Phosphatovit® microbiological fertilizer

Phosphatovit® microbiological fertilizer

Phosphatovit® - microbiological fertilizer,increasing the availability of phosphorus and potassium for plants

The role of phosphorus and potassium in plant life

Have you ever wondered how many essential plant nutrients are in the soil? And how efficiently can plants assimilate these nutrients in one form or another?

The role of phosphorus in the life of fruit and berry crops can hardly be overestimated. It accelerates the ripening of fruits and berries, promotes the accumulation of starch, sugar, fat. Phosphorus significantly increases drought and frost resistance of plants. Phosphorus is part of RNA and DNA, which are involved in the synthesis of proteins, the transmission of hereditary information. It is also a part of cell membranes, energy storage and transfer systems.

In nature, phosphorus is found in the form of poorly soluble orthophosphates - it is a tri-basic compound, and a plant can only absorb di- or monophosphates, which is the main reason for the low absorption of phosphorus by plants.

Potassium helps to increase yields, plant resistance to diseases, increase the keeping quality of fruits during storage and stability during transportation, as well as improve their taste and aesthetic qualities. In a plant, potassium stimulates the normal course of photosynthesis, enhances cell division, the synthesis of sugars and high molecular weight carbohydrates (starch, cellulose).

The introduction of phosphorus and potash fertilizers certainly helps to solve the problem of the lack of these elements, but at the same time creates new problems. Excess phosphorus in the soil is washed out extremely poorly, and is bound by the soil complex to form salts inaccessible to plants. And the high content of insoluble phosphates in the soil, in turn, interferes with the assimilation of many trace elements. As for potash fertilizers, a significant part of them turns into a non-exchangeable form that is inaccessible to plants. The transformation into an inaccessible state occurs due to alkalization of the soil, insufficient moisture, and the presence of clay minerals.

Bacterial preparation Phosphatovit®

A unique bacterial preparation Phosphatovit® Is a fundamentally new approach to solving the problem of phosphorus and potassium deficiency

Phosphatovit® contains bacteria that convert insoluble compounds of phosphorus and potassium into a form available to plants, which in turn allows increasing yields by up to 40%. In addition, these bacteria naturally protect the plant from fungal diseases. They secrete specific substances that suppress the development of pathogens. And, finally, in the process of vital activity of these microorganisms, biologically active substances are synthesized: vitamins, macro- and microelements, phytohormones.

Features of the bacterial preparation Phosphatovit®

possesses phosphate-mobilizing properties of soil bacteria, that is, it promotes the dissolution of silicate minerals and the release of phosphorus and potassium from complex compounds with their conversion into forms accessible to plants.

The practical result
provides plants with phosphorus and potassium nutrition, significantly reduces the content of harmful phosphates in the soil and the toxic effect of fungicides on plant seedlings, suppresses phytopathogenic microflora, allows growing environmentally friendly products with a high content of vitamin and mineral substances useful for humans increases the efficiency of the use of complex mineral fertilizers, promotes development of the root system of plants, restores soil fertility.

Active substance
(Specific name of the microorganism, name of the strain): living cells and spores of bacteria Bacillus mucilaginosus.

(titer of living or product of their vital activity): titer 0.12 9 CFU / g.
Hazard Class
4 (slightly hazardous product) - non-toxic, non-pathogenic. Fire and explosion proof.
Warranty period of storage
9 months from the date of manufacture at a temperature from −3 to +30 ° C, provided that the packaging is intact and tight

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About Industrial Innovation

Industrial Innovations LLC was founded in 2004 with the aim of producing microbiological fertilizers of universal action, based on soil microorganisms. The production site is located in the Tula region, in Novomoskovsk. The production process is based on the full cycle of production of microbiological fertilizers: our own microbiological laboratory for the production of seed, a workshop for the production of cultures of microorganisms and bottling of drugs under aseptic conditions.

For the cultivation of inoculum, pure cultures of strains of microorganisms are used, cultivated without the use of genetic engineering. At all stages of production and storage of finished products, careful analytical control is carried out, which guarantees the supply of high-quality products to the consumer.

