuring a cast of remarkable characters and magical creatures, this is epic adventure-packed storytelling at its very best. Whether an existing fan or new to the wizarding world, this is a perfect addition for any film lover or reader's bookshelf. The film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will have its theatrical release on 18th November 2016.

Agaton Цman and the alphabet - An ingenious book with detailed and accurate illustrations. With text that teaches us the alphabet and at the same time invites to a laugh party. Perfect as a high beam in front of the fire on weekdays.

Forget me - A true and self-explanatory story about a son's relationship to his mother. A book that leaves traces in both soul and heart.

Agaton Цman and the alphabet

Sven Nordqvist

Agaton finds an A in the garage, and he gives it to the pharmacist because he collects A. He gets a B instead, but a villain jerks it. The villain's friend feels sorry for Agaton and gives him a C. And so it goes on, throughout the alphabet, Agaton meets many odd types on his way. Until he finally has an A left that he puts in the garage.

Forget me

Alex Schulman

In his most self-deprecating novel ever, Alex Schulman recounts the search for reconciliation with his alcoholic mother. It's summer. Alex Schulman is at his mother's farm to persuade her to enroll in a rehab clinic. That's enough now. He wants his mother back. The happy mother he remembers from childhood. What really went wrong between them? Through Alex's profound and painful flashbacks to childhood, the reader follows the crackling relationship between mother and son, and, when the rift between them seems to be greatest, follow the adult child's desperate quest to repair the relationship. Forget me for a moving and deeply personal depiction of a problematic relationship between mother and son, about co-dependence, longing and the tireless need for reconciliation. "That sounds very good." Niklas Wahllöf, Dagens Nyheter "Skillfully described, Schulman takes us very close to the pain." Jenny Morelli, Svenska Dagbladet "Sad and gripping." Becksa Beckman, Expressen "Heartbreaking, clairvoyant and strong." Ingalill Mosander, Aftonbladet "Straight, honest and insensitive from the beginning to the end." Therese Eriksson, UNT "Do not forget this book!" Jakob Carlander, Corren "Forget me about an extremely sad book, but also a rare gripping one." Philip Teir, Hufvudstadsbladet "I have seldom read such a poignant description of the disgusting marks of co-dependence." Maria Zaitzewsky Rundgren, Accent Magazine "He can write. And he can feel." Anneli Dufva, P1 Kulturnytt "A very touching book." Malou von Sivers, Malou After ten "Can't stop reading, stuck like in a screwdriver. It's so incredibly strong and self-deprecating. It's a story that really goes under the skin. It's very, very good. It's strong and gripping, straight through. " The book mirror

Sand girlis like looking down on a young person's last, free summer days through a sun-bleached lens. On the sandy lake you can take refuge in nature, when life around you is heavy. Dense, intense, concentrated language that enchanted me and swept me to another time and place.

Grief is the Thing With Feathers - Just when the grief feels most endless and you are tired of the care of friends and relatives, the creek rings on the door. Krеkan moves in and shows care, breaks, challenges and crashes. Krékan turns out to be exactly what the father and the two sons need when their dear husband / mother has passed away. Fantastic, sad and funny story about love and loss, portrayed in a unique language, from the father's, from the children's and from the perspective of the child. Translated and newly published in Swedish: The grief should be feathered.

Nowadays we dance in circles every night after work. If we do not sing and play like the musicians from Skaraborg, then we go like the priest's little crow or jump like the little frogs. The reason, of course, is that First songbook has become a big favorite with the younger part of the family and we adults often encourage it when we both get to take part in the cute pictures, as well as the bed and the nice arrangements via the sound module, which is also easily connected to the speakers.

Sand girl

Martha Fohlin

It's her last summer on the island before she's sent away from her family. The year is 1939 and there is talk of a looming war in Europe. For the girl, nature becomes a way to escape the feeling of threat, isolation and alienation. She knows that she will soon become a woman and that the bodily change will take place without adult women in her vicinity. Marta Fohlin debuted with the critically acclaimed I am not good enough for happiness (2014). Her new novel The Sand Girl is based on real events and interviews of the people who lived in Fyrbyn on the Gotska sand during the emergency period.

Grief Is the Thing with Feathers

Max Porter

In a London flat, two young boys face the unbearable sadness of their mother's sudden death. Their father, a Ted Hughes scholar and scruffy romantic, imagines a future of well-meaning visitors and emptiness. In this moment of despair they are visited by Crow - antagonist, trickster, healer, babysitter. This sentimental bird is drawn to the grieving family and threatens to stay until they no longer need him. This extraordinary debut, full of unexpected humor and emotional truth, marks the arrival of a thrilling and significant new talent.

First songbook: with sound module

Catarina Kruusval

Kruusvals small bed books have become a huge success thanks to the cute and fun pictures. Finally, the songs with accompanying recorded songs now come in a sound panel. Browse, press and sing! The first songbook contains 12 classic children's songs: The bear sleeps, Both white lambs, The squirrel sat in the Christmas tree, An elephant balanced, In a house at the end of the forest, Imse vimse spider, Little snail, The priest's little creek, The ass rushes across the ice, The Little Frogs, The Wizard's Cradle and We Are Musicians.

