Red spider: how to save our plants, trees and vegetables

Red spider: how to save our plants, trees and vegetables

Today we talk about the infamous Red spider that attacks our crops and we will reveal the main methods to defeat it (Panonychus ulmi, Koch 1836).

What is the Red spider?

Under the name of Red spider, a particular is identified mite of red color, of the family of the Tetranichidi, which feeds mainly on the leaves of our dear horticultural plants, fruit-bearing and, in some cases, also ornamental.

This parasitic phytophagus it is very polyphagous, that is, it attacks many arboreal plants, especially the vine, the apple tree, the pear tree, the cherry tree, the peach tree, the citrus fruits, but also many horticultural (such as tomato, eggplant, cauliflower, cabbage, soy, wheat, cotton, coffee) and ornamental (for example the oleander and the rose).

His body it is very similar to that of a spider but the sizes are much smaller. Its length, in fact, varies from 0.4 to 0.7 mm in females and from 0.2 to 0.3 in males. The color is a deep red, lighter in males.

The red spider passes thewinter in the form of an egg, hidden among the wooden coves of different ages. The eggs are very small, have a diameter of about 0.1 mm and are red with a spherical shape. In April, they begin to hatch and the individuals that will be born will be the new adults of the next generation.

Being a very prolific and adaptable insect, after mating, the female lays about 40-50 eggs which, after about 15 days depending on the more or less favorable environmental conditions, hatch. In summer the eggs are laid on the leaves and are recognizable to the naked eye, especially if in large numbers.

The Red Spider also manages to perform eight generations a year, especially if temperatures and environmental conditions generally allow it. After a peak of presence around July and August, in September the last adult females lay their eggs that will pass the winter.

What are the damage?

The damage caused by the Red Spider is caused by the larva shortly after escaping from the egg. The larva, in fact, feeds on the cells of the mesophyll, that is the part of the leaf under the epidermis, thanks to his stinging-sucking mouthparts. For this reason, as for all insects with such mouthparts, a good method of prevention in organic and biodynamic agriculture can be the Zeolite.

In this way, the leaves lose their color bright and become bronze, in the case of Red Spider, or towards yellow ocher, in the case of its cousin called Yellow spider (Eotetranychus hornbeam, Oudemans).

Damage to the leaf, as you can understand, causes serious damage to the functioning of the plant itself. Since the leaf is the main organ of the plants to carry out photosynthesis and respiration, these two physiological activities worsened, reduced or, in the most serious cases, even canceled. The leaf, therefore, can dry out and fall, thus causing a loss of efficiency in fruit production. All this translates into a onerous economic damage for the agricultural entrepreneur, both as a yield quantity (PAU, useful agricultural product) and as a quantity of the sugar content, if we are talking about vines or fruit trees.

But what are the solutions? How can you remove the red spider?

The best method ever to counteract the red spider is to safeguard, or introduce, other mites antagonists to it: Phytoseids. The female of this particular type of mite spends the winter hidden in the bark and, at the moment of spring, gives birth to many individuals who are the only ones who are able to counteract the red spider in a real way permanently!

Phytoseids are very useful not only because they counteract the red spider mite, but also because they are able to fight numerous plant pathogenic insects (for example the Eriofida mites, which causeerinosis of the Vine, or the Tisanoptera) and manage to develop on a vast number of biological material, such as pollen and fungi.

It is therefore understandable that a irrational use of pesticide products, toxic, causes a vast mortality both for the red spider but also for the phytoseid mites and all mite-predatory insects.

To increase the presence of phytoseids it is good favor the presence of pollen or anyway promote biodiversity within our crops.

Phytoseids are also commercially available, in case you want to restore or create a population from scratch. The entry must be made at the end of winter, before the vegetative restart.

In alternative to the phytoseids, it is possible to resort to other predatory insects of the red spider, such as the ladybugs (Coccinellidae Latreille and Stethorus punctillum).

To be evaluated well is also the intervention threshold, but for this it is good to refer to your Agronomist or Agricultural Consultant.

Do you think the information in this article is incomplete or inaccurate? Send us a report to help us improve!

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  4. eral, there are various types, some are also allowed in organic farming, some should be used only at the end of winter, as they can ruin the.
  5. arising the cochineal from citrus fruits: how to do it In case of infestation, timeliness is important: in fact, it is necessary to intervene at the first appearance of insects with a specific insecticide. After about 20 days, repeat the operation, as the larvae deposited in the ground could hatch later, giving rise to a new infestation
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  7. Tested for 2 years a systemic insecticide. One of the most serious problems for the orchid grower is the fight against cochineal, in its various species, among many, the cottony is perhaps the most feared

Ready-to-use insecticide with systemic action. Applied on the leaves, it is absorbed and translocated in all parts of the plant, including the newly formed ones, protecting them for a period of at least 3-4 weeks. There are many pharmaceutical companies on the market that produce this oil, but it is better to rely on a professional in the sector and get advice on the right cotton cochineal product. They are scale insects that owe their name to the abundant emissions of cottony or powdery wax. Ready-to-use systemic insecticide in sticks for floral and ornamental plants in pots, guarantees efficacy up to 3 months. Closer PFnPE The new systemic and contact insecticide. Where to buy Closer PFnPE is the new generation systemic insecticide for the effective control of biting-sucking insects aphids, mealybugs and whiteflies cochineal insecticide: garden and gardening

  1. are the cochineal. Now, after getting to know this rather unpleasant enemy a little more closely, the time has come to understand what remedies can be against cochineal.Obviously there is not only one and above all on the market there are already several and specific different types of situations
  2. The Cochineal, like the aphids, belongs to the family of the rincoti.It is a parasitic insect typically whitish in color, slightly convex, covered by an abundant waxy secretion and surrounded by digitiform extensions. It attacks various fruit trees, shrubs and flowering plants, invading branches and leaves in their most sheltered part, typically.
  3. The cochineal on the oleander can also cause other physiopathies deriving from the production of honeydew, which can cause burns due to the slow effect, asphyxiation due to the abundant coverage that does not allow the transpiration of the tissues, and fumaggine, which can lead to other diseases even severe fungal diseases

- First double system insecticide: acropetal and basipetal. - Excellent durability of protection. - High efficacy on psylla, aphids, cochineal and whiteflies. - Selective towards the main useful arthropods. - Original mechanism of action. - Resistance risk prevention and management tool. - Does not require a license. Remedies and advice on which anti-cochineal product to use for DIY gardening without pests! Lemon cochineal, it is certainly not the combination that I would wish for your garden! The cochineal is a fearsome weed that feeds on the sap of plants

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  2. weeds that often attack plants, among these there is the Parlatoria Pregandei or gray citrus cochineal .. These microbial insects attack above all citrus grove plants, for which oranges, lemons, mandarins, grapefruits, cedars, but occasionally we can also find them on the apricot
  3. lighter, because they have undergone a refining process
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  • Cochineal. Natural and non-natural remedies to combat it. Cochineal is difficult to eradicate, especially because the body of the insert is protected by a sort of mantle formed by waxy secretions, which is why methods are used that try to destroy the cochineal by asphyxiation
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  • instruct for watering. Since during the winter, with all the plants piled up in the house (about n hundred) the cochineals have had a lot of fun, I am waiting to awaken them first with some normal watering, and then proceed with the poisoning of the beasts: in this regard, I wanted to contact the forum.
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. FOR SALE! SYSTEMIC INSECTICIDE KOHINOR 200 SL - KOLLANT SYSTEMIC INSECTICIDE KOHINOR 200 SL 37307427619 Mealy cochineal can be fed on all parts of the vine (phloem feeding) throughout the year. It is in fact a systemic insecticide transported both by the xylem and by the phloem system, therefore, in essence, in the whole plant After a year of war against the cottony cochineal, I have always diluted to 1 ml liter, and I do a single treatment , being a systemic insecticide it remains in circulation for a long time so I never repeat the treatment. I only use it in spring and autumn. I have a lemon tree that is seriously infested with cochineal. After some mechanical removal attempts, I bought a systemic insecticide to spray with the sprayer it was contained in. I made a first application with the recommended doses, and the effect was almost nil.In general, chemical products are used for the laurel cochineal, i.e. simple mineral oils or mixed with neurotoxic insecticides, that is able to paralyze the body of the 'insect. The treatments, to be carried out by spraying the leaves, must be repeated, at least for three cycles, every ten, fifteen days

Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide belonging to the neonicotinoid class of chloronicotinics. It is a halogenated bis-heterocyclic compound structurally similar to nicotine from which it differs in geometry, size and the presence of a nitrilimino group. It can assume different crystalline forms by varying its chromatic properties and the PF psylla, aphids, cochineal and whiteflies. - Selective towards the main useful arthropods.Brochure. Data sheet . Safety data Sheet . Label. Availability: 76 in stock. MOVENTO 48 SC DA LT 1 SYSTEMIC INSECTICIDE - BAYER - PIN, Aphids, COCHINILES (REG. N. 14409). Compo Insecticide CLOSER PFnPE is a phytosanitary product, a systemic insecticide with a high killing power and long protection to fight - Aphids - Cochineal - White Fly. Specific for - citrus and fruit plants in general - Vegetable plants - Vegetables - Flowering and ornamental plants. Active ingredient: Sulfoxaflor. Packaging.

Systemic insecticide-aficida. find out. Insecticide-aficida for the defense of citrus fruits (orange, clementine, mandarin, lemon), almond, vine (nursery), apple, pear, apricot, mealy cochineal of the vine (Planococcus ficus) Gray mold or Botrytis (Botrytis cinerea) olive tree. Description. Closer DowAgrosciences systemic insecticide active by ingestion and contact on: Aphids: cucurbit aphid, green peach aphid, ramno aphid, black bean aphid, green potato aphid, rose aphid, large rose aphid, waxy beech aphid, aphid of lettuce, waxy aphid of cauliflower, green spotted aphid of potato, green aphid of peas. Good morning everyone, I have a lemon tree heavily attacked by the cogginiglia. Last week I gave it a nice sprinkle with neem oil. Today..

