Beaucarnea - How to care for and cultivate your Beaucarnea

Beaucarnea - How to care for and cultivate your Beaucarnea



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We insert this testimony to highlight the passion, dedication, skill, patience but above all the love that Dario has towards these creatures, demonstrating that love has no sex, no shape, no color. (editor's note)

I bought a plant last winter that, at the supermarket, was in the condition of a ... dustbin


was less than 5 cm high, completely uprooted and inserted, only resting, on the remnant of earth in its jar (probably someone had dropped it and then put it back somehow), with a single crumpled leaf emerging from the "bulb" that it also had a large rotting abrasion at the base. I confess to having taken it (at a cost of 1 €) moved by a feeling of pity imagining the imminent end that would have touched her, in the garbage.

I took it home and put it in a jar with half cactus soil and half peat (at that time I had absolutely nothing else). the peat was damp so, after cleaning the rotting part, I buried the few roots but I didn't water for a dozen days. the plan was on a window sill, in the house, with a heater under ... (last winter it was very rigid and the heater was constantly on). the abrasion soon healed and so I started watering it sporadically.

in the following months it began to make some new leaves.

in spring I took it to the mountains, as, in many subsequent trips, all my plants before summer. there I placed it with its jar in the sun which, however, became somewhat desired: it was a very rainy spring, summer, autumn and there was no lack of adversities such as wind and hail, as well as temperatures that were anything but summer (in August I had lit the fireplace in the house ...). the little creature, rescued from the supermarket, must have had SIGNIFICANT REASONS TO LIVE and has never given signs of suffering and currently, less than a year's time, has grown to a height of 20 cm. now it is on the window, but OUTSIDE, with night temperatures (it's December 12) approaching 0 ° C or even less, and sometimes, being in a large saucer of a planter, in common with other pots, creating some sewage, ice has also formed, even on the damp surface of his land!

I send a photo by email to prove her state of good health (the "bulb" is absolutely turgid and the little girl has deep green leaves (but the heart is red, which was not originally).

I reiterate as in the previous comment that these extreme situations should not be taken as a model: the daily monitoring that I dedicate to my plants allows me to intervene in the first big problem that should occur which, if neglected for days, could inexorably condemn our beloved darlings .

nevertheless, having been able to experience the abilities and the degree of resistance of this creature, even more so small, fills me with amazement and wonder at the greatness of mother nature, revealing the tenacity to live that it is able to instill.

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