Information About Cinquefoil

Information About Cinquefoil

Potentilla Ground Cover: How To Grow Creeping Potentilla In Gardens

By Jackie Carroll

Potentilla ground cover is perfect for moist, cool, partly shady sites. Its lemony-colored flowers that last all spring and strawberry scented foliage make it irresistible. Find out more about this ground cover in this article.

The Eastern Plains

About 40 percent of the state -- the eastern edge -- is considered part of the Great Plains, says Robert Cox, an extension agent in horticulture with Colorado State University Extension. The greater region stretches from Colorado and into Kansas, Iowa, and Oklahoma. The Colorado section happens to be at a higher elevation than the others, and it has huge yearly temperature swings -- from -20 degrees F in the winter to days on end that approach 100 degrees F in the summer. "What's even weirder is that you'll have days in January where it's 65 degrees F and two days later, it's 12 below zero," Cox says. "That makes it difficult for some trees and shrubs."

Eastern Colorado landscapes also receive only 10 to 15 inches of rainfall all year. With precipitation levels on the low end, minerals that would normally wash out of the soil stay put, resulting in an alkaline planting base. Some plants that do well in other parts of North America, such as pin oak and azaleas, don't work well in eastern Colorado. Successful Colorado landscapes tend to rely on drought-tolerant plants, too.

But Colorado landscaping in the eastern part of the state isn't all troublesome: High sunlight intensity and low humidity equal very few disease and insect problems, Cox says.

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