. There are several ways to get rid of scale insects. First of all, visible insects must be removed using a toothpick or a damp cloth; alternatively, a small brush soaked in denatured alcohol or an insecticide solution can be used to eliminate them from the plant. Therefore a suitable insecticide must be used to protect the. Easily find the insecticide product for orchards among 30 products of the main brands (Cheminova Agro France, Bayer-Agri, ADAMA USA,) on AgriExpo, the site specialized in agricultural machinery and equipment for buyers in the sector. by suffocation or by ingestion, and in the event of a prolonged attack more than one type must be alternated as insects tend to immunize themselves to the same product. Systemic insecticides, on the other hand, have a preventive function as they are able to penetrate inside the plant through the leaves or roots and to spread into each. Mealy mealybugs or cottony mealybugs (Pseudococcidae Heymons, 1903) are a family of phytomitic insects of the order of Rincoti (Homoptera: Sternorrhyncha: Coccoidea). They owe their common name to the abundant emissions of powdery, fluffy or cottony wax. AL AFICIDE AND ANTI COCHINEAL LT. 1 Innovative systemic insecticide based on Imidacloprid. Thanks to its systemic action, the treated plants are protected from insects such as: aphids, whiteflies, metcalfa and scale insects

Insecticides are aimed at treating plants from cochineal or insect attacks in general. Mealybugs are phytophagous insects that can attack any part of the plant. There are many species of them, which often make it difficult to identify the specific parasite The cochineal is one of the main enemies of the laurel, as one of the parasites that most frequently affect this plant. The presence of cochineal specimens is easily recognizable due to the small white spots that spread on the pages of the leaves: it is a dangerous parasite for the laurel not only because it is able to deprive the plant of nourishment. Laurel: easy, but pay attention to the cochineal Robust and rustic, the laurel is also well suited to cultivation in pots of good depth. It loves the sun and does not fear the wind its development is rapid in the juvenile stages. If there are few you can do this, otherwise you have to resort to a specific insecticide. It is also possible to prevent these parasites by using a systemic insecticide, based on pyrite and plants, to be used for the treatment (such as the Spruzit PPO insecticide), effective to control the following parasites: aphids, spider mites, thrips , various scale insects

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Thinning is one of the most effective remedies since cochineal tends to proliferate in a humid and drafts-free environment. Then White oil added with systemic insecticide, Nuprid 200 could help you but it is the white oil that by suffocating the parasite can be able to defeat it. Cochineal natural and chemical remedies. Getting rid of the scale insects is by no means a simple operation, they settle on the leaves, on the stems and in the ground. For this reason we list some tricks to reduce their proliferation, however to get rid of the cochineal definitively an intervention is almost always necessary. insecticide against spider mite - The best brands In the following list you will find different variations of insecticide against spider mite and reviews left by the people who bought it. Variants are arranged by popularity from most popular to least popular. List of the best-selling variants of insecticide against spider mite

Cleaning and repotting operations . Hybrid Cattleya pseudobulb attacked by a cochineal colony. One of the most serious problems for the orchid grower is the fight against cochineal, the Coccoidea superfamily with over 5000 species, among many, the one commonly called cottony is perhaps the most feared .. In orchids the cochineal is very dangerous and devious !! ᐅ Cochineal plant insecticide at the best price online! In this post you will discover the best articles, offers at the lowest prices, reviews, opinions of Cochineal plant insecticide.If you have not yet decided which one to choose and which one to buy, with this product selection, you will be able to see the best models, the cheapest and the best sellers on the web, evaluate which one is there.

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ANTI COCHINIGLIA INSECTICIDE 500ml. € 8.90 Final price. Free shipping to the following countries: Italy Show more Show less. available ADD TO CART. WIDE SPECTRUM INSECTICIDE MAVRIK SYSTEMIC 20ml. Dose for 5 liters of product € 13.50 Final price. Oleosan Plus PFnPO anti-cochineal insecticide. Pursuant to art. 48 of EC Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP), before concluding the purchase contract it is required to read the dangers associated with the product by consulting the document Safety information Safety information 2 n. 15-2015 April 11 SPECIAL DEFENSE LIVES terra vita Favored by climate change and the revocation of some insecticides. The difficulties in the timing of the Planococcus ficus interventions, the causes of the escalation, the countermeasures and ongoing research by Edison Pasqualini 1, Massimo Scannavini 2, Massimiliano Melandri 3 Mealybugs farinos The wintering forms of cochineal in stone fruit. The white cochineal winters as a fertilized female and, in southern Italy, lays its eggs between mid-April and early May, according to the seasonal trend. After 30-40 days from the laying of the eggs, whose maturation is generally scalar, the nymphs of the I generation are born systemic insecticide for ornamental plants bastinsect pack of 20 sticks insecticide sticks with systemic action with nutritional elements for ornamental plants BASTINSECT is a systemic insecticide of long duration (up to 3 months) for the control of the most common insects that attack ornamental plants in the home and garden

Closer ™ Corteva Agriscienc

  1. to. The males of cochineal with slender and elongated body are equipped with antennae, legs and hind wings. The fem
  2. The cottony cochineal is this hairy creature in the picture. We can see it stationary on the plant but in reality it is very mobile, in short, it runs. It is white in color and appears to be hairy or cottony as the name implies. The last remedy is the use of a systemic insecticide
  3. are
  4. ready-to-use systemic insecticide. SANIUM AL PFnPO is the innovative new generation systemic insecticide for the effective control of biting mouthparts such as aphids, scale insects and whiteflies on floral and ornamental plants. THE ACTIVE PRINCIPLE FLUPYRADIFURONE synthesized starting from the Stemona Japonica plant, the active principle blocks the system.
  5. erale bayer confidor oil lt.1 oliocin Limone Dining is a regional restaurant set in beautiful Griffith. Limone was constructed almost entirely from recycled materials, reclaimed from within the local area. Each piece of this meticulously crafted .. Confidor 200 SL Imidacloprid Bay Systemic Insecticide
  6. Closer insecticide. New generation systemic insecticide for the effective control of biting-sucking insects, aphids, cochineal and whitefly. The special formulation guarantees a safe result and with very low shortage times on a large number of fruit crops.
  7. Also in this case it will be necessary to spray the plants well with a good systemic insecticide. The cottony cochineal on an astrophytum digitostigma. Among other pests of succulents it is good to fight the cochineal bastard

In the list you will notice that some variants of insecticide for aphids carry the wording on offer the offer is in real time so you can take advantage of it right now. Below we show you the list, updated every 12 hours, on the best-selling products Vegetable oil able to enhance the resistance of plants to cochineal! Log in . Contact us. Contact us now: 069411924. Search. Insecticides and Acaricides> BIO Anticocciniglia Natural Linseed Oil FLORTIS. Discounts! SOLABIOL systemic insecticide in sticks


Systemic insecticide based on Acetamiprid Distributor Nufarm Italia. Soluble concentrate formulation. Registration n ° 16690 Price for strong red Cocciniglia of citrus fruits (Aonidiella aurantii) 50-70 ml / hl (1,5 l / ha) Pome tree In winter mineral oil, insecticide-acaricide allowed in organic farming, also the based products are very valid of waxes and propolis or garlic. The rest of the year systemic insecticide (which acts by entering the plant sap by killing insects), while respecting the shortage period before harvesting the fruits The lemon plant, as well as being an extraordinary outdoor plant where there are climates mild and also to emanate a good smell, it produces very good fruits, so it is advisable to take care of it carefully and give it the necessary care.It may happen that the lemon plant is attacked by parasites and in this case it is necessary to intervene immediately, before losing it irremediably Insecticide systemic and contact - Closer PFnPE, new generation insecticide for the effective control of biting-sucking mouthparts (aphids, scale insects, whiteflies). It has a killing action: it acts by contact after the first application

Cotton Cochineal: Remedies - Gree Ideas

  1. ares and ascending systemic) I have used all three. If you make the mix use good quality white oil at the lowest dosage on the label for citrus fruits, ditto for the insecticide: you can first prepare the solution with oil and dilute the second one separately in a little water and then add to the final solution for a best.
  2. educated only if you have seen it, watering in spring acts on the nymphs that are starting to emerge from the nests.
  3. Zapi winter cochineal insecticide oil against cochineals of fruit trees, citrus fruits, vines and olive trees. what it is for: Zapi winter cochineal performs a rapid and effective action against the scale insects that infest apple, pear, vine, olive, citrus
  4. Pyrethroid insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion, broad spectrum with high efficacy at very low dosages. 13,90 € 12,51 € avail. no. details. qta. Buy. 9900000121013. Potassium soap kg 12 SBS 200 K plus Organic cochineal and honeydew. POTASSIUM SOAP - HYDROALCOLIC SOLUTION OF POTASSIUM SALTS WITH SILICATES
  5. The systemic insecticides available up to now spread in the plant acropetically (from bottom to top) through the xylem. Bayer Movento 48 SC is the first insecticide which also spreads through the phloem therefore both in an ascending and descending sense

hello black tulip I found the news I gave you in the cochineal invasion discussion, but if you want in the top right where it says search write cochineal and you can find all the posts related to the topic. then you can use the insecticide you have the important thing is that it is systemic. also because I also used mine and with a little patience everything went fine Aficida systemic insecticide. Low deficiency insecticide. Snail bait. RTU insecticide. Use plant protection products with caution. Always read the label and product information before use. Green Ravenna s.r.l. - Via Matteotti 16 - 48121 Ravenna (RA) - Italy VAT no.

For the cottony cochineal I have sometimes used Reldan 22, but the action lasts a couple of weeks and then reappears sooner or later. without damaging the plant., A sprinkle of this insecticide by wetting the plant well with the sprayer gets rid of these pests confidor 200 sl - The best brands. In the following list you will find different variants of the confidor 200 sl and reviews left by the people who bought it. The variants are sorted by popularity from the most popular to the least popular. List of the best-selling 200 sl confidor variants. Click on the variant you want to read the opinions left by customers Eliminate aphids in a natural way. Often in our group of Italian Pepper Growers, we find photos with localized infestations of light aphids and immediately recommended plant protection products or systemic insecticides. A very common mistake among pepper growers is to immediately arrive at an unnatural and systemic pesticide. it is a very serious thing

DESCRIPTION Closer is a systemic insecticide that moves through the xylema with a translaminar movement and enters the insect mainly by contact and ingestion. Contact occurs through direct application of the product. Ingestion occurs through the stylet (feeding tube) which penetrates the plant's vascular system. Once it has entered the body of the. welcome to the catalog Welcome to the new Flortis catalog, for greenery in the house, on the balcony, in the vegetable garden, in the lawn and in the garden The systemic insecticide is absorbed by the plant in such a way that for a certain period the sap of the plant is toxic for parasites. This type of insecticide is particularly good for eliminating those parasites that cannot be reached by spraying a normal insecticide on the aerial part of the plant.

Re: systemic insecticides Message to read by Simo. »Mar Apr 30, 2013 8:22 am @simo: why do you use another product for aphids? on the confidor card I saw that it is also effective for aphids. Systemic Insecticide and Contact Protect Garden Closer PFnPE 25ml. Protect Garden Closer is a systemic insecticide that moves through the xylema, with translaminar movement, and is assimilated by the insect by contact and ingestion. Contact occurs through direct application of the product, while ingestion occurs through the stylet that penetrates the. Closer ™ INSECTICIDE Spectrum of action on citrus fruits CloserTM on citrus fruits is authorized for the control of: • Aphids A fi de green of citrus fruits (Aphis spiraecola), a fi de of cotton and cucurbits (Aphis gossypii), a fi de brown of citrus fruits (Aphis citricidus ), blackish citrus fruit (Toxoptera aurantii): 400 ml / ha (1 treatment / year) or 200 ml / ha (2 treatments / year)

Generic insecticide spray. Since the waxy coating provides protection against contact insecticides, it is preferable to use systemic insecticides. A biological approach. Producing a predatory beetle (Cryptolaemus montrouzieri), which feeds on mealybugs Closer PFnPE The new systemic and contact insecticide Closer PFnPE is the new generation systemic insecticide for the effective control of biting-sucking aphid mouthparts, cochineal and whitefly

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Epik SL is a Sipcam insecticide based on Acetamiprid, for treatments against Aphids, Whiteflies, Bedbugs, Cochineal, Fly, etc. Consult price, doses on the label, technical data sheet and safety data sheet adama COCHINIGLIA INSECTICIDE Dusty White Oil KOLLANT EMULSIONATE 500ml 500 ml White oil paraffinized at 95-96% R.H. (CAS 97862-82-3) 80 g (700 g / L) Coformulants to taste a: 100 g Contains alkyl-aryl-sulfonat The insecticide phytosanitary products are often also called pesticides or pesticides and act against parasites of green, flowering, fruit or vegetable plants. The most common parasites against which insecticides act are: aphids, snails, scale insects, mites, lepidoptera, olive fly, fruit fly, metcalfa, bedbugs

Systemic insecticide ready to use 20 pcs (0) Compo Fazilo insecticide ready to use polyvalent acaricide 750 ml (0) Flortis Microkill 500 ml (0) Vithal Bastinsect insecticide sticks 20 pcs (0) Vithal anti-cochineal insecticide 800 ml (0) Vithal Polysect. Laurel or Laurus nobilis is a rustic and easy to grow plant, very resistant to diseases and parasites. Sometimes, however, you may notice on the plant some leaves literally devoured by insects or full of whitish spots, which make the Laurel unusable in the kitchen. Diseases of laurel: what to do One of the diseases that most afflicts this plant. Use ready-to-use systemic insecticide (example: Bayer Cropscience), also effective against aphids. Or use an insecticide in powder, diluted in water, and spray on the plants for the systematic elimination of cochineal (Ital Agro products adama insecticide cochineal dusty emulsified white oil kollant 500ml. Adama 9,00 € FULL DETAILS> solabiol lizetan pin systemic insecticide ready for use, 20.Solabiol € 15.00 FILE.

