Italian garden furnishing accessories

Italian garden furnishing accessories

What are

When we talk about furnishing accessories for the garden, we refer to what can be inserted into it to give it a more complete look. Making a specific reference to the Italian garden, we can underline the presence of various furnishing accessories that have represented and continue to represent real works even today. Wealthy villa owners could afford to have famous sculptors at their service for making statues and fountains. Today all of this can be admired. Taking a cue from the philosophy of the Italian garden, the piece of furniture enriches the appearance of the garden and makes it more usable.


The furnishings of the Italian garden offer the visitor to the garden the opportunity not only to admire the natural species, but also these interesting works. Let's start with the statues, made today with different materials, even if stone processing is still very present. By focusing on the processing of natural materials, you can be sure that these go well with the green of the garden and above all that they are resistant to bad weather for many years. The statue placed in the garden must be firmly fixed and can also be placed on a pedestal to make it more visible. The customer must carefully choose the space he wants to dedicate to the statue because once installed it becomes difficult to move it without damaging it. The statues reproduced today are very inspired by the gods of ancient Greece and the choice is quite vast. Those with a long avenue can decide to adorn it with a series of statues, or they can place only two at the entrance next to the gate. The fountain is another element of the Italian garden. Today the imposing and monumental ones of the past are disappearing, also because the living spaces of most of the people have been considerably reduced, to make room for some fountains that are still interesting but smaller in size. The element of the fountains that continues to fascinate is its gush. The fountain, if lit ad hoc, is a perfect element to attract attention during summer evenings. Today the fountains are made with various materials and alternatives to stone are increasingly preferred because it is considered too heavy. The bench is another fundamental element in this space because it allows you to sit down and admire the surrounding nature. The materials and shapes of the benches are so many, everyone will choose the one that seems best to blend with the style of their Italian garden. When it comes to furnishing accessories, they are often not included in the design phase, but it is decided to purchase them later to realize where they can be placed.

How to choose it

The choice of furnishing accessories for an Italian garden must be made bearing in mind that in a rather small area it is preferable not to fill it with a huge amount of objects, otherwise you risk not focusing attention on the beauty of the vegetation. The space must be adequately distributed for each area and one must never overdo it with too many accessories. Often, the accessories are made with indestructible materials and if you really want to change one of these, it is better to replace it if there is no space to add it. If in the choice you are confused by too many accessories seen, it is good to think before making the purchase. The choice must correspond to the tastes of the customer otherwise you risk bringing home a statue that is not really that interesting.

Italian garden furnishing accessories: Where to buy

Furnishing accessories for Italian gardens can be purchased at specialized stores or on the internet. Specialized shops in some cases dedicate an entire area to accessories because they represent an important element within the garden. On the internet it is necessary to find specialized sites that deal with the sale of accessories and buy what seems to be the most interesting. The item will be shipped directly to your home, a practical and quick solution especially for those who have little time to browse the shops. Certainly you will have to be content with having viewed the object through the photos and having learned its characteristics through the description. The site also contains all the information relating to the sale and possible return of the object. Furthermore, the internet can be a great way to compare the various solutions with those found in traditional stores.

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