Examples of the use of forged furniture in the garden: how to add sophistication to your summer cottage

Examples of the use of forged furniture in the garden: how to add sophistication to your summer cottage

Choosing garden furniture is not as easy as it sounds. Traditional wickerwork is not very durable. Willow vine and rattan are afraid of excess moisture. Removing furniture from the garden to the house every night is not a very pleasant experience. What if it will rain at night? Wooden structures treated with special solutions and varnishes are much more resistant to dampness, but their coating will have to be periodically renewed. Plastic products perfectly resist all manifestations of bad weather. But from the point of view of aesthetics, plastic things are losing. On the other hand, forged furniture is able to match any landscape and has many other advantages.

Why is metal furniture good?

Agree that graceful metal products, similar to sparkling lace, look truly aristocratic.

Agree that such furniture can decorate any interior. But she, to all her merits, is also durable

The forged headset looks decent, if not exquisite. You can not be afraid to leave it even in the rain. But it's better to remove such beauty for the winter.

What other advantages does wrought iron garden furniture have?

  • If you cover such a product with special anti-corrosion compounds, you can not hide it from rain or snow. The vagaries of the weather will not be afraid of him. However, with the onset of winter, it is best to send furniture to a dry room. Indeed, outdoor gatherings are not that frequent at this time of year.
  • Pets will not gnaw metal structures, and small children are unlikely to be able to inflict any significant damage on them.
  • Special care is also not needed, and we periodically wipe any thing from dust and moisture, such care cannot be considered special and difficult.
  • Versatility is one of the main advantages of metal products. Any landscape stylization perfectly perceives wrought iron furniture. She will find a place in European, Scandinavian, Arabic or even Caucasian interiors.
  • A well-made metal set is extremely durable. Once acquired by the owner of the garden, it will delight not only his children, but even grandchildren.

Those who still doubt in favor of which products to make their choice, it is enough to invite to the salon, which presents a variety of forged furniture, and there is no need to doubt the results of his thoughts. We invite you to draw conclusions by watching this video.

What exactly can you decorate your garden with?

Metal is plastic, furniture made of it is capable of embodying any fantasies of the master who created it, or of the customer who dreamed of a special set.

Imagine such a hammock bed not in the room, but right in the garden. A thin canopy-veil, which is able to protect the sleeping person from annoying insects, will also come in handy.

Nominee # 1 - bench for relaxation and contemplation

At the sight of a wrought-iron bench, one involuntarily recalls Pushkin, the fruitful Boldinskaya autumn, an autumn leaf nestled on a bent armrest. Products made entirely of metal compete in beauty only with garden benches, in which metal and wood are successfully combined with each other.

The design of such a bench is durable and reliable. Moreover, it becomes a real decoration of any garden. It's nice to sit on it after work, and just dreaming, sitting on such a bench is a pleasure. However, why sitting? The bench, in its dimensions, allows you to lie down on it. And, best of all, you can use it absolutely regardless of your own build.

It is not surprising that a poet, sitting on such a bench, will come up with the brightest thoughts that he can translate into works of art.

Forged benches can look very different. The top photo shows a sunny and life-affirming product, and the bottom photo is brutal, as if from a saga about vampires and werewolves

By the way, if you still decide to make the benches yourself, then we have excellent instructions: * Do-it-yourself garden bench for a summer residence: six projects for every taste *.

Nominee # 2 - chairs and tables, dining sets

Are you going to decorate a gazebo, veranda or outdoor terrace in an oriental, European, Asian or Caucasian style? Or maybe you prefer baroque or hi-tech? In any case, there is a suitable forged set for you. Even a laconic ornament or intricate ligature of a drawing can convey style features, and we imperceptibly plunge into the interior that we have always dreamed of having.

The furniture is already built into the gazebo, decorated with vines. As you can see, it goes well with the surrounding landscape and, for sure, the guests, finding themselves in such a cozy place, will be satisfied

If you think wrought iron chairs might feel too stiff, simply use removable cushions of the right amount of elasticity as overhead seating for your chairs. Such chairs and armchairs will delight you with the comfort and special elegance of products that only people of two professions can create: glass blowers and metal artists.