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if you have the possibility, opt for a systemic product. I will resume the discussion to ask you for an opinion on this Bayer insecticide specific for cochineal which, however, seems to be recommended for fruit and ornamental plants. Systemic poison for cochineal. Practical guide to cochineal and the most effective natural methods to eliminate it from plants. What is cochineal and how to fight it. The cochineal is a fearsome enemy of plants and it is not always easy to find it. In this article, we talk about one of the main enemies of garden and balcony plants and. cochineal and honeydew. I started a treatment with a cupric product a few days ago and today I gave some confdor. I apologize if the subject has already been covered, but I wanted to know from the experts if this is enough to recover my plants. I thank for all the possible answers Systemic insecticide for the control of the main aphid species that attack citrus, apple, pear, peach, plum, tomato, melon, cucumber, gherkin, watermelon, pumpkin and courgette crops and for fly control. white on tomatoes and cucurbits. Broad spectrum systemic insecticide. Dose: against cochineal and whiteflies 50gr / 100lt of substrate. At the recommended doses the product remains active for 12 months. Has anyone ever used it with dionee and sarracenie? It may be dangerous? Does it give the desired results? Advice? Thanks to all and Happy Holidays ----

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The best offers for Aleurodidi Cocciniglia in Gardening on the first Italian comparator. All the information you are looking for in a single trusted site. Who is looking for, Find prices 3. Systemic insecticide anti-cochineal for ornamental plants vithal 800 ml. Systemic insecticide for plants 4. ANTICOCCINIGLIA RTU 750 ML. 5. SB Plant Invigorator ready-to-use spray with pesticide 500 ml. 3 in 1: insecticide, fungicide and foliar nourishment

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BAYER systemic AL / POO 1 LITER systemic BAYER AL / POO 1 LITER INSECTICIDE Aphids and cochineals CYTHRIN 50 EC 1lt. insecticide CYTHRIN 50 EC 1lt. insecticide based on cypermethrin moth fly AFIDS COCHENIGLIA oil AFIDS COCHENIGLIA mineral oil fruit BAYER CONFIDOR OIL LT Re: Cochineal on Zelkova? Message to read from Ringo.Starr.123 »Sat Sep 29, 2018 6:34 pm Yes this is cochineal, but the small white ones look like another type of parasite, you have a systemic insecticide to spray on the plant

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The cottony cochineal on my succulents. This year I would say that for me, it was the year of the cochineal! Both the plants in the greenhouse and those outside have been affected by the cottony cochineal and the scudetto one

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"data-medium-file =" jpg "data-large-file =" .jpg "loading =" lazy "src =" "data-lazy-type =" image " data-src = "" srcset = "" data-srcset = " jpg 720w, 600w "sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px "> The use of Marseille soap is a very useful biological technique for pr take care of ours natural garden. It can be used pure or in the formulation of soft potassium soap. It is part of that set of products allowed in organic farming essential for the good health of our plants and which make us avoid the use of pesticides. Among these products we also mention: the bacillus thuringiensis, L'neem oil, the macerates of nettle, garlic, horsetail, fern, absinthe or tomato feminelle.
But now let's see the different types of natural Marseille soap and the methods of use for the pesticide control.
But first let's make an important clarification: the types of Marseille soap and the soft potassium soap that we are going to illustrate, are included in the table of products whose use is permitted in organic farming, as per EC regulation n. 834/2007, integrated with the EC regulation n. 889/2008, laying down the methods of application of regulation no. 834/2007. In particular, they fall within the table that authorizes substances of traditional use in organic farming.

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  • Tips for dealing with red mite infestation. Of course, if prevention alone is not sufficient, in the event of infestations of red mites, regardless of the entity and form, it is advisable to treat the birds with specific parasitic products for mites and which do not have particular harmful effects on the animal. There are many more or more products on the market.
  • Red Mite: the most hated and the most feared, many think it is almost impossible to eradicate it, but they are wrong !! It is dark in color and turns red when it sucks the blood of our birds, hides in cages, springs, feeders and perches, and also in the walls of the breeding, attacking the birds only at night, in spring and summer disappearing with the cold first
  • It is better to use natural remedies, equally effective, such as lemon and salt against ants, or basil for flies.Also the extract from neem oil, is an ideal natural method to keep mites away from the beds. comes from a tropical tree, Azadirachta Indica, and is a 100% natural product that mixes with water and puts in a.
  • The hematophagous mite of chickens (Dermanyssus gallinae) or red mite, unlike the pollen louse, is not a parasite but, as the name implies, a mite, that is a distant relative of the arachnids (for example spiders) and as such it does not live and reproduce on the host animal's body but in its habitat, therefore in the chicken coop and its surroundings
  • Red mite cures and remedies. Red mite prevention and control. Read also. Scorpio. Chironomid. Hornet. Ragno violino @ Podis 2018 - Regional Health Service Azienda USL Umbria n.1 - All rights reserved - P.IVA /C.F. 03301860544 - Policy - credits Kolorado.
  • One of the natural remedies for spider mites is rosemary essential oil. A few drops of rosemary essential oil can be dissolved in a full container d.
  • It is the natural remedy against the red spider that most of all respects the environment, the ready remedy against the red spider remains water. A splash of water mist or not, immediately removes the mite. The plants can be washed with plain water, this will instantly free them from the invader

Chicken mites, commonly called pollen mites, are parasites that infest the chicken coop and can cause serious damage to poultry farming.Pollen mites, better defined as red chicken mites, quickly become resistant to pesticides (both natural and industrial synthesis ), so it's really hard to get rid of them. To combat spider mites it is completely useless to use insecticides or other herbicides. So here are many natural remedies to eliminate them: biological fight: we can use another mite which is a predator. We are talking about the phytoseid mite, whose scientific name Phytoseiulus persimilis RED ACARO (Dermanyssus Gallinae). A SERIOUS PROBLEM. From Lancashire News Year 9 (2008) N. 1 (Updated version) I think it has happened to everyone to come across, a few years, canaries that enjoyed excellent health and that, in the short space of a few days, lose their liveliness and, although by nourishing abundantly, they lose weight conspicuously, hit by strong anemia (clearly visible from the paleness. Red spider natural remedies The ladybug is a precious ally in the fight against this mite. free the plants from their infestation By the agronomist, Professor Giuseppe Pepe. The spider mite is a very particular mite that lives at the expense of many different plants, difficult to identify at a glance due to its very small size but recognizable on the leaves and sprouts, paying careful attention, for the contrast given by its typical red color on a green background

Red chicken mite - Dermanyssus gallinae. Habitat: Mites are among the oldest living things on earth. These infesting arachnids live and grow in the most disparate environments of the earth such as plants, flowers, animals, humans, the earth, on lakes and salt water, in homes and organic waste, in mattresses, in books. etc in the photo: Red spider mite Balaustium murorum Often called red spider mites, the real name of the red mites that invade our balconies is Balaustium murorum and they have nothing to do with spiders The red mite is the most dangerous and can lead to the death of affected birds, especially the newborn ones. It hides both in the cages, springs, mangers and perches, and in the walls of the breeding, attacking the canaries only at night, in the spring and summer period, disappearing with the first cold The red spiders are mites, tiny and red, that infest and they feed on the plants present in our gardens. In fact, they find their nourishment in vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants, such as roses or surfinias, but slowly, however, they are also invading our apartments and, although very small, they can be seen on the walls, on the window frames, on furniture. The spider mite is a phytophagous mite, that is, it feeds on the sap of plants. It is also polyphagous, that is, it attacks an indefinite number of plant species, both herbaceous and shrubs. As regards the scope of our discussion, the horticultural plant species most at risk are: green beans, courgettes, cucumbers, squash, watermelons, tomatoes, aubergines, peppers.

Red mite remedies Diseases and pests of plants: how to recognize them. Bedbugs. We can remove bedbugs from the garden and the vegetable garden with various natural remedies to prevent them from damaging our plants Do you suffer from an annoying itch and looking at the skin do you notice small red dots mixed with extensive patches? They could be mite bites.. What to do in case of mite bites? First we must learn to recognize them from other possible disorders affecting our skin: contacting a doctor is certainly a wise choice

It is caused by a mite of the trombiculidae family, the Trombicula autumnalis, which lives on plants, especially in the woods.. They are small red insects similar to grains of sand. The man is an occasional guest and is infected, during the summer-autumn, by walking or working in the bushes, on the trees, in the trees. The damage is caused by the stings of the red spider that pierce the epidermis of the plant, reaching the cells from which they suck the contents, emptying them and causing their death. Acaricides. The symptoms of the spider mite see a plant suffering even if the damage, as well as the remedies can vary within the different species of spider mites

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Red mite cures and remedies. Published on: October 25, 2016. Mite bites can manifest as itchy wheals on the trunk, arms and legs, especially in areas covered by clothing. Without careful prevention, mites can also be transported to civilian homes. Red mites The red spider is a predominantly phytophagous arachnid, which attacks various plants, both fruit and ornamental. App visit: red mites plant mites Mites are incorrectly classified as insects. In reality, these are arthropods, or visiting invertebrate animals: plant mites, red lice.To eliminate bed mites, there are special mattresses in polyurethane or foam rubber that are more effective in the fight against mites, as well as mattress covers and pillowcases composed of a texture. of denser tissues able to prevent the proliferation of mites and their nesting Mites: the red spider. The red spider mite is a very small mite, which draws nourishment from the sap of the leaves and discolours them until they are crumpled. It is recognized by the presence of thin cobwebs that surround the affected leaves, especially in summer and in dry periods Ectoparasites: the mite red. Among the parasites of chickens, very common are red mites, called bloodsucking mites of chickens. These arachnids nest in the crevices of chicken coops during the day and attack birds by sucking their blood at night.

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  1. Parasitic mites of chickens. The health of chickens and hens depends entirely on the state of the environment, internal and external, in which they live. If the chicken coop where you keep them will have the necessary care you should not have problems, if instead you neglect periodic treatments and supervision it is likely that you will run into chicken mites (red mite) .To prevent this from happening it will be necessary.
  2. anus the plant. The enemies of the red spider are the following: Phytoseid mites Tisanoptera Coleoptera Coccinellidi Anthocorids As far as soy is concerned, phytoseid mites are very effective. 5 Natural Remedies to Contrastarl
  3. How to Get Rid of Red Mites (Thrombiculids). Thrombiculids are small red mites that can cause big problems, especially if they bite you. Although the bites of these insects are not usually dangerous, they can itch.
  4. Dust mite allergy: tips on limiting allergens. Objectives of environmental remediation. Measures for the prevention of allergic reactions to mites: generic remedies, chemicals and physical aids
  5. Natural remedies. There is a lot of talk about natural remedies for spider mites. Some reveal that they have tried garlic-based remedies, others tobacco-based, still others, nettle macerates. All the substances just mentioned have a repellent effect on many plant parasites, even if they are more effective for aphids
  6. The manifestation of dust mite allergy can vary: it can be mild or severe. The allergic reaction, caused by inhaling the remains of dead mites and their defecations, can manifest itself with mainly respiratory symptoms (rhinitis and / or asthma). Sometimes, redness / swelling of the eyes, tearing, discomfort in the light, feeling of general malaise also appear.

