Aloe cosmos

Aloe cosmos

Good morning,

I would like to ask you for advice on the care of aloe cosmos.

I bought it in the spring but I don't know why it seems to me neither alive nor dead in the sense that nothing happens with the leaves, I don't see a sign of life.

This summer I put it out in the open and, after a few days it had stained leaves, I removed those leaves leaving only the healthy leaves, and then nothing remained just like that. I must tell you that I live in the mountain area.

I do not understand how I have to take care of this beautiful plant and, honestly, I have not found anywhere on the net any advice.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Dear Ligia, welcome to our website and thank you for writing in the questions and answers section.

Aloe cosmo is a hybrid Aloe cultivar, obtained in the laboratory by Dutch hybridizers who so far have not disclosed information about this splendid plant. It is supposed that Aloe cosmo is the result of a cross between an aloe gasteria and an aloe haworthia but besides this scarce information we have no other material about it. It is recommended to grow this aloe cultivar like a normal Aloe, therefore giving the plant little water and keeping the soil always dry. Place this plant in a fairly bright place and avoid subjecting it to too cold winters.

As for your plant, don't worry if nothing seems to be happening. If the plant is fine and presents no problems, no obvious discomfort, you don't have to worry and you have to let your plant grow without worries.

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