A very comfortable veranda suite allows guests to stay in maximum comfort. The peripheral part of the tabletop rotates, and the central part of the table is stationary, which helps to serve it

Particular attention should be paid to the table. Whether it is a small magazine option or a full-fledged massive product that can decorate your dining room, the wrought iron table will not look bulky. Durability combined with openwork is a distinctive feature of garden and country furniture, forged from high quality steel.

The forged leg of the coffee table looks especially impressive in combination with the glass surface of the table top. Despite the apparent fragility and weightlessness, it is a stable and durable thing.

Nominee # 3 - Rocking Chair Relaxation

Swaying or just relaxing in such an armchair is extremely pleasant. You can relax blissfully without worrying about whether this thing will break under your weight. This rocking chair is really comfortable, practical and, thanks to the artistic forging, has a great look. It is important to choose a thing made of high quality steel and with a reliable coating, then it will be almost eternal. Do not hesitate, you will not get tired of exploiting it.

These rocking chairs are very different. Which one did you like best? Probably the answer depends on what kind of interior you are trying to create at your dacha

Nominee # 4 - openwork swing

The hanging swing chair is an unusual fruit of design thought that many have liked. Like an outlandish flower or ripe fruit, such a piece of furniture can hang right in your garden. Its smooth and clear lines delight, and the play of light in metal weaves soothes and inspires. If necessary, this seat can act as a cradle for a child.

But not only a swing chair, but also traditional swing, more familiar to us, is made of forged metal. When choosing such a structure, it is very important to make sure that it is safe, especially if children will use it. The structure should not have sharp corners, the surface of its seat and back should be flat. The swing itself is stable.

Where the strength of the metal comes in handy is when using such a bassinet chair. Truly exclusive design sophistication

Such a swing is quite traditional. It is convenient to swing in them both alone and in a campaign. It is only important to make sure in advance of their stability.

Little tricks of a good choice

It is always nice if a person is happy with his purchase both a year later and a few years after its completion.

Such things have no age. The upholstery can always be replaced, and the headset itself will look both in place and in time in any era

True fans of forged products are not going to stop there. The next step is a wonderful car, which can also be decorated with artistic forging

What you should pay attention to to make your choice of forged furniture happy, we will now tell you:

  • Pay attention to the flat thrust bearings that metal furniture should have if the headset is to be on a veranda or terrace. This will help prevent damage to the flooring.
  • Still, such furniture is recommended for outdoor use. The reason for this is the large weight of forged products, which are usually made of low-carbon steel.
  • When caring for such interior items, abrasives must not be used: they can leave scratches.
  • A special varnish is something that can be used to coat the metal if desired. It is important to choose a suitable one so that it does not crack from changing temperature conditions.
  • When combining metal with wood or fabric in a thing, care is carried out taking into account the characteristics of these materials.

Forged furniture, unsurpassed in originality and beauty, gives your garden a special charm. Your home becomes truly unique.

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Experts told what trends in the design of suburban real estate appeared this year

The quarantine, introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic, made summer cottages the most desired and popular real estate this year. The owners of country houses began urgently to put them in order - to reconstruct, complete, insulate and decorate.

The designer, decorator and architect talked about the trends that became popular in 2020 in country development and suburban housing interiors.

"It is worth giving up curtains with a beautiful view from the window"

Irina Dymova, interior designer, board member of ADDI:

- One of the main trends in the decoration of the interior of a country house today is large windows or panoramic glazing, thanks to which you can admire the garden. It is worth giving up curtains with a beautiful view from the window. In order to make the dacha truly fashionable, it is necessary to integrate the exteriors into the interior - these are trees in tubs, hammocks, stumps instead of bedside tables, firewood as decoration for showcases. At the same time, in decoration and furniture, one should give preference to environmentally friendly materials - wood and stone. Say no to plastic, laminate and imitation. Another trend is a real live fire in the house, which can be presented in the form of a stove or fireplace. And of course, you cannot do without open or glazed terraces, which today are becoming one of the main places in the country.