Throat discomfort, red eyes, repeated sneezing - it looks like a cold, but it could be an allergy to mites. Find out if this is your case Fortunately, there are several methods to defend against the spider mite allowed in organic farming, including using vegetable preparations that can be easily self-produced. The organic fight against this mite is all the more effective the sooner the threat is recognized and action is taken to counter it, let's discover the main remedies for red spider mites to learn the defense strategies. red, a mite pest of vegetable gardens and ornamental plants, it can be fought with easy remedies natural like water and essences

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Mites in dogs. The mite infestation in the dog and the severe itching connected to it makes an anti-mite treatment in the dog necessary and therefore becomes an important component in the care of the dog.The most frequent cause of a strong itch is the infestation with mites Beautiful and soft feet with a remedy based on milk and sodium bicarbonate. 2. White vinegar against mites. The organic acids contained in the white vinegar make it an interesting ecological cleaner. These compounds help disinfect surfaces and, by facilitating the removal of dust, reduce the presence of mites. Ingredient Natural remedies to eliminate dust mites. In addition to the advice, there are also some natural remedies that we can use to eliminate these unwelcome guests in a natural way. Being based on plants that have purifying power, they can also be used in the presence of children or pets. Here they are. 1 Nee

Mites: natural remedies. The mites nest above all in mattresses, pillows, sofas, because there they stay warm and find their natural habitat, feeding on flakes of skin and releasing their feces which, as we have said, are carriers of allergens The red spider ( T. urticae T. telarius, E. althaeae) is one of the most dangerous pests of soybeans and a polyphagous mite, infesting many vegetables (tomato, bean, etc.), ornamental trees (Erythrina crista-galli, Ceiba sp., Jacaranda mimosifolia, Phytolacca dioica) and herbaceous, and most fruit plants.This mite generally attacks soybeans, at the edges. Ragnetto Rosso: what it is. The Red Spider mite is a very small mite, in fact it is called a spider, it can measure even half a millimeter in length, if females and, strange but true, the males are even smaller.This terrible enemy, of plants and of us green thumbs, is red when in the adult stage but as a teenager it appears yellow or orange

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  1. Let's say that many diseases of the vine are caused by mites. Mites are all insects belonging to the taxonomic order of the Acarina.They are probably among the first animals to have colonized the mainland, the first fossil record dates back to 290 million years ago
  2. imo to eat animals, I would just point out that what I gave you the recipe for is not a medicine but a natural insecticide, which can even be used in the garden. Hello
  3. This group of mites includes species that prey on insects of various orders (Orthoptera, Lepidoptera, Hemiptera, Diptera). A very common species, also in Europe, is Trombidium holosericeum - commonly called red spider due to the color of its body - which infests the city walls in spring and feeds on bird droppings.
  4. Mites are some of the most common living things to be encountered in the home, and beyond. Mites, or acarina, grow and live in an infinity of different environments, such as internal ones (organic waste, mattresses, duvets, books, and so on) and external ones (plants, flowers, animals, etc.) . Blackberries. 13 August 2016, 16: 1
  5. red mite remedies: Contact Disinfesta for a quick and effective disinfestation intervention red mite of the chicken in Rome and in all the provinces of Lazio
  6. Grandma's remedies against red spider mites Red spider mites are mites that reach a maximum of two millimeters. Their body has a deep red color. These specimens can be found on walls, balconies, roofs, etc. They are almost harmless to humans

The main natural remedies for whitefly plant pests: natural remedies. The whitefly is one of the enemy pests of lemon plants and some balcony plants, such as geraniums. It typically sits behind plant leaves to feed on sap, causing the plant to yellow and weaken as viruses and bacteria can spread. Cataract and lens replacement day of surgery and postoperative instructions. 1-9-2018 - Duration: 19:29. Shannon Wong, MD Recommended for yo Red spider: damage. Before proceeding both with the prevention and the fight against these mites, often very dangerous for your plants, it is necessary not only to know them, but also to recognize them: they are, in fact, very small parasites, invisible to the naked eye, and this means that their recognition is more difficult for an expert eye

Mites are small insects that nest mainly where there is dust, although they can also be found on wood, plants and foodstuffs. Dust mites, the most common, are responsible for bites and allergies in humans, problems that are treated, respectively, with ointments and with antihistamines and corticosteroids The bites of mites can be very annoying because they often cause a strong itch but this is actually the minor problem. In fact, a mite can transmit some skin diseases such as scabies or demodicosis but the greatest concern derives from the fact that these tiny organisms can act as a vector. . Although in Europe it is a. How to tell if your little bird has mites. Birds can contract external parasites - such as mites - and if the infestation is left untreated, it can spread to people, as well as causing serious illness or even death.

Aphids in the garden and on potted plants, let's try to say goodbye to the classic insecticides and rediscover the remedies recommended by organic and natural agriculture. Aphids, also known. The most common microscopic mites found in dogs are the ones that cause mange. Although there are several, the most common types of mange in dogs are: Demodectic mange or canine demodicosis. It is a disease caused by the Domodex canis mite. It is usually found in the hair follicles of dogs but causes disease only when the dog's immune defenses are lower

If we were asked to describe the red maple we would say that it is as beautiful as it is prone to parasites and diseases of all kinds. In fact, compared to other ornamental plants, this tree can be affected by a whole series of diseases and parasites that put a strain on its survival. Let's start with insects to finish with mushrooms .. If you own a specimen of this plant or. Dust mites can be found in any environment and we can inhale them without realizing it causing us constant allergy and asthma. They nest in blankets, mattresses, sheets, pillows and can live up to three months. In this period they can lay up to 100 eggs. The most favorable times of the year for reproduction are autumn and spring. The spider mite is a small mite that feeds on the sap of plants. The remedies for the fight can be both chemical and biological the red color of the mite and its movement allow the diagnosis. During the night the red mite attacks the canaries causing micro-lesions through which it sucks the blood. This ecto-parasitosis is relatively frequent and can cause serious damage as it is often diagnosed late, moreover it seems difficult a radical disinfestation

Although any type of mite becomes a threat when it deposits its eggs under the skin, the greatest danger belongs to the scabies mites, which once arrived on the victim's skin, dig tunnels inside the tissues and release their eggs, putting in serious danger the affected area. Precisely for this reason, after attributing our itch to. Sneezing, red eyes and sore nostrils: allergy is an unwelcome guest who enters without knocking on the door. In a certain sense, it is the immune system that invites him to enter, which reacts disproportionately to certain substances known as allergens. > Symptoms of allergy> Causes> Diagnosis> Treatments for allergy How allergy symptoms develop Red spider mites are a species of pest that is very widespread in our territory and capable of affecting all environments in which it lives man. They are not actually spiders, even if they look like them, but mites .. There are two types: some are particularly harmful if they settle in gardens and terraces, and are often able to dry out different types of plants. Wandering around the various groups, when someone asks how to eradicate the mites (especially the fearsome red mite) he is immediately answered Foractyl or Frontline. It's not a wrong answer, however after trying neem oil, I can say with certainty that I prefer a 100% natural product, to expensive chemicals that often don't totally solve the problem. Dust allergy: what natural remedies? dermatitis, redness, skin reactions. It is caused by mites.You could also consider rooibos, or red tea, which contains numerous substances with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

08/09/2016 - Supergreen - How to eliminate the red spider from citrus fruits (Tetranychus urticae / Panonychus citri) (citrus diseases) Marco Beconcini (diseases / mites. A preliminary operation to eliminate mites from mattresses is, after removing sheets and blankets, that of using a steam cleaner to clean the mattress using high-temperature steam: in this way the insects are killed by the heat. Then you can use specific sprays that prevent further invasion of mites or you can spray essential oil. so the view and take a good look in every corner on your rose plants: once you have identified any insects, you will only have to choose the right natural remedy to neutralize them! Ladybugs. The most common pests are aphids or lice of roses: these very small parasites, which hide under the leaves and at the base of the buds, suck the. Although the size, the mites are not entirely harmless. i: they, in fact, use the apparatus inside their mouth to suck, bite or sting anything that comes within range, obviously including humans. Recognizing the bites of mites is not very difficult: generally their bites they are identified with the presence of small red bubbles, which they usually carry.

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The red maple is a tree or shrub with a globular crown and reaches a maximum height of thirty meters. When the maple leaf is damaged, the life of our seedling is at risk. To remedy the attack of these diseases, action is taken by administering sulfur or copper-based fungicides to the plant Wood mites (or woodworm mites): the best natural methods to get rid of these pests quickly without using chemicals

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  • Dust mites are the nightmare of allergic people. They are almost microscopic parasites that live in our homes, where they settle mainly in pillows, mattresses and carpets. The two main species are Dermatophagoides farinae and Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus. respectively called American and European dust mites
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  • What are? Pubic lice (Phthirus pubis), also commonly known as lice due to their flattened shape, are human parasitic insects that appear as small six-legged creatures capable of infecting the pubic area (genitals) by laying eggs.
  • to prevent red spiders in the house or outdoors (balcony, garden, etc.
  • ate by the bites of the red spider that pierce the epidermis of the plant, reaching the cells from.
  • The fight against the spider mite can be fought both in a natural way, using the so-called biological remedies, and in a chemical way. The natural fight uses mite predatory insects, such as other mites or ladybirds, while the chemical one uses chemical herbicides with specific action

The red mite or spider mite usually has a 1-2 mm long body, but it can reach up to 5 mm. Its body is completely velvety as it is covered with thick hair and is completely red. They prefer wooded areas and feed on small prey such as other smaller mites, insect eggs, insect droppings and small larvae Taurrus is the biological remedy against snake mite (Ophionyssus natricis) uses natural enemies to control external parasites

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  1. Bird mites: remedies to fight them. One of the most feared mites for birds is the red mite. It is initially dark in color and turns red by sucking the animal's blood
  2. The mites, or red spider mites, are difficult to see with the naked eye as they are only 0.4mm long. They are arachnids (relatives of spiders) and have four pairs of legs, they have no antennae. However unlike spiders they have a single body segment. Their colors vary from red brown to black, yellow and green depending on the species
  3. Red mite The red mite is the most dangerous and can lead to death of affected canaries, especially newborn babies. The best cure for respiratory acariasis is the use of ivermectin (trade name ivomec) diluted in propylene glycol in a ratio of 1: 9 Mites and ticks
  4. arli .. Here is a list of 7 very common parasites that could attack your plants .. 1. Mites They mainly affect ornamental and horticultural plants and are arranged on the upper page of the leaves

Remedies spider mites: here are the 7 methods that help you eliminate them from your plants naturally and without using chemicals. Phytoseiulus persimilis, for example, if placed on plants, can give excellent results, in addition to this mite ladybugs can also be used. Red mite Very feared and complicated to eliminate, but not impossible with the right methods, especially during the breeding season. It has a dark color and then turns red when it feeds on the blood of birds redness, irritation, itching, dandruff-like crusting on the eyelashes. There are numerous diseases and risk factors that can trigger or promote this common eye disease, for example bacteria or skin conditions such as scalp dandruff or rosacea, which cause the sebaceous glands around the eyes to become blocked. resulting.