The company has a quality control department that carries out incoming quality control of raw materials and materials supplied to production, and also monitors the compliance of finished products with the requirements of technical conditions.

LLC "Industrial Innovations"
127486, Moscow, Korovinskoe highway, building 10, building 2, office 103
tel .: +7 (499) 488-88-08

Do not torment yourself with the choice of the right fertilizing for each plant, but apply for everyone one worthy set of natural fertilizers - Azotovit and Phosphatovit.

Fertilizers "Baikal" (4)

Microbiological fertilizer Baikal EM1 - activates the activity of beneficial soil microflora, ensures the accumulation of nutrients in the soil. Accelerates the beginning of flowering, increases the number of ovaries and the period of fruiting, stimulates the development of the root system. Increases plant immunity. It is used to restore the fertility of various types of soils, to grow vegetables, fruits and berries, flower and ornamental crops, to accelerate the maturation of compost. Ingredients: lactic acid, photosynthetic bacteria, nitrogen fixing bacteria, saccharocytes, culture liquid. Does not contain GMOs.

Phosphatovit universal fertilizer

Microbiological natural fertilizer that provides the plant with bio-available forms of phosphorus and potassium, which contributes to the development of the root system. Structures the soil, restores fertility. Allows you to grow environmentally friendly products. Suitable for all crops: indoor, outdoor and indoor.

Benefits of Phosphatovit®:

  • environmentally friendly fertilizers
  • helps plants to consume more phosphorus fertilizers
  • releases phosphorus and makes it available to plants
  • enriches the soil with phosphorus
  • increases soil fertility
  • reduces plant disease damage
  • increases plant immunity
  • helps plants to cope with stress (drought, waterlogging, etc.)
  • increases frost resistance
  • stimulates the growth and development of the root system, strengthens it
  • ensures the formation of a high and high-quality crop
  • protects plant roots from the effects of pathogenic, unfavorable microflora
  • provides plants with phosphorus during the entire period of growth and development (unlike mineral fertilizers, which work immediately after application, during the growth period when they are applied)
Designed specifically to provide essential nutrients and proper plant development. The most important of which is phosphorus. An insufficient amount of phosphorus in the soil helps to replenish the natural microbiological fertilizer based on living soil bacteria Phosphatovit®. The bacteria contained in the fertilizer convert the phosphorus fixed in the soil from complex compounds to simple ones and supply your plants with natural nutrients. Use Phosphatovit and get environmentally friendly products all season! Phosphatovit® is used by experienced agronomists!

Maximum efficiency is achieved when combined with the microbiological fertilizers AZOTOVIT® and KALIYVIT®
Compatible with all types of fertilizers and dressings.

- Watering during vegetation - 30 ml / 10 l of water, once a month, solution consumption 10 l / 10 m 2 on wet soil.

- Watering during transplantation - 50ml / 10 liters of water, solution consumption 10 liters for 3-4 adult plants.

- Indoor plants - 10 ml / 1 l of water, feeding once a month.

- Treatment of seeds, tubers, bulbs - 30 ml / 30 ml of water, dipping or soaking for 30 minutes.

In personal subsidiary farms for pre-sowing (pre-planting) seed treatment (planting material), top dressing of all crops grown on various types of soils in order to increase yields.

The drug has a characteristic odor of the vital activity of microorganisms.

Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture at temperatures from - 3C to + 30C.

Phosphatovit for seedlings 220 ml

Item type Fertilizer
Trademark BIO
Country of Origin Russia
Appointment for seedlings
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Phosphatovite for seedlings - microbiological natural fertilizer based on liquid soil bacteria ... They convert phosphorus and potassium from complex compounds to simple ones and supply your plants with natural nutrients.

  • Improves plant survival
  • Provides friendly seedlings
  • Prevents pulling out of seedlings.

Allows you to grow environmentally friendly products with a high content of vitamin and mineral substances.