In addition to the main house, there are pavilions for relaxation and hobby in the garden, as well as habitable greenhouses. In 2020, libraries are increasingly appearing in country cottages, and summer residents are trying to observe infodetox, preferring fishing, fires with barbecue, taking care of the garden, collecting herbarium or simply contemplating nature.

"The trend of minimalism is spreading more and more"

Olga Kondratova, director of Olga Kondratova's Interior Design Studio:

- This year there are positive changes in suburban real estate. The realization of the fact that three-story mansions with basements are expensive, difficult and unnecessary began to take root. I would like to get the opportunity to relax in nature right now, and not in ten years, when the children have already grown up and playrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms are no longer needed by anyone. More and more attention is paid to single-storey houses of the Scandinavian type. The area is reduced, finishes are simplified. The urge to run up stairs with laundry baskets disappears. The number of guest bedrooms, guest houses and guest bathrooms has decreased. Residents of the cities remembered the inherited dachas, the houses began to be put in order, restored, and not demolished clean.

Interest is returning to history, to the natural texture of wood in the interiors of country houses, to authentic household items and to “simple life” in general. The aesthetics of the pre-revolutionary and Soviet professors' dacha became popular again. In this regard, the experience of our Scandinavian neighbors is extremely useful, who for 200 years have been maintaining their country houses with glazed verandas in an almost pristine state. The minimalist trend is spreading more and more.It turns out that for a pleasant life in the country you need very little - tea, a blanket and a good view. The trend towards sophisticated technical equipment, screens and projectors is disappearing, the “Smart Home” system is being replaced by ordinary bulbs. The trend is moving further towards large kitchens that are difficult to clean. The plots are gradually becoming more spacious, unnecessary outbuildings disappear. In general, the trend of meaningful consumption is finally coming to Russia.

"The surge in demand for summer cottages will definitely accelerate the development of private modular development"

Mikhail Belyakov, head of the architectural bureau Noor Architects:

- In recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of modular construction of suburban housing. The epidemic could further increase the demand for low-cost, prefabricated homes. Such objects are built according to the principle of a designer, the parts of which are pre-produced in the factory, and then brought to the site in finished form. Such a house is mounted on a foundation made in advance, and in some cases it is installed without it, on a previously prepared site. The assembly cycle of the structure takes from one week, and the prices for the modules are quite affordable in comparison with classical housing construction. An important advantage is that houses built using this technology can be operated even in a harsh climate, for example, in the northern regions. The only drawback in this case is that modular buildings cannot be higher than two floors. But for inexpensive suburban construction, this will not be a big problem.

The layouts of premises in prefabricated country houses depend on the size and shape of the assembly panels, and the height of the ceilings depends on the dimensions of the freight transport transporting the parts. All this makes such technologies extremely promising and easily adaptable to changing market conditions. The surge in demand for summer cottages is unambiguously accelerating the development of private modular development. Do not forget about simplifying access to information about architecture, technology, and design. Today, it is much easier for people planning to build a country house to understand trends and proposals, to understand which solutions are suitable for them in terms of appearance, budget volume, and construction time.

“There is a steady movement in the minds of consumers and the consolidation of the aesthetics of Northern Europe”

Sergey Petrov, designer and head of Design Bureau No. 1:

- In 2020, there was a global crisis that could be stronger than the financial crash of 2008. We assume that people will try to further reduce budgets, find interesting applications for inexpensive natural materials in high-profile interiors and, of course, apply new technologies - 3D printing of houses, modern materials (for example, graphene), switch to solar energy, look for new functions. at home - for example, renting out several rooms on Airbnb, which is no longer a rarity in European tourist cities. A feature of Russian architecture and interior design is the search for its own identity, its own aesthetics and paradigm in world architecture and design. But the search results were crowned with only small successes, which did not become a trend. At the everyday level in the minds of consumers there is a steady movement and consolidation of the aesthetics of Northern Europe - Scandinavian interiors are in the first place in Yandex's search among all styles and trends. Because there was an understanding that the climate is of great importance in architecture and interiors - the number of sunny days per year, daylight hours, the average annual outdoor temperature. It makes no sense to copy the architecture and interiors of Southern Europe, for example Italy, France.