Story of a marriage - This book describes very precisely all the nuances of a love relationship. Without any clichés or dramatic twists but instead fine-tuned and with full respect for those involved. A book for everyone who is interested in relationships!

Biggest of all - This was probably this year's reading experience! An introduction that grabs directly and holds the reader to the last page. It is exciting and unexpected and at the same time there is an interesting societal perspective that raises questions about class, power and guilt.

I'm fine now - This year's Alma laureate has written this dystopian love novel. The story takes place one summer when the world for a while seems to go under and some young people are left to fend for themselves. It's exciting, sad and romantic!

The third in line - With his sketch blog, Mattias Adolfsson has become an international phenomenon with 85,000 followers on Instagram. In the very nicely designed book there is a large selection of Mattias sketches collected. A completely unique world to get lost in. Look at the reading test before you see!

Story of a marriage

Geir Gulliksen

Biggest of all

Malin Persson Giolito

I'm fine now

Meg Rosoff

The third in line

Mattias Adolfsson

Will give Born to run as a Christmas present to all Bruce fans, music lovers and dreamers out there. An excellent rock biography that fascinates and touches at the same time. Of course, it's extra impressive that The Boss wrote the book himself, which makes the book feel more authentic!

Tone Schunnesson's debut novel Trip reportsis poetic, explosive and incredibly hard to put down. Loved the language and hope for more from Tone in the future!

When the father one day arrives 17 minutes late, the daughter knows that it is the beginning of the end. What would be a joint book based on interviews is transformed instead into a brilliant depiction of growing up. The worried is a reading experience beyond the ordinary and you do not have to be a Bergman fan to be engrossed in the story.

Born to run

Bruce Springsteen

"Bruce Springsteen has achieved something as remarkable as a rock story that is fun to read" DN "He is a very difficult narrator" Expressen "Writing about himself is strange. "To show the reader his inner self. On these pages I have tried to do so." Bruce Springsteen Еr 2009 stod Bruce Springsteen och E Street Band fцr underhеllningen pе Super Bowl. Upplevelsen var sе omvдlvande att Bruce bestдmde sig fцr att skriva om den. Det var sе denna personliga sjдlvbiografi tog sin bцrjan.Under de senaste sju еren har Bruce Springsteen i hemlighet дgnat sig еt att skriva berдttelsen om sitt liv och bjuder hдr pе samma дrlighet, humor och originalitet som utmдrker hans lеtar. Han beskriver den katolska uppvдxten i Freehold i New Jersey, som vдckte hans drцmmar och ledde fram till цgonblicket han kallar Big Bang: att se Elvis Presleys debut pе Ed Sullivan Show. Hдr skildrar han pе ett levande sдtt sin drivkraft att bli musiker, sina tidiga еr som barbandskung i Asbury Park och E їStreet Bands tillkomst. Med stor цppenhet berдttar han fцr fцrsta gеngen om de personliga motgеngar som inspirerat hans frдmsta verk, och visar varfцr lеten Born to Run har en djupare innebцrd дn de flesta kдnner till. Born to Run дr en цgonцppnare fцr alla som nеgonsin gillat Bruce Springsteen, men boken дr mer дn en legendarisk rockstjдrnas memoarer. Det дr en bok fцr knegare och drцmmare, дlskare och ensamvargar, konstnдrer, galningar och alla som nеgonsin velat dцpas i det heliga vatten vi kallar rocknroll. Sдllan har en artist berдttat sin historia med en sеdan kraft och spдnnvidd. I likhet med hans lеtarї - Thunder Road, Badlands, Darkness on the Edge of Town, The River, Born in the USA, fцr att nдmna nеgra - дr Bruce Springsteens sjдlvbiografi skriven med en unik lеtskrivares poetiska skдrpa och en reflekterande mдnniskas livserfarenhet. Bruce Springsteen slog igenom 1975 med albumet Born to Run. Han har blivit invald i Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Songwriters Hall of Fame och New Jersey Hall of Fame. Han har till delats tjugo Grammy Award, en Oscar och Kennedy Center Honors. Han bor i New Jersey med sin familj.Цversдttning av Erik MacQueen Omslagsfoto © Frank Stefanko "Rockbiografier дr en trдig genre, men Springsteen har еstadkommit nеgot sе anmдrkningsvдrt som en rockhistoria som дr rolig att lдsa. Ja, ibland skriver Springsteen som om han hеller ett brandtal frеn en stor arena under en fyratimmarskonsert. Resultatet дr en jovialisk prosa dдr man hцr hans hesa skratt." Malena Rydell, DN "Jag blir flera gеnger ocksе genuint rцrd av den genuina vдlvilja, snдllhet, som berдttarrцsten utstrеlar. Och jag blir lika berцrd nдr Springsteen med retorisk skicklighet fцrklarar sin grдnslцsa kдrlek till fцrlцsande soul och rocknroll samt, senare i livet, kдrleken till sjдlva kдrleken" Andres Lokko, SVD "Bruce Springsteen ger allt i sjдlvbiografin. Цversдttningen av Erik MacQueen дr utmдrkt, koncis, med flytet intakt." Jan Gradvall, Expressen"I sista kapitlet skriver han naket till sin far, som fick diagnosen paranoid schizofreni, och konstaterar fцr egen del att 'djдvulen дr aldrig mer дn en dag bort'. Det дr mцrkt. Men i epilogen skymtar ljuset. Bruce Springsteen sдtter sig pе sin motorcykel, flyr in i ensamheten och fеngar den frihetskдnsla han tonsatt sе mеnga gеnger tidigare. Han дr en svеrslagen berдttare." Anders Nunstedt, Expressen "Boken kдnns ocksе som en av Springsteens spelningar. Den дr lеng och utmattande och extatisk och larvig och rolig och sorgsen och sentimental och kдrv och romantisk och obehaglig. Texten bцljar fra


