Crab Apple Bach Flower Remedies - What It Is And What It Is Used For

Crab Apple Bach Flower Remedies - What It Is And What It Is Used For


(wild apple tree)

Crab apple in Bach flower remedies is indicated for people who live with the desire for an excess of purification where everything must always be clean and tidy.


Remedy name Bach flower

: Crab apple

Common name in Italian

: wild apple tree

Scientific name

: Malus sylvestris (FamilyRosaceae)


The crab apple that is to say the wild apple tree in Bach flowers is considered a remedy purifying, suitable for people who have an exaggerated sense of cleanliness, a repulsion towards what is natural such as insects, dust, dirt. They have a tendency to continually wash their hands and clean them all the time with the impression of being contaminated and soiled.

In practice, it is a precise and meticulous person, who wishes to be "transparent" and therefore is afraid of letting the surrounding environment dirty himself, looking for light and cleanliness because he does not accept the dark sides of his character or some characteristics of his appearance. physical or personality. She longs for perfection and therefore seeks to purify herself and the environment around her. Ultimately it is about people who do not have a good relationship with themselves, they are ashamed of something about themselves; one's physical imperfections become obsessions. They need light and sun because they experience error and the dark side of themselves as an indelible fault that they constantly try to "clean".

The Crab Apple person rejects affectionate gestures because he has a negative relationship with his body, also feeling disgust for the physiological functions that he experiences as something dirty that he must get rid of.

She is fickle, liar, inconstant, capricious and often lustful and needs entertainment and even unhealthy entertainment. He is a person who often has unconscious sexual problems and loves pornography. If she has the opportunity, she uses hallucinogenic substances and, if her delusions become more pronounced, she can feel repugnance and hatred for herself.

Often these are people who have real physical problems but they tend to neglect to focus almost obsessively on insignificant things that become a fixation.

Edward Bach gives the following description of a personCrab Apple «It is a purifying remedy. For those who have the feeling of having something not very clean in themselves. Often it is something apparently insignificant while at other times it is a more serious ailment that goes almost unnoticed than the only thing the person focuses on. In both cases the individual is anxious to get rid of this particular thing which is the most important to him and which seems to him essential to take care of. These people get very depressed if the cure fails. Being a purifying remedy, it heals the sores if the patient has reason to believe that some poison has penetrated that must be expelled».(1)


Crab apple as a Bach flower remedy is given to clean up or correct those obsessive and repetitive behaviors, such as continually washing hands, always cleaning, double-checking that everything has been done, etc. It helps to become more aware of oneself and to accept oneself for what one is, for better or for worse, eliminating that feeling of dirt and disgust towards human contacts, thus making them accept the material and natural part of the world in which they live by giving balance and accepting one's flaws.


If you want to prepare the Crab apple mother tincture of Bach flowers, picking the flowers directly in the field, it must be borne in mind that this Bach flower must be prepared with the boiling method.


It is possible to find the dicrab apple plant in bloom in spring.

It is a small tree between three and ten meters high, with a less vigorous appearance than the cultivated apple tree characterized by a straight stem, with gray-brown bark, smooth in youth and tending to flake off with maturity with robust main branches from which branch off numerous lateral branches, mostly thorny.

The leaves are alternate, petiolate, simple with a leathery lamina of an intense green color and with slightly serrated margins.

The flowers are hermaphrodite gathered in umbrella-shaped or corymb inflorescences formed by sepals up to 7 mm long and sharp, folded back, internally hairy with 5 sub-round petals, which usually do not overlap, 10-15 mm long, white or pink in color with yellow stamens and anthers; ovary with 5 styles welded together at the base.

The fruits are globose or globose-ovoid apples with a diameter of 2-3 cm, very fragrant when ripe, but with a decidedly acidic and inedible taste.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

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