Dergall® is designed to immobilize infestations of chicken red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) and other pests on chicken farms such as soft ticks (Argas reflexus, A. polonicus), rat mites (Ornitronyssus bacoti), pollen lice (Mallophaga) and others. It is recommended for use in all types of farms. Its physical mechanism of action (immobilization. • The red chicken mite is among the few mites visible to the naked eye, it measures approximately 1 mm, with well developed limbs it is normally grayish in color, taking on a red color when it has made the blood meal, hence its name To be precise, all these fluffy red mites that have been filling balconies, terraces, walls and fences for some time are actually not spiders, but mites. Mites belong to the class of arachnids, exactly like the spiders of which they are cousins, but they belong to a collateral evolutionary branch.If you have an ongoing infestation and if it makes you feel very bad, the most sensible thing you can do is to request a professional disinfestation that in a few hours will make your home livable again, relieving the symptoms of your discomfort. But prevention is certainly much better than cure, so what you have to do is take precautions. the tips how to recognize bite sting mite dust therapy how to fight mites mites hair mattresses home photos what to do. When we notice red, itchy blisters (papules), that is a reaction of the epidermis to the deposition of eggs under the skin.

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Mites: The chemical remedies. If you do not have the desire or the patience to use natural remedies, you can fall back on chemical acaricides. Use with a spray a solution composed of water and insecticidal soap, it will manage infestations with great effectiveness Here is how to eliminate red mites with natural remedies. First of all, equip yourself with garlic, onion and Marseille soap. Boil some garlic in a saucepan of water. Red head lice: chemical remedies. In the event that natural remedies do not work or the infestation proves to be too extensive, you can opt for chemical remedies. Before buying an insecticide, you should know that not all generic ones are effective in the fight against red lice. Symptoms caused by allergy to mites mainly concern the respiratory system, therefore the nose, bronchi and lungs. They range from coughing fits during sleep, sneezing on waking, itching when wearing certain clothing or coming into contact with soft toys, red and swollen eyes that itch and water

Mites: natural remedies to fight and prevent them 218. How to remove stains from the mattress 880. How to disinfect laundry in the washing machine: natural remedies and advice 196 Allergy to mites: prevention and remedies: Air the rooms: air the home is the first step preventive to deal with allergy to mites. As it is clear from what I have explained in the previous pages, mites are a component of the dust and can proliferate (the females lay about one egg a day) even in the corners Red spider, the enemy of the garden. How to recognize the damage of red spider mites, how to eliminate red spiders with natural and non-natural remedies Common red spider The spider mite is a polyphagous mite, infesting many vegetables (tomato, bean, etc. a specific acaricide active on eggs and stages The predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis is an effective natural enemy of the mite. Koppert was the first company to introduce this natural enemy. The predatory adult mite feeds on the mite at all stages, and although the larva does not eat, the nymphs eat the eggs , the larvae and the proto-nymphs of the mite We have seen how to use bicarbonate against mites to avoid the spread of these annoying parasites in a natural and at the same time effective way: if you want more information on the most effective mite disinfestation systems , ask our experts for an opinion, who will be able to advise you in the best possible way considering your specific needs

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  1. ares, especially when grown on the ground
  2. house infestation Red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) | Hello everyone, after a long time I came back to visit you, I ask you for help because um 'friend yes
  3. Mite allergy is a perennial form of allergy that can arise at any time of the year, regardless of the season, due to a reaction to dust mites. the guide addresses the various aspects of the disorder from the symptoms with which it occurs to prevention, providing advice on what to do to treat the allergy and its possible complications
  4. also Vasates lycopersici, Vasates destructor and Phyllocoptes destructor in previous publications) belongs to the Eriofidi family. It does not produce galls but lives freely on tomato plants. Aculops lycopersici was first observed in Australia and is a.

Red spider How to fight it with natural remedies

Red mite, I think. Hello everyone. Last week I found these bugs on me, my husband and a lot of them in the bathroom, above the shower cubicle. Initially the doctor thought it was lice, I had a lot of them on my head. After the treatment I found others, especially on the shower cabin.Being predatory, they do not have a negative effect on plants, but their red relatives are quickly destroyed. Folk remedies.Gardeners and flower growers often use folk remedies that help exterminate a red mite without the use of chemicals: 15 g of onions to grind and pour a liter of water Natural remedies for dog ear mites In addition to medication, there are some home remedies based on oil. Obviously, if the infestation is massive and the ear is irritated, infected, red or swollen, you must go directly to the vet to prevent permanent damage.You have very itchy bites in different parts of the body and suspect that they are mites or insects. You've been to the dermatologist. He may have confirmed that the blisters you have could be caused by mite or insect bites, but he couldn't tell you more.

The spider mite is a mite (Tetranychus, Panonychus and others), belonging to the Arachnid family, of tiny size, almost invisible to the naked eye (it takes the help of a lens). Sometimes by observing the lower leaf page it is possible to identify small red dots which, as soon as they are touched, move between the veins Just as there are several natural remedies for dog otitis, even when the inflammation is produced by an ear infection there are several natural alternatives that we illustrate below.. Tea tree oil: it is a remedy suitable for different types of infections, caused by bacteria or fungi. If there are no wounds on the ear, you can apply 2 or 3 drops a day

Mange or Acariasis Acariasis: mange terrnine does not appear appropriate as no skin lesions from Sarcoptes or other obligate pathogenic skin mites have been described in the canary. we intend to refer to a heading from Red mite of the genus Dermanyssus that infests the canary during the night, causing irritation and anemia, while during the day it hides in the cracks. Dust mites are the leading cause of household allergies. These small parasites, with microscopic dimensions, essentially feed on scales that normally detach from human skin, therefore they nest in the places of the house where it is easier to find this type of food, such as rugs, carpets, armchairs, mattresses and pillows Mites, aphids , scale insects and red spider are the unwelcome guests on the underside of the leaves. Remedies, prevention and treatments for the care of geraniums. At the first symptoms of geranium diseases it is necessary to intervene with specific and effective products available on the market

Red spider mite of succulents: description, care and remedies

  1. FREE WHEEL Talk show 18.45 THE HERITAGE Quiz with Flavio Insinna 20.00 TG1 NEWSPAPER 20.35 USUAL IGNOTI - THE RETURN with Amadeus 21.25 THE STUDENT 2 Fiction «The red mite» - «Prison Blues» While.
  2. Check the mites present on the upper and lower page of the leaves. Suitable for red spider (Tetranychus urticae), yellow spider (Panonychus ulmi, Panonychus citri), bimaculate spider (Eotetranychus hornbeam). Often bought together + + Total price: 68.38 €.
  3. and very broad doctor. Rashes can vary greatly, and there are many potential causes. Due to the variety, there is also a wide range of treatments.A rash can be local to just a small part of the body, or it can cover a large area.
  4. PARASITES: MITES | Come back upstairs! These parasites generally settle on the upper part of the leaves, and are so small that it is impossible to see them with the naked eye, except for the red spider, visible precisely for its color that contrasts on the leaf.

There are no physical remedies to kill dust mites and a vacuum cleaner is certainly not enough to eliminate them from the mattress. The most important battle is played on the side of prevention. Here are the tips to ensure that your bedroom is a hostile environment for them to their proliferation Ear mites in cats: therapy and remedies. The therapy for cat ear mites is quite simple, at least as a basis: you have to kill the mites, and the problem is solved. Japanese maple is that beautiful red maple plant used for decorative purposes in many gardens. Japanese red maple is also known as palmate maple. We will see together how to best manage the cultivation of Japanese maple, between initial care and maintenance over time. Before you start, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter: it's completely Red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae). Images from Wikimedia Commons. A completely different kind of parasite is the red mite or chicken bloodsucking mite (Dermanyssus gallinae). This is not a louse nor an insect but a mite, or an arachnid, distantly related to spiders and scorpions



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Vegetable garden in March: 16 tips for biological control! (read the guide!)

It has been a year since I started dealing with biological control monthly with this guide of vegetable garden of March , therefore, this path ends.

It is true that February gave us the first warm rays in many regions of our peninsula, the first signs of the coming spring, an unexpected encounter with a ladybug, the first spontaneous flowers but it's March, with the most beautiful equinox of the year, the month of the true awakening of our spirit, of our intentions and of nature all with its overwhelming, amazing beauty.

Fruit trees bloom with the elegance of white and old pink, fruit and vegetables are embellished with flavors, insects come out of their dormancy and all vital activities restart their natural biological cycle.

Unfortunately, this magic corresponds not only to a demanding activity for those who cultivate but also to awakening of dangerous pathologies for our crops. Let's see which ones.

[btn src = ”” titolo = ”All about ladybugs, the allies of biological struggle" text = "How attract ladybugs to our vegetable garden and garden and how to feed and care for them. Practical advice to take care of precious allies for biological control "linkurl =" "check =" true "] [/ btn]


Bubble and chorineum, widely mentioned in recent months, are two cryptogams that develop in general on all stone fruit.

The mycelia of these mushrooms overwinter in lesions of the cortex to then infect crops during the vegetative restart.

There Bordeaux mixture, recommended in the past months, should not be applied in spring because these crops are cuprosensitive.

It is therefore better to use calcium polysulphide.


Normally prepared industrially, calcium polysulphide is used in the winter-spring period against bubble, corynum, scale insects, red spider eggs and powdery mildew.

With formulations with 23% of S, 12 l / hl on pome fruit, 10 l / hl on stone fruit and 5 l / hl on olive trees are used.

The cost is € 40 per 25 kg and as it is caustic, it must be used with extreme caution, in fact, if frosts occur after spraying, the damage would be very substantial.

[btn src = ”” titolo = ”How to build a seedbed in the vegetable garden” text = ”Six ideas for self-build a balcony or traditional vegetable garden, lots of ideas to recycle unexpected materials and grow your own shoots "linkurl =" "check =" true "] [/ btn]


The nettle macerate and the decoction of horsetail they represent excellent natural fungicides and interesting preventive solutions against bubble, corineum rottenness and powdery mildew to be used not only in the vegetable garden in March.

The first is obtained by letting 10 kg of fresh product or 2 kg of chopped dry product (without the roots) in 10 liters of pure or rain water, remixing it often to promote fermentation.

As soon as the production of fermentation bubbles stops, filtration must be carried out immediately, after adding 5% vinegar.

The nettle macerate is used, as a preventive measure, with the addition of 1% of pure Marseille soap to increase its adhesiveness and therefore effectiveness, by vaporizing the trunk and branches every 15 days, early in the morning, after sunset or when the sky is cloudy.

The nettle also plays an active role insecticidal action is repellent against red spider mites and plant lice but it is strongly discouraged on cabbages and crucifers (it attracts cabbages) but also on fruits destined for conservation and on flowers because it is toxic for pollinating bees.

The decoction of horsetail, on the other hand, is obtained by soaking 45-50 grams of dry plants or 100 grams of fresh plants in 1 liter of water for 24 hours.

Bring to a boil over low heat for at least half an hour, then turn off and let it cool, filter and finally dilute the product in water in a ratio of 1: 5.

The horsetail decoction is used in beautiful sunny days, watering the leaves every 20 days.

[btn src = ”" titolo = "Nettle macerate: preparation and use in biological control ”Testo =” Nettle is a medicinal herb rich in formic acid and macro elements, it has fertilizing, insecticidal, curative, immunopotentiating and phytostimulating properties. Here's how to make the nettle macerate. " linkurl = "" check = "false"] [/ btn]


The grillotalpa is a brown insect of the order of the Orthoptera, it is between 3 and 5 cm long, has a diameter of 2 cm and has two sturdy legs with which it digs tunnels in the ground, cutting the roots of the plants.

The grillotalpa prefers humid and reclamation soils and is a pest and nocturnal insect.

Holes in the ground, dry plants, tubers and gnawed leaves are the signs of the presence of this polyphagus, often attracted to our garden by plant residues.