Aerobatics today is the creation of a minimalistic interior using budget materials so that the atmosphere in it is like in expensive neoclassical interiors. Large windows are a growing trend. The understanding came that there is little sun, and nature as a part of the interior is better than perfectly flat walls for painting. Landscaping, as is clear from the point above, is a continuation of the interior of your home, so the work should be done in a complex. Landscaping is one of the fastest growing market segments with a clear shortage of quality performers. Simple, minimalistic, but proportionally and compositionally accurate to the ideal forms of facades and a departure from classical elements. Precisely dosed black color, effectively emphasizing the beauty of the open texture of larch, pine, aspen, the wood of which prevails in the decoration of facades, and stucco, columns, stucco friezes are going out of use.

The interiors also have less and less classical architectural elements or their complete absence - cornices on the ceiling and stucco moldings on the walls, classic fireplaces and stairs, inlaid parquet. Classical elements, such as chandeliers, furniture, panels, paintings, are present, but more and more locally and fragmentarily - they no longer set the style, but set off and “comfort” the trendy empty spaces and open brutal materials.

Do-it-yourself beautiful flower beds in the country

With the onset of spring, not only nature awakens, but also summer residents, owners of country and private houses have an irresistible desire to decorate their possessions, to create an atmosphere of beauty and comfort in them. After a noisy dusty city with a gassed atmosphere, it is good to be on a forest island, breathe in the sweet floral scent, lie on a soft green carpet of lawn, plunge into the transparent blue of the pool, meet the dawn in the gazebo, entwined with strange plants and flowers. This is how the working days of millions of owners of pieces of nature begin. You can, of course, order from a landscape designer to magically transform your site. However, this service is very expensive and not everyone can afford it, and making flower beds in the country with their own hands is much more pleasant.

A summer cottage is the best place for setting up a garden. A large area of ​​free space, open access to sunlight and a good ecology contribute to the quality growth of flowers.

Therefore, the site is a real paradise for any gardener. And one of the main goals of the summer resident can be a beautiful flower bed in the country or a whole flower garden.

A clearly defined area that has been planted with flowers is called a flower bed. Most often it is in the form of a geometric figure, but this is not a prerequisite. A flower garden in the country is the territory where ornamental plants are grown. That is, this is a broader concept, and the flower bed is simply its component, with a more pronounced fence.

DIY flower bed

The flower bed can be purchased ready-made or made by hand. The second option differs from the first in budget. After all, the independent production of a flower bed from separate parts will come out much cheaper than ordering a prefabricated version.

An example of a round flower bed scheme for a summer residence

But this process will take longer. Making a flower bed with your own hands can be divided into four stages:

  • thinking through the future structure and plants
  • choosing a suitable place
  • installation of a fence
  • planting flowers.

With the first stage, everything is clear. It is necessary to decide in advance how the flowerbed will look like, as well as what flowers will be planted in it. All other stages will depend on these decisions.

Scheme of a flower bed of annuals

Seat selection

The choice of a place for a flower bed depends directly on the preferences of flowers that will bloom in the flower bed. If you plan to plant shade-loving plants, then it is best to place the structure next to the object that will create the shadow. For example, next to a fence or a large tree. By analogy with this situation, it is worth making a choice in favor of this or that place.

Flower garden for shady summer cottages

For ease of caring for a flower bed, access to it from all sides should be open. It is desirable that the free space between it and other objects be at least thirty centimeters in circumference so that a person can calmly approach it.

DIY flower bed fencing

Directly building a flower bed with your own hands begins with a fence, because it is this that serves as the basis for its design. There are a lot of options for its shape, but the installation principle is the same. The main function of the fence is to contain the fertile soil inside the flower bed. The decorative task is secondary but equally important.

Fencing for flower beds made of bricks

According to the functional feature, the fence should completely repeat the shape of the flower bed, respectively, it should be thought out first. The next step is to prepare the land. For an easier installation of the flower bed, it must be leveled in advance. If this is not the case, then it is worth preparing a flat platform, in area slightly larger than the size of the fence. It is enough just to dig up the soil from the hills, scatter it over the holes, and then tamp it all down.

