Play open

Play open


The moment of play for the child is quite important, especially if it takes place outdoors, it allows him to explore a new reality and also get in touch with nature. The garden is a perfect place where the child can start this journey because it is a space adjacent to their home where the child can be easily supervised by the parents. The garden, during the design phase, if you have children, must have a space to be able to dedicate to their games. Obviously there must be nothing in the surrounding space that could create danger, so it is good to create this area even away from the pool and possibly install a pool suitable for his age for the child. If the child is quite small, the presence of at least one parent becomes necessary because it will also be his task to explain to him the correct use of the games present. Even in the smallest spaces it is possible to have a swing and a slide, usually the games most requested by children. For every age there is a suitable size that allows the child to use the game in complete safety. The playhouse for children is a very interesting structure to have in the garden, it allows the child to play with it alone but also in the company of friends and this could be a great way to socialize. The house can be purchased in both wood and plastic and is always very colorful, allowing the child to use it for several years and will become a completely personal place. It is advisable to place the games for children in a rather shady area of ​​the garden, and to ensure that the child does not play during the sunniest hours during the summer.

Play with friends

Even without plastic toys, the garden can become a very interesting place to play, just stay in company and organize yourself in the classic games: hide and seek, blind fly, poison ball, tug of war. Even in winter, the garden can be transformed into a play place to make a nice snowman. The games listed above are games that in their simplicity are able to entertain the child and this also allows him to be in the company of his friends. These are rather simple games that pleasantly entertain the little ones, obviously for games such as tug-of-war it is certainly not the most suitable for very young children, which is why it is good for children who are about the same age to play together. In the garden you can also place a small swimming pool, where only children can bathe, and place it on the sand, as if to recreate the effect of the beach. The child can have fun just as if he were at the sea and begin to familiarize himself with these elements.

Games for adults

The garden is a place not only for the games of the little ones but also for the entertainment of adults, those with a sufficiently large space can install soccer goals or a volleyball net. These are games that are also preferred by children to organize themselves with friends for games in their own garden. Making a five-a-side football pitch privately certainly means incurring costs but it also means having the convenience of having the opportunity to play football in your garden. Tennis and table tennis can also be practiced outdoors, in the latter case it is necessary to purchase a table that can be moved to a sheltered area in winter.

Open Play: Costs

Games for children to be placed in the garden have quite variable costs, so we can say that the market is large enough to allow anyone to buy them. Furthermore, for those who do not have the opportunity to buy games that can follow the various stages of the child's growth, they can orient themselves on classic models, which can be good at any age but perhaps require younger children to be more supervised by children. parents. It is always preferred to also bring the child for the choice of the game so that he can choose the one he prefers most. As for games for adults to use in the garden, you can buy them at sports shops. The cost in this case can be slightly higher, and a lot depends on the type of equipment to be purchased. Those who are avid sportsmen would never give up having in their garden, if they had enough space, a space where they can have fun with friends and at the same time keep fit.

How many times as children have we not wanted to have a nice garden playhouse in the garden or on the terrace to play? Today, many wooden houses and outdoor games are also for sale online for children to give them a beautiful game built with natural and healthy materials to play outdoors in complete tranquility.

As we know, wood is a formidable material that we can use for many things, even for children's games.

Children love to play outdoors, but if you are not skilled builders, you can also do without taking wood and tools and rather choose to rely on one of the best dealers of wooden houses. The play houses comply with all the strictest controls and safety standards to give you the best products and with the utmost peace of mind let the children play in the open air courtyard without problems because the wood is treated with non-toxic materials and everything reflects the best standards. quality.

In this way, you can make your children happy, and also be sure that they will be safe inside it. In addition, the wooden playhouse for children allows you to arrange a lot of other objects and games inside that, in the evening, you can put in a safe place and even tidy up in the garden. In short, with a solution of this type your children will be able to play as much as they want in your green space and invite friends to have fun together and you will be calm and safe.

The best activities for being outdoors

We have thought of 15 activities that you can do outdoors and enjoy the fresh air in complete safety without having to move. Whether you are alone or living with a partner or children, you can carry out these activities with everyone and give space to your imagination and creativity.

  1. Plant a vegetable garden and dedicate yourself to gardening: if you have a piece of land, or even just a balcony, start taking care of the garden and try to make a small vegetable garden, or plant flowers and trees. If you don't have a garden, make small plants on the balcony of your house or in front of the courtyard and then arrange them in the house, on the windowsill or on the balcony.
  2. Dance: wear headphones if you are alone or use a speaker to play music if you are in the company of your family and start dancing in the open air. Just move your body, jump, turn, and laugh everything will come with the utmost simplicity.
  3. Flap: If you have good balance and are comfortable with roller or roller skates, put them on and start skating in the yard or even on the balcony. Do back and forth turns and activate your gluteus muscles, legs and abs.
  4. Go on a treasure hunt or play hide and seek: If you are a mother and have small or large children, have fun playing outdoors near the house or in your garden or hide and seek a fun treasure hunt.
  5. Hula hoop: dust off memories as a child and practice the hula hoop, it's not as difficult as it seems, just a little training is enough. Take the circle, go out into the fresh air and start rotating it around your hips, it will help you slim down your waist.
  6. Wash the car: washing the car keeps you active and is a way to take care of your vehicle. Take the car out of the garage and start dusting it, vacuuming the interior, wash the seats, the windshield and if you don't fear water in the cold, wash it outside, otherwise you can always use a car wash for the exterior.
  7. Skip the rope: an excellent cardio exercise to lose weight, take the rope, go out and start jumping, if you feel you are too sweaty after jumping for several minutes and you don't want to stop, go back indoors, so you will avoid taking blows.
  8. Walk barefoot on the grass: Walk both on tiptoe and with full plantar support on the grass, it will help you release energy and reactivate circulation.
  9. Fly a kite: equip yourself with material to make a kite alone or in company, take yourself out and fly it by moving your arms quickly, you will need it to train the upper body.
  10. Take an obstacle course: whether you have large or small spaces, adapt the obstacle course. Arrange the objects so that you can activate the muscles of the whole body and alternate body variations in space.
  11. Meditate and look at the clouds: not only the body also the mind needs to be trained and calm. Lie on the ground, on a deckchair, swing, hammock, relax your body, observe the clouds and start your meditation.
  12. Pétanque or ball game: build a small bowling green and have fun playing. If you don't have boules, you can use marbles and if you don't have any of that, wrap some oranges with the domopak and play. Once finished, discard the oranges and have a healthy orange juice.
  13. Do yoga in the park:you just need a mat or you can do all the standing exercises. Do slow exercises that allow you to keep your body temperature constant.
  14. Play with a ball: you can use the ball with your hands or feet. Throw it at the wall, in a basket, in a well-defined space, use it to hit objects, guide it with your feet or hands.
  15. Run after the soap bubbles: catch soap bubbles even when they grow up they always create a certain charm and amazement when they rise in the sky. Make tons of bubbles and try to catch them before they explode.

Choose one of these 15 activities every day to keep your body active and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors.

Children and gardening

In the nursery school of Mompiano, created in 1895 by the Agazzi sisters, the gardening constituted one of the most important activities, able to favor the discovery of nature and a positive approach to the environment. Taking care of a plant, watering the flowers, waiting for a seed to grow are an important lesson in the growing process, because they teach the art of patience, humility, belonging to the cycles of nature. Help the children build a flower bed where they can plant whatever they want - it will be an adventure.

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