Impatiens: language of flowers and plants

Impatiens: language of flowers and plants




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The impatiens for the particularity of spreading the seeds, once the fruit is ripe, almost like an explosion if they are touched, has given it, in the language of flowers, the meaning of impatience.

In popular tradition, however, it is attributed in particular to the species Impatiens balsamina also another name which is that of handsome men therefore a meaning of virility for the robustness of the plant which has sturdy stems and very showy foliage.

Meaning of the flowers: impatiens balsamina

L'impatiens balsamina, also known under the name of "glass flower”Is a plant of the family Balsaminaceae which enjoys a good reputation among fans of gardening in Italy. Its introduction into our climate is very recent and dates back to less than 50 years ago: the first plant was introduced in Europe in our country only in 1972.

Today we will get to know its history, its meaning and the current uses of it. Since its arrival in our continent, for its beauty and particularity it has been considered a plant with a high decorative power. Aided by the intense work of many breeders, impatiens balsamina and others flowers of this species have become very popular, thanks also to the creation of versatile and elegant varieties.

As a medicinal plant, impatiens generally enjoys a "real" and "presumed" reputation. In other words, it is attributed scientifically verifiable properties and even some not very credible but which have become a legend thanks to word of mouth. The oil obtained from its seeds seems to be able to reduce wounds and skin ulcers and has long been one of the Bach flowers dedicated to slowing down the pace of life, a sort of catalyst for harmony with others. It seems to be able to calm down, nurturing people's tolerance towards others.

The meaning of impatiens balsamina is inspired by several factors. Commonly the glass flower is considered a symbol of an engagement push, but thanks to belonging to its genus it is synonymous with virility when given to men. An old legend from its areas of origin in Asia and Africa wants the magical characteristics of the impatiens capable of reattaching the "ears of a black and a white horse by inverting them in color". In language of flowers this plant is generally synonymous with feelings and ways of being such as: self-sufficiency, ability, efficiency, intelligence, solitary workers with their own pace, patience, safety, spontaneity, speed.

Don't Touch Me or Impatiens:

Bach flowers are not prescribed through symbology or through clinical diagnoses of conventional medicine, but through the description of the emotional suffering expressed by the patient according to the principle of similarity. Prescribe Do not touch me or Impatiens only for the symbology therefore contrary to the method as well as scarcely effective. The symbology, however, helps to understand the biological meaning of the remedy. The correct knowledge of Bach flowers and its methodological basis are the prerequisite for the use of the remedies by the doctor. In fact, this description does not constitute support for self-administration, but allows for greater awareness of the work performed by the remedies. Therefore it is recommended that a doctor prescribe Bach flowers. Registration with the Order of Doctors and with the Register of doctors who practice homeopathy and acupuncture are an indication for the patient on the quality of the training received by the operator. Bach flower therapy is not contrary to the guidelines of conventional medicine. On the contrary, it establishes a virtuous synergy with them and an extraordinary opportunity also in terms of prevention.

Dr. Fabio Elvio Farello, Bach Flowers in Rome

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