Fencing for flower beds from boards

The next step will be to directly install the fence and secure it securely. The service life and the overall pretentiousness of the design will depend on the quality of the work done. If the fence is heavy enough and will be reliably restrained by its own weight, then it is enough to put it on the ground. For example, from masonry. If its structure is less reliable, then the supporting structures should be immersed in the ground and fixed there. Making a fence for flower beds with your own hands is a very interesting experience. And with due diligence and creativity, a worthy flower bed will come out in the country.

Fencing for flower beds made of stone

Planting plants

The soil for laying in a flower bed must be prepared in advance. You can remove the fertile layer from another piece of land and cultivate it, or you can purchase ready-made soil. The soil inside the flower bed should not contain any weeds, because they will displace the planted flowers. Also, it should be fenced off from the general soil of the site so that nothing from it gets inside.

Ready-made flower bed for planting flowers

Flowers in a flower bed should clearly match each other, forming a single composition. At the same time, the life cycle and time of their flowering must coincide. A competent combination will allow the flower bed to smell and be amazingly beautiful.

Flowers in a flowerbed should form a single composition

It is necessary to plant flowers in a flowerbed at a certain period and correctly select combinations so that flowering begins at the same time. You also need to focus on the overall composition, the plants should look harmonious with each other.

Before planting flowers, the soil can be fertilized for faster grafting of plants. Natural ingredients such as humus, compost or ash are preferred. But chemical fertilizers, which are sold in flower shops and agricultural departments of large stores, are also suitable.

Flower beds need regular feeding

If the flower bed is deep, then it is not necessary to occupy its entire volume with a fertile layer of soil. Alternatively, lay the bottom with ordinary earth.

Sometimes flower beds are built in the reverse order, that is, first they create an elevation from the soil layer, and then they fix it by erecting a fence. In principle, there is no difference between such methods, it is just that for some flower beds the reverse method is more preferable.

Possible forms for a flower bed

Flower beds can take almost any shape due to the versatility of the construction of the fence. It is not necessary to make the structure in the classic shape of a round vase or rectangular planting; you can decorate the garden of your summer cottage with something much more elegant.

Mesh beds

A rather original solution would be the construction of a flower bed with a fence made of a construction mesh. Such a design is quite easy in execution and looks as non-standard as possible, and also has a lot of variability.

Types of fencing of flower beds from the chain-link

Consider the option of making a round flower bed. The first step is to create a frame. For this, two nets are taken, the same height, but different in length. After that, they are rounded and securely fastened with metal links. It will be optimal to choose the length of the meshes so that the difference in their radii (the distance between them in a straight line directed to the center of the structure) is approximately eight centimeters.

Round flower bed for a summer residence made of mesh and stones

After the frame is reliably buried in the ground and filled with stones. For this purpose, you can pick up small cobblestones that are scattered around the site. River stones of medium size can also become an interesting filling, the main thing is that they are larger in size than the grid cells. After that, the fence will be ready and, if it is securely fastened, will serve for a long time. Now you can start filling the newly-made flower bed with soil and planting flowers.

A flower bed in the country made of mesh and stones is durable

A complicated version of such a fence will be the manufacture of a multi-level frame. To do this, you should select two such networks that will reach the maximum size of the flower beds in height, and then convert them into stepped ones. So that they gradually increase in height from the bottom of the flower bed to the very top.

Flowerbed in the country with a multi-level frame

The rest of the construction of the fence is similar to the simple option, but it is worth closing the vertical gaps that have arisen so that the stones do not fall out of them. The best option for this would be to use the elements of the network remaining after cutting, and after welding them with the main structure, or securely fastening with a wound rope.

The soil in such a flower bed will be laid gradually, to create the shape of a gradually rising slide.

Such a decision will make your site stand out for the better. After all, a flower bed made of construction mesh is distinguished by its unnaturalness and unusualness. And its multi-level version resembles a spiral staircase, and few people have ever seen such a structure.

Flower bed at ground level

Instead of building up a flower bed, you can deepen it underground. This design option will most of all resemble a flower garden, but still differ from it.