  • Beer traps in the vegetable garden in March in the fight against the grillotalpa

Beer traps are an excellent ally in the biological fight against the grillotalpa. It will be sufficient to bury a plastic bottle cut in half, filled with beer and vegetable residues, to attract it. Burning the captured insects and scattering their ashes on the ground is, on the other hand, an excellent repellent against possible future attacks. It is advisable to proceed when the adult goes out to mate, between the end of March and the whole of May.

  • Nematodes in the fight against grillot mole

The nematode is applied after dispersing it in water, then distributing it on the ground with a shower medium. Entomopathogenic nematodes of the Steinernema Carpocapsae type are parasites useful in the biological fight against grillotalpa larvae. Once they penetrate the natural openings of the latter, they slowly cause its death.

  • Doses, methods and warnings in the use of nematodes in the fight against the grillotalpa

The dosage is 50 million larvae per 100 m2, it is advisable to purchase the product close to use, keep it cool and act between spring and September. Steinernema Carpocapsae is a harmless parasite for crops and animals but it is not a selective product, therefore, its use in organic farming may not be recommended.

  • Tillage that discourages the presence of the grillotalpa

As we have seen, the ideal habitat of the grillotalpa is represented by humid soils, good soil drainage, therefore, helps to prevent the presence of this harmful insect.

[btn src = "" titolo = "20 types of self-produced organic fertilizer (le guide)" text = ”From bat guano, to toasted lupine up to white wine, bokashi and brodolone: ​​discovering organic fertilizer. A reasoned overview of history, from the forgotten ones to the most popular ones with the techniques of use and organic qualities. The guide to the use of organic fertilizer for the organic and synergistic vegetable garden and garden. " linkurl = "" check = "true"] [/ btn]


The cochineal is an insect characterized by very small dimensions and a protective shield that has not yet appeared in recent weeks.

Females perforate the tissues of the plant and feed on its lymph, blocking its growth and weakening it.

The cochineal nestles on the underside of the leaf but can also be present at the base of the petioles and on the branches.

The cochineal prefers warm climates, proliferates especially following mild winters and is often associated with the appearance of fumaggine.

Insecticides based on mineral oils allowed in organic farming, they contain scale insects, covering the eggs and the body of insects with a thin film, which causes them to die from asphyxiation.

Also effective against aphids and red spider mites, which affect citrus fruits, stone fruits, pome fruits and plants in the open field, these formulations are diluted in water and sprayed at the rate of 150 - 200 ml per 10 liters of water.

The only precaution is to keep the product away from children and consume the crop no earlier than 20 days.

Promote the aeration of the foliage with good pruning, do not exceed with nitrogen fertilizers and carry out associations with the Nasturtium on the other hand, they are the most suitable techniques both against cochineal and against fumaggine.

[btn src = ”" titolo = "Cochineal and fumaggine: all natural remedies" text = ”Cochineal and fumaggine are harmful to citrus fruits. Let's see how to deal with these diseases with calcinoid hymenoptera, white oil and Marseille soap. In addition, all the advice for synergistic defense. " linkurl = "" check = "true"] [/ btn]


The alkaloid contained in tobacco leaves, more powerful than quassins but whose use in agriculture is practically abandoned, carries out an insecticidal action by asphyxiation as well as by contact and ingestion, causing interference on the nervous system especially of adults of lepidoptera miners of pome fruit but also of other pests such as aphids, leafhoppers, tingidae, scale insects and carpocapsa.

Miscible with water at temperatures below 60 °, nicotine must be used with caution because it is highly toxic even for warm-blooded animals.

The doses of use are: 50 grams of cigar or cigarette butts, boiled in 1 liter of water.


With the rising temperatures and in the vegetable garden in March, even aphids represent a threat to our crops.

These can be protected from quassins which, not being phytotoxic and not harmful to beneficial insects, can also be used during flowering.

From the quassia amara, now cultivated in Colombia, Panama and the West Indies, two active substances are obtained: quassin and neoquassin.

Extracted from quassio wood, these insecticidal substances control aphids, thrips and anchovies that affect fruit, horticultural and flower crops.

These formulations, which are found on the market as herbal products, act by contact and ingestion, causing the death of insects by paralysis.

Given the poor solubility of quassin in water, the formulations are prepared at the moment of use by boiling 2 kg of shavings in 100 liters of water for 20 minutes, then they are left to macerate for 24-48 hours, possibly adding a bait, in the case in point 2 kg of molasses or dextrin or an insecticidal enhancer, such as soft soap.

[btn src = "" title = "Parasites in the garden: we use Quassine, Rianodin and nicotine" testo = ”Not only Neem and pyrethrins but also Quassine, Rianodina and nicotine in the biological fight against parasites. Read the practical guide to biological control in the vegetable garden and in the garden "linkurl =" "check =" true "] [/ btn]


Gray mold or Botrytis is a fungus that affects vines, citrus fruits, cereals, peppers, chicory, broad beans, strawberries and flowers such as gladiolus, cyclamen, primrose, tulip, hydrangea and geranium.

This cryptogam manifests itself with rotting brown spots and dense dusty gray-brown vegetation.

The most favorable periods of the year for the appearance of this cryptogam, depending on the cultivation, are late spring (strawberry) and / or autumn (grapes), with temperatures between 12 and 30 ° C, in the presence of precipitation. and therefore with high percentages of humidity.


The best way to protect yourself from Botrytis is to prevent it through good agronomic practices: first of all the containment of vegetation, which ensures healthy ventilation but also the control of watering and manure it's a prudent use of nitrogen fertilizers which, causing a thinning of the skin, make the plants more vulnerable to fungal attacks.

Another preventive method is given by the mulching with plastic films which can be practiced on numerous crops such as cabbage, strawberry, lettuce, cucurbits, solanaceae and many flowers. By raising the temperature of the soil and isolating it from contact with the vegetable, this technique, which is very suitable for strawberry cultivation, guarantees a healthier final product, protects our crops from many parasites, including aphids, and contains weeds.

[btn src = ”" titolo = "All natural pesticides for biological control (the guides) ”Testo =” Natural pesticides are used to defend vegetable and garden plants from fungal attacks, against fungal diseases, insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, sprouting inhibitors. Here is a reasoned guide to the use of horsetail, lecithin, wormwood, fern, neem, nettle and much more. " linkurl = "" check = "true"] [/ btn]


A preventive aid against gray mold is given by Aureobasidium pullulans, a natural antagonist fungus present on numerous crops that is asymptomatic until, in the presence of gray mold, a food competition mechanism is triggered that inhibits its development and diffusion.

The doses vary from 4 g / m2 in 4 liters of water for the vine to 7 g / m2 for small fruits, in a 1% solution, not to be mixed with other fungicides.


Alternatively, an antagonist bacterium, Bacillus Subtilis, can be used, which exerts an evident effect of containment of gray mold attacks.

Various strains belong to this bacterium, all present in nature and not genetically modified, which reduce and eliminate the attack of this parasitic fungus, competing for nutrient sources and colonizable space.

The doses of use vary according to the crops to be treated and the strain used.

[btn src = "" title = "Bacillus Thuringiensis: what it is and how it is used in the fight biological ”testo =” Bacillus Thuringiensis is an entomopathogenic bacterium used in organic farming against diseases affecting tree and herbaceous crops. Let's see the 5 most common subspecies, the doses and their uses in the vegetable garden and in the garden "linkurl =" "check =" true "] [/ btn]


The red spider (Tetranychus urticae), belonging to the genus Tetranychus, is a mite whose size varies between 0.3 and 0.6 mm in length.

This polyphagous parasite, which is red in the autumn months and greenish in the milder months, attacks various species such as: beans, strawberries, tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, melons, many ornamental plants including the rose and various trees such as apple, pear and plum tree.

The red spider, present in particular from July to September, attacks the lower page of the leaves of the plants, sucking the sap, reducing their photosynthetic capacity and causing serious damage to the crop.

Mulching in dry weather conditions and particularly hot springs are risk factors. In these cases it is advisable to periodically check the underside of the leaves.

  • Phytoseiulus persimilis against the spider mite

A valid solution to the spider mite is given by the use of a phytoseid mite, Phytoseiulus persimilis.

This predator, whose bright orange females are slightly larger than the red spider, is characterized by high mobility and the ability to explore even large areas.

The doses are between a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 25 insects, to be launched evenly in the infested area at the first sightings of the parasite.

  • Marseille soap against the red spider

Another natural system in the fight against the red spider is given by natural Marseille soap. To obtain an effective acaricidal solution, dissolve a tablespoon of castile soap, liquid or flakes, in 1 liter of hot water and allow to cool.

Spray twice a week directly on the leaves, preferably during the evening hours.

[btn src = ”" title = "Six flowers to be sown in the garden for biological fight" text = "Your garden will teem with life if, together with the horticultural and aromatic herbs, you also sow bright flowers that attract bees and keep parasites away from our food: here is an example of biological fight" linkurl = " biological-fight / "check =" true "] [/ btn]


The constant use of herbal preparations based on wormwood, tansy and tomato limits the presence and therefore the damage caused by cabbage.

To obtain the decoction of absinthe it will be necessary to macerate 10 g of fresh plant (or 1 g of Artemisia absinthium) in a liter of water for 24 hours, boil for half an hour and filter the liquid.

This repellent can be used up to twice a week with the only precaution of suspending the treatment fifteen days before harvesting.

For the preparation of formulations based on tansy (Tanacetum Vulgare), however, 30-50 grams of fresh plant (or 3 grams of dry leaves) in 1 liter of water will be used.

This preparation is used pure as a preventive throughout the winter until the beginning of spring, taking care to keep it out of the reach of children.

Finally, for the preparation of the tomato extract, 200-300 g of fresh female leaves with a few leaves are used which, after being chopped, must be left to macerate in 2 liters of water for 5 hours.

All these preparations must be sprayed directly on the plants.

[btn src = ”” titolo = ”Cabbage: biological fight with tansy and absinthe” text = ”Vademecum for tackle the seasonal evils of Brassicaceae using wormwood, tansy and tomato as well as the intercropping and distribution of mineral products "linkurl =" "check =" true " ] [/ btn]


We have seen that a good association to defend against cochineal is given by the Nasturtium, a flower rich in antibacterial properties. The general line, remember that to prevent the onset of cryptogams such as powdery mildew, however, it is good to combine garlic, onion and chives and mulch with male fern leaves. Let's look at some good examples in particular:

  • Garlic planted close to the herbs enhances its power to protect crops from fungi and parasites. Mix it with courgettes, beets, tomatoes, lettuce and strawberries.
  • Cabbage can be combined with beets, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, peas, spinach, celery, sage and leeks. Remember that celery, tomato and herbs also drive away the cabbage.
  • The beans will combine with potato, petunia, cabbage, carrot and savory. The latter repels aphids while the petunia repels insects in general.
  • Strawberries should be combined with radishes, chives, lettuce, cabbage and spinach. Chives, in particular, protect them from attacks by mites and Botrytis.
  • Rosaceae are associated with radish, dandelion and comfrey. Garlic, rue and tansy protects them from attacks by various pests while chives repel aphids.
  • Spinach is combined with cabbage, radishes, strawberries and carnation, which has a repellent action against aphids.
  • The courgettes will be combined with onion and basil, which protects them from powdery mildew.

[btn src = ”" title = "Six flowers to be sown in the garden for biological fight" text = "Your garden will teem with life if, together with the horticultural and aromatic herbs, you also sow bright flowers that attract bees and keep parasites away from our food: here is an example of biological fight" linkurl = " biological-fight / "check =" true "] [/ btn]


The hygienic rules designed to contain the spread of viruses are simple but must be applied rigorously.

