We invite you to the exhibition-fair "Autumn Flora" at the Eurasia Exhibition and Convention Center

We invite you to the exhibition-fair

The exhibition "Autumn Flora" will take place from 13 to 18 September at the Eurasia Exhibition and Convention Center

Address: SPb, st. Captain Voronin, 13
Tel .: (812) 324-64-16

13 september on the territory of the Cultural and Exhibition Center "EURASIA" will open 17th Specialized Exhibition-Fair "Autumn Flora".

Opening hours - from 11 to 19 hours, the last day until 17 hours.

Free admission

For many years "Autumn flora" is one of the brightest, most beautiful and very useful forums for gardeners, gardeners and summer residents, and to a large extent sums up the results of the horticultural year, therefore, the exhibition-fair generously presents: planting material of fruit and ornamental plants from nurseries and private collectors of the Leningrad region, seeds , organic fertilizers, biohumus, drainage, plant protection products, phyto-lamps to stimulate plant growth, infrared heaters, products from geotextiles for growing plants and geogrids for the landscape of the site, garden tools and much more.

Also at the exhibition you can buy high-quality honey, farm products, teas, sweets, as well as comfortable clothes and shoes for gardeners, bags, home textiles and other consumer goods.

The event is in great demand in the city and gathers about 130 participants; as a rule, more than 20,000 people attend it per week.
Seminars and master classes of specialists are traditionally planned.

Conditions of participation in the exhibition (for exhibitors) download: Autumn Flora - 2016, conditions of participation

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