For the construction of such a flower bed, special attention must be paid to preparing the soil. To begin with, it is worthwhile to clearly delineate the territory, and then dig out all the land from there. The depth of the hole is not important, if there is fertile soil under the recess, but if not, then it should be larger than the size of the root system of flowers, which will then be planted in a flower bed. Since a fertile layer is obtained, it should be carefully folded at a certain place on the site, and then treated from weeds.

A flower bed at ground level for a summer residence

After the plot for the flowerbed in the country house has been dug, it is necessary to level its borders, where the fence will be installed. It is not necessary to make the entire territory even. The material of the fence can be anything reliable enough. If a decorative stone or something similar is used, then it is best to cement the joints. The height of the fence in such a structure must correspond to the ground level.

Flowerbeds in the country at ground level, lined with stones

The final stage will be the return of fertile soil to the flower bed, planting flowers and their refinement.

Such a design is more difficult in execution, but it has a special style and will be interesting to look next to the lawn.

From improvised means

A flower bed made of scrap materials is the easiest and cheapest to perform. An easy option would be to use an old tire.It is enough just to clean it, put it in the most suitable place, fill it with fertile soil, and then plant flowers in it.

Multilevel tire bed

A more advanced option would be to use several tires as a fence to the flower bed. To begin with, they have to be washed, then cut in half across and buried so that the inner rim touches the ground. Then she will not wake up through the tires, they will restrain her. The tires can be painted in a color that will harmoniously fit into the overall composition of the plants.

Fencing for flower beds made of tires

Instead of tires, you can use tires, old tree stumps, planks, and a variety of other scrap materials.

You can also change the approach to creating flower beds with your own hands. For example, instead of several plentiful, arrange many small ones throughout the cottage, completely different in composition.

Composition of several flower beds on the site

In addition to the listed options, there are many others, the use of which can best fit into the exterior of your summer cottage.

Flower beds in the country

A flower garden is a more generalized concept than a flower bed. Any place where plants are planted, not only flowers, but also shrubs, becomes it. It also lacks a clear border. The combination of all these factors gives a greater variety.

A flower garden differs from a flower bed in the absence of clear boundaries.

The main advantage of a flower garden is the possibility of its widespread breaking. Its plants can be planted anywhere from a dilapidated tree stump to a rocky wall. So it turns out that any composition of plants automatically becomes a flower garden.

DIY flower garden

For a flower garden, first of all, you need to choose a planting site, as well as a composition of plants. After that, you should prepare the soil by leveling and cultivating it. The final part will be planting. The general principle is completely similar to installing a flower bed, with the exception that you do not have to worry about installing a special fence.


There is no generally accepted classification of flower beds, but there are several names that are used most often.


This flower garden is used as a decorative fence. Its size usually does not exceed sixty centimeters in width, and matching flowers and shrubs are used as decoration, both longitudinal and transverse symmetry are preserved.


In terms of structure and size, this flower garden is similar to the “border” type. Most often it is installed at the junction of the walkway and walls. This flower garden lacks transverse symmetry, it seems to divide this joint.

Mixborder flower garden in the country


It is also called an ornamental flower garden. Flowers on it are arranged in a certain order and form a pattern, mostly large in area. Used as decoration.

Graphic flower garden parterre in the country


This is a kind of parterre flower garden, but with a more definite size. It is generally accepted that its width varies from half a meter to three meters, and its length is three times its width or even more. If the flower garden "rabatka" is located against the wall, then the plants are planted in ascending order of height. And if you can inspect it from all sides, then the tallest plants and shrubs are planted in the center, and already from them lower levels are located.


This is a flower garden in which special attention is paid to additional elements. The basis of the composition in it is made up of large stones, which can lie both evenly and structured, and in a chaotic, natural order. Together with them, small plants are located in the flower garden: creeping, climbing and heather shrubs. And also many others, suitable for the general style and the growth of which is possible in such a flower garden.