Suitable for all crops: indoor and outdoor. Being natural in origin, microbiological fertilizer not only fits perfectly into the ecosystem without harming it, but also creates it, contributing to the restoration of the normal structure of soil microbiocenosis. Provide plants with natural nutrients and have a gentle yet powerful positive effect on their growth and development. Indispensable in nature protection and water protection zones where the use of chemicals is limited or prohibited. In greenhouses, the use of microbiological preparations is the only way to improve the microbiota, increase the efficiency and improve the health of crop production.

Complex effect on the plant organism: stimulating effect on the development of vegetative (Azotovit) and root (Phosphatovit) systems of a plant organism, increasing yields up to 40%, suppressing effect on phytopathogenic microflora, fungicidal properties, have an anti-stress effect, which is expressed in better resistance of treated plants to unfavorable climatic conditions (drought, prolonged waterlogging, frost, temperature changes), as well as sun and chemical burns and mechanical tissue damage.

Active ingredient, concentration: number of viable cells Paenibacillus mucilaginosus Pm 2906 not less than 0.12 billion / cm 3.

Prepare the solution with non-chlorinated (settled) water!

  • Watering seedlings - 10 ml (one cap) per 1 liter of water, feeding once every 2 weeks
  • Presowing seed treatment - 30 ml per 30 ml of water, soaking in flow. 30 minutes
  • Treatment of tubers, bulbs - 30 ml per 1 liter of water, dipping or spraying
  • Watering after transplanting - 30 ml per 10 liters of water, solution consumption 10 liters per 10m 2.

Packaging: bottle 220 ml.

Positive from application

"Extrasol" improves the supply of nutrients to plants, increases seed germination, accelerates plant development, reduces plant damage by phytopathogenic microorganisms, which significantly increases plant productivity.

Extrasol is compatible with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and mineral fertilizers in tank mixes.

The drug is used for seed treatment, during the vegetation of plants, when laying crops for storage, accelerating the decomposition of organic residues, biological modification of mineral fertilizer granules, soil sanitation.

Treatment (spillage) of soils and grounds with the "Extrasol" solution is carried out in order to suppress the pathogenic and colonize with useful microflora. It is especially effective in greenhouses and greenhouses where soil and soil change has not been carried out for a long time.

When processing the seed, the surface of the seeds is artificially populated with useful microflora. When sowing seeds treated with Extrasol, bacteria applied to their surface begin to multiply intensively, actively colonize the rhizosphere of a developing plant and in the process of their vital activity synthesize substances that inhibit (inhibit) the development of pathogenic microorganisms, and also have a positive effect on the development of useful ones.

The action of "Extrasol" in the vegetative phase of plant development is due to the fact that the suspension of microorganisms and products of their metabolism, falling on vegetative plants, contributes to the regulation of vital functions and protective responses.

The protective effect of the recommended biological product extends primarily to the most harmful diseases, such as rust, powdery mildew, helminthosporia, fusarium, bacteriosis.

Therefore, timely preventive treatment with a biological product allows you to block the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the initial phases of plant development, and this ensures the normal physiological development of plants.

Acceleration of decomposition of plant residues occurs when processing "Extrasolom" chopped straw and crop residues together with a starting dose of nitrogen fertilizer.

The bacteria that make up the preparation have a pronounced destructive activity, which allows them to significantly reduce the decomposition time of straw, increase the content of organic matter in the soil, and increase its biogenicity.

Prevention of spoilage of crop products in the autumn-winter period is the main problem that arises during storage. The main reason for the loss of plant products during storage is microbial spoilage.

All known methods of combating this (cold, chemical treatment, ultraviolet or radiation exposure, ozonation, etc.) destroy not only phytopathogenic microorganisms, but also weaken the natural disease resistance inherent in plant products.

The most aggressive microorganisms remaining on the product after processing, as a rule, easily attack plant tissues with weakened resistance.

The use of "Extrasol" immediately after harvesting prevents the active development of the epiphytic pathogenic microflora of potatoes and vegetables, prevents their penetration deep into the tissues.

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