Travel to India in Ladakh

Travel to India in Ladakh


by Giovanni Camici

The north-west end of India ends with the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which within it contains 3 regions of different cultures and religions: Muslim Kashmir, Hindu Jammu and Buddhist Ladakh.

I focus on the part of Ladakh "Land of high passes", which marks the border between the peaks of the western Himalayas and the plateaus of Tibet, in fact rightly called "Little Tibet" due to the topographical and cultural similarity with the neighboring plateau. Surrounded by natural borders of high mountains, this area is accessible by land only from May to October, in other periods with the closure of the access routes due to snowfall, it remains isolated from the rest of the country reachable only by air on days of visibility. To the north, the peaks of Rimo I and TeramoCanguri in the Ladakh Range separate it from China; to the south the peaks of the Stok Range join the chain of the Zanskar, while to the west are the slopes of the Nun and the Kun. stable settlements were founded by Buddhist pilgrims who reached Mount Kailash, today the brokpas are the ultimate Indo-Iranian Buddhists.

Ladakhi man

In the 9th the Ladakhi culture reached beyond the Indus valley, but at the end of the 14th century. a Tibetan pilgrim brought Gelukpa Buddhism to the region. Later the Muslim conquest will come, bringing a period of prosperity, while pressing the Mongol-Tibetan army to the north that to repel it, Ladakh had to ally with the Moghul remaining independent but with a payment of taxes to the allies. when the Dogra army from Kashmir exiles the king, administering the region and annexing it to the Jammu.

Old ladakhi woman

In 1995, the Autonomous Council for the Development of the Ladakh Hills was established, with the aim of suppressing the fires of protest, but a large number of people feel linked to Kashmir and require a state of union for these lands. Although later, in 2002, the minor front of the territories won the elections, India has not yet decided to tackle the issue of the separation of Ladakh from Jammu and Kashmir. Jule Ladakh!

Young ladakhi woman

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