What remedy to take of the holes of Bach

What remedy to take of the holes of Bach


Which Bach flower remedy should you take

Brief summary scheme to illustrate the most suitable type of remedy based on the pathology:

AGRIMONY (agrimony), for those who hide their concerns, whatever they may be, behind a mask of humor and cheerfulness;

ASPEN, (poplar) for those who are afraid of what they do not know, of things that are vague, indistinct and without any apparent reason;

BEECH (beech), for those who are intolerant;

CENTAURY (minor centaury), for those unable to say no, they lack willpower;

WAXED (lead), for those who do not have confidence in themselves and in their decisions;

CHERRY PLUM (plum), for those who are afraid of losing control, reason;

CHESTNUT BUD (white chestnut gem), for those who always repeat the same mistakes and do not want to learn from their mistakes;

CHICORY (chicory), for those who are possessive and selfish;

CLEMATIS (vitalba), for those who daydream and plan the future without building anything in the present;

CRAB APPLE (wild apple), for those who are disgusted with themselves and their body and mind;

ELM (English elm), for those who feel overwhelmed by responsibilities;

GENTIAN (autumn gentian), for those who indulge in pessimism and get discouraged after a failure:

GORSE (gorse), for those who feel desperation and have lost all hope;

HEATHER (heather oerica), for those who hate loneliness and self-centered and only talk about themselves;

HOLLY (holly), for those who feel hatred, envy and jealousy towards others;

HONEYSUCKLE (honeysuckle), for those who take refuge in the nostalgia of the past;

HORNBEAM (hornbeam), for those who have a tendency to postpone commitments and feel tired, weak just at the thought of doing something;

IMPATIENS (balsam), for those who are impatient;

LARCH (larch), for those who are afraid of failing and have no self-confidence;

MIMULUS (yellow mimolo), for those who are afraid of something material;

MUSTARD (wild mustard), for those who are sad and melancholy without a specific reason;

OAK (oak), for those who go beyond their strength;

OLIVE (olive tree), for those who are completely exhausted due to mental or physical effort;

PINE (Scots pine), for those who tend to feel guilty;

RED CHESTNUT (red horse chestnut), for those who worry excessively for loved ones;

ROCK ROSE (eliantemo), for those who feel terror and panic;

ROCK WATER (spring water), for those who self-repress, deny themselves, self-repress;

SCLERANTHUS (fiorsecco, scleranto or centigrani), for indecisive people who never manage to choose between different alternatives;

STAR OF BETHLEHEM (ornithogal or hen's milk), for those who have suffered physical or mental shocks;

SWEET CHESTNUT (sweet chestnut), for those who feel great anguish after trying everything and see no way out;

VERVAIN (verbena), for those who are excessively carried away by enthusiasm;

VINE (vine), for those who tend to dominate and are inflexible;

WALNUT (walnut), for those who have to face changes in their life (for example puberty, menopause, transfers, bereavement, divorce, etc.) and for those who are afraid of being the victim of a curse;

WATER VIOLET (water violet), for those who are proud and tend to be alone;

WHITE CHESTNUT (white horse chestnut), for those who have unwanted thoughts and are constantly thinking and discussing among themselves;

WILD OAT (forasacco or wild oats), for those who are not happy with the path they have taken in life;

WILDE ROSE (dog rose), for those who abandon themselves to apathy and resignation;

WILLOW (yellow willow), for those who pity themselves and resent themselves.

To Bach's 38 traditional remedies it is necessary to add:

RESCUE REMEDY (emergency remedy), a mixture of flowers to solve unexpected and emergency situations
(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

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