Picturesque rockery flower garden

Interesting ideas for a flower garden

The main advantage of the flower garden is its general unlimited form. With the help of improvised means, you can complement the composition. For example, in the center of the flower garden on a small elevation, install a tire, inside which a climbing plant is planted, and wrap its stem around the tire. By analogy with this, you can come up with an infinite number of variations. Several rather unusual solutions will be presented below.

Flower garden butterfly

For large summer cottages, a butterfly-shaped flower garden on the lawn may be suitable. Its general shape will be rectangular, green grass will be planted in the corners. But in the center there will be an interesting composition of the body, head and wings of a butterfly. The composition is shaped by a variety of colors and their general palette. Let the borders of the wings be outlined by the same plants. The rest of the relief will be marked by a variety of variegated flowers, as well as miniature shrubs.

Flower garden in the country in the shape of a butterfly

An interesting improvement in such a flower garden will be the addition of volume to the composition in addition to the shape. For example, the head of a butterfly can be made higher than its body by raising the ground level in the corresponding area.

Volumetric flower garden in the shape of a butterfly

This flower garden belongs to the "parterre" type.

Miniature suspension bridge made of flowers

Due to the fact that the flower garden does not have a clear shape, you can depict anything. A rather interesting solution would be an overhead structure in the form of a bridge, on which flowers will be planted.

First of all, it is necessary to make and install the frame of the structure. It will have a curved shape. The most effective option would be the construction of a wooden stepped structure, small in size and height. On its borders, bumpers should be installed that will prevent the earth from falling out.

Original flower garden-bridge in the country

The final step will be to fill the "bridge" with fertile soil, it is advisable to do this so that an even hill is formed. Then you can start planting plants in the ground. Small flowers are best suited for this, the root system of which will not exceed a layer of fertile soil. On the borders of the territory, you can plant plants that will close the sides.

Building such a flower garden is a very difficult task that you will have to tinker with. But it will also look appropriate, a suspension bridge decorated with flowers will appear on your site. Such a flower garden will be a stunning decorative element of any summer cottage. Plus, it will not take up much space, and shade-loving plants can be planted under it.

It is difficult to determine the type of this flower garden.

Rose garden

The rosary is a flower garden in all its splendor. It is mainly composed of roses of different colors.

The flowering of these plants occurs better in a lighted area. The place of the flower garden should have direct access to the sun's rays. It is desirable that no objects shade it. However, roses need protection from drafts. It is best to choose a contrasting color scheme.

Luxurious rose garden in the country

For an amateur gardener, a similar structure of a rose garden is suitable: the flower garden is located on the south side of the site, surrounded on three sides by deciduous trees that will not impose their shadow on it. As an interesting combination, you can take decorative varieties of white, red and purple flowers.

An option for decorating a rosary is to add minor colors, less bright, that will complement the main ones.

Roses are very whimsical, require increased care and are highly dependent on weather conditions, but a blooming rose garden will be worth the effort. Creating such a flower garden with your own hands will favorably decorate your summer cottage against the background of others.

The rosary needs regular, thorough care

"The Queen is adorned by the retinue." In addition to roses, other types of flowers can be placed in the flower garden. Best for this are lavender, cloves and iris. Their task is to complement the beauty of the roses, not set them off. Therefore, there should be much fewer additional colors than basic ones.

A rose garden is a separate type of flower garden that is very popular due to its external features.

Differences between a flower bed and a flower garden

It has already been mentioned above that a flower bed is just a kind of flower garden. Accordingly, it cannot be said that one option for decorating a summer cottage is more acceptable than another. They are just different and suitable for different tasks.

If you are interested in decorating a certain piece of land that you want to clearly enclose, planting exclusively with flowers, then a flower bed in the country will suit you.

A flower bed differs from a flower garden in its clear shape.

In the event that you want to create a composition of various plants, including small shrubs. If, in addition to the form, it is necessary to add a combination of volume, as well as additional decorations. In this case, a full-fledged flower garden in the country will be the best decoration for you.

Both options will look good on the site. The only difference will be in the complexity of execution and subsequent care. It doesn't matter what you choose, a flower bed in the country or a whole flower garden, any decoration element will add its own unique style to the site. And creating different combinations will be a great way to realize your creativity.

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