  • Destroy with fire, with due precautions, all infected material, sterilize the scissors used for pruning and for the collection of flowers and disinfect hands and gloves after topping, tying and transplanting
  • use a cicatrizant at the end of the pruning operations to avoid the spread of fungal diseases.
  • Finally, go for the multiplication of plants by seed and perfectly clean the soils because many parasites and especially fungi find in the waste left on the ground the ideal habitat for proliferating finally disinfect the soils with a good sterilization to be performed with boiling water.


Although in the previous months we have prepared our land for spring activities it is recommended: prepare the drains, clean the garden well from all weeds, dig it before sowing, turn the compost heaps, bury the fertilizer and use the green manure technique for sowing in the open field.

In March we will also be able to transplant in protected crops: cucumber, watermelon, melon and vegetables such as aubergine, courgette, tomato and pepper and in the open air potato, garlic, onion, shallot and lettuce.

Finally, remember that at the beginning of spring and in the first period after transplanting the plant needs little water and only afterwards it will be necessary to provide a good irrigation.

To this end and in compliance with always sustainable agriculture, it would therefore be advisable to ensure the recovery of rainwater.

Cochineal Decis

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. However, there are some recognizable symptoms to understand if the cochineal has attacked the .. The cochineal or coccoidea (Rhynchota Homoptera), or improperly coccidia, is a phytophagous insect which, with its powerful mouthparts, feeds on the sap of the plants until it completely decays. leaves, flowers, fruits and roots. General characteristics of the cochineal How to recognize the male cochineal from the female cochineal Cochineal: a really dangerous parasite The cochineal is a close relative of aphids. In nature there are about 7,000 different species, all belonging to the Rhynchota family. This insect mainly reproduces sexually through the production of eggs and feeds on the sap of plants. Parasites commonly referred to as cochineal are many, some dozen, of various sizes, from a few millimeters to half a centimeter or more. Generally colonize in large numbers the young parts of the plants, the shoots and the leaves there are also species that infest the roots, causing serious damage to the plants DECIS EVO pyrethroid insecticide bayer acts by contact and ingestion, it is therefore necessary to perform a very careful treatment by wetting all vegetation as evenly as possible. In the event that the vegetation is difficult to wet, the addition of a bather is recommended

Last week we talked about how to recognize the cottony cochineal: it is a fairly common parasite during the summer, the unwanted host that every gardener has had to deal with at least once .. We talked about the life cycle of the parasite and also understood how to recognize an infestation, both by the radical and by the greenhouse type. The best offers for METEOR DECIS INSECTICIDE WIDE SPECTRUM COCHINIGLIA AFIDS LARVE ml 10 30 60 200 are on eBay Compare prices and characteristics of new and used products Many items with free delivery., Insecticides, Plant protection, from BAYER, decis jet Characteristics Pyrethroid insecticide based on Deltamethrin which combines the excellent killing effect and rapidity of action on various insects to a br ..

The Cochineal, like the aphids, belongs to the family of the rincoti.It is a parasitic insect typically whitish in color, slightly convex, covered by an abundant waxy secretion and surrounded by digitiform extensions. It attacks various fruit trees, shrubs and flowering plants, invading branches and leaves in their most sheltered part, typically. . When we clean a plant from the cochineal we try to remove it completely, checking in particular in the dark and devoid of aeration areas, such as the leaf axils or the center of the rosettes of leaves, as there are probably eggs deposited

Dissolve a good dose of Marseille soap in water. Transfer the soapy solution to a spray bottle. Spray the soapy solution on the mealybugs. Put on a pair of gloves and remove the mealybugs. The soap emulsion will make it easier to remove the scale insects. adama INSECTICIDE COCHINIGLIA Dusty White Oil EMULSIONED KOLLANT 500ml. 4.4 out of 5 stars 77. € 9.00 € 9.00 € 9.99 € 9.99. Get it by Monday, July 20. FREE Shipping on Your First Order Fulfilled by Amazon. Additional Purchase Options The Parasite. The term cochineal actually designates some parasites with a similar shape, which cause similar damage.These are generally small parasites, which attack the stems or the leaf blade, from which they suck the sap, causing wounds through which bacteria can penetrate , and which sometimes leave perennial scars even when the parasite comes. The anti-cochineal treatment (one of the most common plant parasites) must be repeated three times after 10 days, if necessary in combination with a pyrethrum-based insecticide. The cochineal spreads more in the presence of hot and dry climate is a very small insect, basically white in color. The cochineals - scientific name Coccoidea - are a superfamily of phytophagous insects of the order of the Rhynchota. The common name derives from the Spanish land pig adaptation, given the ..

Cochineal is a dye obtained from the insect of the same name belonging to the coccoidea family, in particular from females of the species Dactylopius, Dactylopius coccus and of the species Kermes vermilio. Carminic acid, which is the colored molecule, can also be extracted from modified bacteria for this purpose. Description. The insect secretes a very thick and intensely liquid. Mealy cochineal: it prefers above all ornamental plants, vines, figs and citrus fruits. It always has a white back and many small paws that are useful for moving quickly Insecticides Decis ® Evo Melo, Pear Aphids, Psylla (Wintering adults), S. Josè's Cochineal, Embroiderers' Tortricicides, Carpocapsa, Phyllominatory Microlepidoptera, Fruit Fly , Asian bedbug 30-50 (0.3-0.7 L / ha) Consult the product label. 7 Eastern Fly 50 (0.7 L / ha) Peach, Apricot, Plum, Cherry Aphids, Cochineals. Common names: Cotton scale of the vine, Mealy scale of the vine, Mealy scale of the fig, Mealy scale of the fig. It mainly attacks the vine and the fig tree. Planococcus vovae. Common names: cottony juniper cochineal. Attacks several Cupressaceae, including Juniperus, Thuja, Chamaecyparis and Cupressocyparis Oleosan Plus polyvalent insecticide Anti cochineal aphids bedbugs 750 ml. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 100. € 12.14. € 12.14. Get it by Tomorrow, Dec 22. FREE Shipping on your first order Fulfilled by Amazon. It arrives before Christmas

Decis Online Shopping on eBa

  1. eral for aphids and cochineal. Neem oil for aphids and cochineal. Like eli
  2. and adults of Planococcus citri have a length of 2,5-4 mm and a width of 2-3 mm. Seen dorsally, they have an oval shape and are soft and covered with a fine waxy material
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  4. The cottony cochineal does not attack all plant species, but only woody ones. It is frequently found in citrus fruits, where we witness the devastation of entire crops. 11.11 Big promotion! 100 pcs / lot rare colorful Hymenoptera seeds flower tree chinese bonsai seed home garden and organic herb plant 1
  • Decis 25 WG, 600 g is a Bayer with Deltamethrin, and effect on bees and and Not suitable for organic crops, against aphids, San Jose scale, potato darifora, grape berry moth, cabbage moth, twirler moth, wheat beetle, worms of
  • are the cochineal from citrus fruits: we ask our citrus expert, Maurizio Lenzi, directly from his nursery full of many varieties ..
  • Decis Jet Bayer: Find out what it is for, why to use it, which dosages to respect according to the type of use. Prices, data sheet and a.
  • Insecticide - Decis Jet Bayer, insecticide with killing effect that acts on insects that usually attack the vegetation inside a garden such as whiteflies, aphids, doriferae and many others
  • DECIS JET is an insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion, with a broad spectrum of activity against harmful insects. Equipped with a rapid initial action, it allows a sufficiently long-lasting protection of the plants with a great safety of use. METHOD OF EMPLOYMENT
  • Bayer Decis Jet 15 EW HOBBY PFnPE - Garden insecticide aphids lepidoptera 10/50/250/500 M
  • CAS 97862-82-3. 95-96% 80%. FORMULATION. Liquid Concentrated Emulsifiable. PACKAGES. 500 ml bottles. Class: NOT CLASSIFIED CHARACTERISTICS

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Decis Jet Insecticide Bayer: Price, Technical Sheet

Decis Evo is the pyrethroid insecticide based on Deltamethrin registered on more than 100 crops. Thanks to the low solvent content formulation and their qualitative improvement, it guarantees a very high safety profile and maximum levels of efficacy in pest control. The emulsion in water provides a greater affinity between active substance, plant tissues and. Broad spectrum insecticide A first treatment consists in preparing a decoction based on garlic. For the preparation, boil two heads of garlic in a liter of water then let it cool and filter the mixture. Once ready, sprinkle the mixture on the plant. In doing so we will also fight the rose cochineal. Biological fight Decis 15 EW Hobby PFnPE. Insecticide with a new formulation that combines an excellent killing effect with rapidity of action and a short interval of deficiency. Closer PFnPE. New systemic insecticide for the effective control of aphids, scale insects and whiteflies

Description. The American Chrysolina known to most as Rosemary Chrysolina, is a beetle belonging to the Chrysomelidae family. It is native to Europe in particular from the Mediterranean area, although the American name could be misleading We are Open and Operative. local_shipping Fast delivery. sync Right of Withdrawal. stars Certified Original Products. verified_user International Warranty 24 months. payment Payments Safe at 100 Closer for the defense of horticultural crops. The opinion of Sicilian growers who have tried it Effective in the control of aphids and whiteflies, Closer is a solution that meets the producer's expectations of effectiveness, respecting the environment and beneficial insects. Closer allows growers to have a healthy product and to satisfy the re Closer in defense of the apple tree

The Cochineal has not acclimatized in our environments while its host plant has spread widely, becoming one of the most characteristic elements of the Sicilian landscape. The thorny berries, white, yellow or red, of the three cultivated varieties, once destined mainly for local markets, are now increasingly popular also in international markets. Decis Evo is a pyrethroid insecticide based on deltamethrin. Thanks to a reduction in solvents and their qualitative improvement, it guarantees a very high product safety profile and maximum levels of efficacy in the control of parasites. Main benefits. The emulsify

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When the cochineal has formed the shield, no contact insecticide can be active if not combined with white oil. You will notice the effectiveness of the treatment when, by slightly scraping the insect, it detaches easily and the naeanides are not visible inside the shield Decis Evo is the new pyrethroid insecticide based on deltamethrin produced through an original and patented process registered on a large number of crops, it is active against numerous parasites both alone and in mixed infestation. Thanks to the innovative formulation with reduced solvent content, excellent decis evo conjugate without a license, 250ml bottle, recommended for those who do not have a license.

Easily recognizable due to the conformation of its shield, the half-grain peppercorn cochineal is a widespread parasite that in spring and summer can cause significant damage to the olive tree and other crops. In this guide we explain how to identify its presence and which treatments to perform to eradicate it Cochineal half a peppercorn (Saissetia oleae) 50 ml / hl (500-700 ml / ha) in 1000-1400 l / ha of water: Maximum 1 treatment per season. Olive tree (7 days) Euphyllura sp. 30-50 ml / hl (300-700 ml / ha) in 1000-1400 l / ha of water: Maximum 1 treatment per season. Olive tree (7 days) Moth (Prays oleae Actually I thought of giving it for irrigation, in order to eliminate even the cochineal that may have nestled in the bark. I thought of putting them in a basin, watering them with rain and keeping them soaking for a few minutes with the whole pot in the water with the confidor Besides being very useful in the relentless fight against the cochineal, in fact, the soap dissolved in the water can be used to clean the affected parts. In case of vigorous attacks, you can also equip yourself with a brush. in addition, copper-based products are essential In fact, I don't think we are the only ones who give it in a preventive way and like when you give an efungicide before you take a fungus or cmq you give a medicine like green copper without the plant bearing the signs of any disease and I think everyone does it in my lemon in spring I put some tablets in the anti cochineal soil because in that period if I don't put them they invade my.