Tone Schunnesson

"Jag дr hel. Jag дr en perfekt maskin, Gud har rцrt vid mig och sett mig i min olycka och sagt еt mig att leva som jag gцr fцr att jag дr hans perfekta dotter. Jag rцr mig genom livet med min ensamhet och min цvergivenhet och jag дr stolt och stor, oцvervinnlig, inget i livet kan bli fel fцr jag дr perfekt. Jag дr sе vacker, jag дr sе vacker. Jag дr ensam. Jag дr ful, jag дr sе vidrig."Hon lever hela tiden pе grдnsen, utnyttjar andra och lеter sig utnyttjas. Stдndigt pе jakt efter att komma undan folk hon дr skyldig pengar fцrsцker hon vдrja sig mot minnenas sentimentalitet genom att inte sluta dricka. Men ibland nyktrar hon till och tдnker att det дndе finns nеgon som kan rдdda henne. Kanske nеgon av dem hon trots allt дlskar eller har дlskat? Gеr det att bli rдddad om man sjдlv inte vet om man vill det?Tone Schunnessons debutroman Tripprapporter дr en kompromisslцs och poetisk resa in i en ung kvinnas mentala tillstеnd.

De oroliga

Linn Ullmann

"Jag numrerar, ordnar och katalogiserar. Jag sдger: Det var tre kдrlekar. Jag дr idag lika gammal som min far var nдr jag fцddes. Fyrtioеtta еr. Min mor var tjugosju, hon sеg bеde mycket дldre och mycket yngre ut дn sin еlder den gеngen."De oroliga дr en lekfull, utforskande och genreцverskridande roman om ett barn som inte kan vдnta med att vдxa upp, och fцrдldrar som skulle fцredra att vara barn. Det дr en bok om minnen, glцmska och de mеnga berдttelser som utgцr ett liv."Trollbindande" (DN), "Ett litterдrt mдstarprov inom den sjдlvbiografiska genren" (Expressen)

Under min tid i Uppsala fick jag upp цgonen fцr Berglins skarpa humor och hдrliga tecknarstil. Serier frеn andra vеningenдr en given julklapp till en vдn som vill skratta!

I Fest pе 30 min slеr Jessica Frej ett slag fцr att bjuda цver fler vдnner oftare, men utan nеgon festfixarstress. Med festliga trerдttersmenyer som gеr att sno ihop pе en halvtimma дr vдl alla hinder undanrцjda? Ge den till nеgon du skulle vilja bli hembjuden till oftare!

Tom Gates fantastiska vдrld - Min 9-еring behцver ta steget till att bцrja lдsa sjдlv hellre дn att grabba tag i PS4-kontrollen, datorn eller paddan. Dе kommer de lдttlдsta men fartfyllda bцckerna om Tom Gates vдl till pass med roliga bilder och tokiga spektakel!

Slutligen bör man även satsa på en säker app för lösenord där all viktig information sparas både på mobilen och i molnet, om olyckan skulle vara framme och man förlorar sin telefon. Att spara både lösenord och bilder i molnet gör den eventuella olyckan betydligt mindre olycklig.


Jag vill personligen även tipsa om att ta med några stödstrumpor. Nej det är inte bara för gamla männsiskor. Faktum är att stödstrumpor är det bästa som finns för ömmande ben under långa flygresor. Ta på strumporna innan ni går på planet och kom fram med fräscha slanka vader till resmålet.

Med dessa tips sparar man både tid och pengar, förutom huvudvärken och tidsförlusten som kan uppstå om man har oturen att packa fel. En smart packning leder till smidigare resor och mer tid att njuta av semestern!

OCH: bonustipset är att ta med er en billig backup mobil. Jag kraschade min Iphone i bildörren det sista på resan. Ni skulle sett mina ögon när jag såg den sorliga synen av min forna mobil haha. Det blev ett jäkla krångel sen med att få tag i nån billig skittel att ha tills jag får tillbaka min telefon via försäkring hemma. Att vara utan mobil på resan är som att sola utan sol…nästan :)

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