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Time of shortage. garlic, onion, leek, celery leaves, potato, brussels sprouts, carrot, olive oil, cherry and plum: 7 days cotton, alfalfa: 15 days citrus, almond, wheat, sugar beet: 30 days. Other crops: 3 days What are the products whose use is allowed in organic farming? Today we will try to give an exhaustive answer to this question. In this article we will in fact talk about the organic products that the European reference legislation allows to use. These are mostly pesticides or products that enhance the natural defenses of plants. When you want to grow a plant, it is a good idea to be ready for any eventuality. Even the treatment of diseases, in this case the diseases of the peach tree, is part of the sphere of agricultural-agronomic practices to be taken into account in every fruit orchard. Knowing the diseases of the peach tree means knowing how to recognize the symptoms, the needs and possibly also the treatments to be made to. The olive fly remains, the treatments with dimethoate do not. After the revocation of the reference chemical insecticide due to the effective larvicidal activity against Bactrocera oleae, the defense strategy is in the full phase of readjustment .. In fact, after Reg. 2019/1090, with which the European Commission has banned the use of dimethoate-based products since 31.

VITHAL CUPRITAL SDI is a liquid fungicide based on tribasic copper sulphate. It protects fruit, horticultural and ornamental plants from the most important fungal and bacterial diseases. The liquid formulation, in addition to being easier to dose, is characterized by a superior fineness of the particles that give the product an excellent covering power which allows it. cochineal . It is white powder coating of very harmful insect color. These pests feed on juice leaves and flower stems. An indication of the appearance of the pest is vatoobraznyy cera on the leaves and central points. For their destruction use a soap or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. The scale insects are very dangerous insects in agriculture. Being phytophagous, they live at the expense of the plants they come into contact with, causing damage to plants. Citrus fruits are no exception Find the insecticide product against the miner butterfly easily among 25 products of the main brands (Bayer-Agri, Cheminova Agro France, ADAMA USA,) on AgriExpo, the site specialized in agricultural machinery and equipment for buyers in the sector

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Description. Boxwood borer insecticide, ready to use with high systemic action, for ornamental flowering or green plants grown both indoors, balconies and in the home garden. It is able to protect the entire plant, including the new sprouts, for a period of 3-4 weeks. The Mariana Trench is the deepest known oceanic depression in the world. Challenger Abyss, and is located about 10 994 meters below sea level.It is located northwest in the Pacific Ocean and east of the Mariana Islands, specifically at 11 ° 21 ′ north latitude and 142 ° 12 ′ east of longitude, between Japan, the Philippines and. cottony cochineal Showing 1-4 of 4 messages. cottony cochineal: adriana: 5/21/12 3:15 AM: Agrumol) to which you added the confidor / decis, an insecticide in short. And sprinkle the plant finely with the nebulizer. The female scale insects are responsible for those shields and are Closer PFnPE The new systemic and contact insecticide. Where to buy Closer PFnPE is the new generation systemic insecticide for the effective control of biting-sucking insects aphids, mealybugs and whiteflies

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Decis protect ew ml.500 Free Sale against olive fly and fruit fly. Insecticide, for horticultural, fruit, vine, olive and citrus trees, floricultural and ornamental plants. Oil in water emulsion. Potassium Soap kg 12 SBS 200 K plus Organic cochineal and honeydew cochineal and cottony cochineal on chilli There are different types of cochineal especially based on the shape: floury, comma, root, cottony and scudetto. They grow in slightly humid, warm and poorly ventilated environments, but especially on fertilized plants with a high nitrogen content

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Dehydrated garlic 250 gr is an excellent natural insecticide against cochineal and spider eggs. Chemical treatment: 1000ml mineral oil softens the cochineal shields favoring the effectiveness of insecticides. Decis protect 70 ml polyvalent insecticide against cochineals and aphids What is a cochineal. Characteristics of a harmful insect: the size of the parasite is modest - from 3 to 6 mm the soft-bodied insect has no wings, the adult individual moves slowly enough the body is covered with a powdery coating of cloudy white color, which prevents moisture loss

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From the Asian bug to the turtle cochineal: the fight against 'alien' plant parasites by Cristina Nadott It is full of cochineal, do a treatment with white oil and confidor mixed together, or a product specifically anti cochineal, then keep in the shade for a few day (oil and sun would burn the leaves). However, review the cultivation, if a juniper is so infested the plant is weak, you can see that you have a low vigor

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  1. Insecticides and plant care products: we work every day to guarantee the best products at the right price. Explore our range of 55 products: you will find a wide choice of brands and references on offer. Discover the products available in the store or buy online with delivery to your home
  2. METEOR Insecticide 250 ml deltamethrin 1,51% EX DECIS JET 23,00 € VAT included SKU: 1731 Categories: Free Sale Pesticides / Insecticides and Acaricides, Insecticides and Acaricides
  3. The impact of infestations depends on the species of cochineal, plant species, environmental factors, and natural enemies. Often, however, even large populations of some species do not harm the plants. Some species of scale insects. they excrete honeydew, a sweet, sticky liquid produced by insects that ingest large amounts of.
  4. For the decision I don't know. Diazinone, chlorifos m. which is not specifically indicated in the package for the cochineal, but it gives you protection against several beasts (it is a systemic, but it also works for contact eg aphids) !.
  5. ime I have always solved the problem, a little worse is with the cochineal, white fly etc.
  6. Actinidia against white cochineal: 5 l / hl with interventions during the vegetative rest (at most within the enlarged bud phase) Caco, Fig, Currant, Walnut, Hazel against cochineals, leafhoppers, bedbugs, eriofidi, psilla, metcalfa, aphids, eggs of moths, mites: 5-6 l / hl with interventions during vegetative rest (at most within the enlarged bud phase
  7. DECIS BLU is an insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion, with a broad spectrum of activity against harmful insects. 35-60 ml, S. Jose 'cochineal 60-90 ml (in summer treatments against mobile nymphs). Against carpocapsa 35 ml, cidia and anarsia 60-80 ml, capua, cacoecia and other tortricides 35-60 ml

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  1. METEOR Insecticide. Characteristics Formulation: concentrated suspension Registration number: 10976 dated 12/07/2001 Composition of tamethrin 1.51% (= 15.70 g / L) Citrus Aphids, Fly, Aleurodidae, Cochineals 70-87 30 days 1 Fruit trees (Apple, Pear , Apricot, Peach, Cherry, Plum) Cochineal of San Josè (summer nymphs), Psilla, Cidia, Anarsia Carpocapsa Capua, Cacoecia, Microlepidoptera.
  2. Hello. I would like to suggest an excellent remedy against cochineal and plant aphids, that is the garlic macerate. It is an easy and cheap remedy: take two or three cloves of garlic and immerse them in about a liter and a half of water in a basin, let them macerate for three or four days until you feel a strong smell after which pour the macerated obtained by putting it.
  3. Having said that, excluding the fungal diseases that I generally treat with copper and sulfur, the most frequent problems that I find myself having to solve, so I ask for a substitute for Decis quick, both on citrus fruits and on ornamental ones are: cochineal (which also attracts many ants) aphids and whitefly, only on roses also red spider mites
  4. VITHAL EPIK SL PFnPE. Practical systemic insecticide to be dosed for its liquid formulation. It acts on the most important plant insects, also protecting the vegetation that develops after the treatment. It stands out for its high efficacy against particularly feared parasites or those recently introduced in Italy to protect.
  5. Aphids are very small insects commonly known as lice, ranging in color from light green to brown. They live in colonies, preferably on the underside of the leaves, and feed on phloem juices, pricking the plant with their stinging and sucking mouthparts
  6. The most common tomato diseases and their treatments. Tomato is one of the largest cultivated vegetables, above all because it does not require special soils and can also grow in pots, displayed on a terrace or balcony. This type of vegetable, if grown properly, gives a lot of satisfaction, even if it must be observed.

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  1. In any park or garden you should be careful of bushes and hedges, and take care of the box borer.In recent seasons the boxwood caterpillar has caused severe damage and, in some cases, the plants have died. Boxwood diseases require specialization, the fight must be planned in time. We should carry out the care of the box hedge with biological treatments
  2. and are responsible for those badges and are Search results for 'cochineal' (newsgroup and mailinglist) 9 answers Ivy and cochineal
  3. OLIVE (from oil and table): against the olive fly, olive moth, cochineal m. g. of pepper, Thrips: 80-90 ml / hl (Olive oil 3 treatments every 14 days) VEGETABLES in the field (and greenhouse where specified): - ARTICHOKE, INFIORESCENCE CABBAGE (broccoli and cauliflower), C. CAPPUCCIO, CUCUMBER (in camp
  4. eral, very refined, with a high degree of unsulfonability (95 °)

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Half peppercorn cochineal on oleander The half peppercorn cochineal or Saissetia oleae is a common coccidae in the Mediterranean area, even if in Italy it has colonized all the parallel regions by now it is necessary to control the peach cidia and / or other phytophages (cochineal , embroiderers). It is obvious that if we come out of the first generation clean and without high levels of infestation, we will be able to face the second part of the season with greater tranquility without loosening our grip and monitoring the pest regularly, with pheromone traps and observations on the fruits Fight against parasites: how to fight red spider mites, cochineals, aphids. Spring, in these months even the parasites wake up and begin to proliferate: terraces and gardens must be kept under control. The most common are aphids, which form large colonies on the leaves, on the youngest shoots

Share on facebook by clicking here and unlock the discount code SOCIAL10 - 10% discount to use at the checkout. On this page we will list all the possible pathologies of our chili plants, including pests and diseases, photos, description and how to solve the problem. From the leaves we can understand the general state of our plants. Carmona and cochineal. Message to read by asaddd85 »Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:47 am Hello everyone, I have a Carmona for 4 years now, it is quite well apart from a problem that has afflicted it for a long time: the white cochineal

Aphids and cochineal on Heliamphora-Cephalotus-Drosera. OFF LINE messages. Mr Ardashir. Post: 442. Registered on: 03/14/2010. Gender: Male. Cephalotus member. 0 0 08/20/2010 10:35. Hi, this morning I was wondering what to do if aphids and cochineal infest Heliamphore, cephalotus and sundew DECIS JET etc. infestation perform the intervention, during the migration of the nymphs from the leaves to the branches, ensuring complete coverage of the treated DECIS EVO poles. MARGARONIA. COCHINEAL. OLIOCIN DECIS EVO. MOSCOW. DECIS EVO CONFIDOR O-TEQ. Vegetative recovery. Pre flowering. Flowering. Fruit set. Fruit growth. Veraison. Maturation

Treatment calendar of stone fruit (peach-apricot-cherry) Peach bubble Cydia Aphids cochineal Powdery mildew and scab January oxychloride rizobat soy oil February Syllit or ekoprop March syllit or ekoprop Rizobat Tioflor April syllit o .. Olive moth Phytopathology and cultivation. Registered since: Sat Apr 201

Decis Jet - Provado - Pershing - Skorpio. Adversity: Cochineal (Hemiptera) Description: Characteristic of cochineals is the secretion of various substances with which they cover the body (shields) insecticide against aphids. Easy to use RTU that provides systemic control of black spots, rust and powdery mildew on roses. -Kills aphids, caterpillars, thrips, worms and mites on roses and ornamental plants -Ready to use, Compare with other products Remove La Piralide del Bosso. C ydalima perspectalis. Current situation: In these days there is the presence of young larvae of medium size (3 cm) which represent the forms that have spent the winter in shelters created by them within the vegetation. on cooler days they still remain sheltered inside the shelters, while with the rising temperature.

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