Fires: What to do in case of fire

Fires: What to do in case of fire


What to do in case of fire

In case a fire is sighted


If you spot a fire, the first thing to do is to call the national telephone number 1515 of the FORESTRY CORPS OF THE STATE or the other emergency numbers.

Follow the rules suggested below

  • if it is a beginning of fire, try to extinguish it, only if you are sure of an escape route, keeping your back to the wind and beating the flames with a green branch until they are suffocated;
  • do not stay in the places above the fire or in areas where the wind blows;
  • do not cross the street filled with smoke or flames;
  • do not park on the streets. The fire is not a show;
  • is the road closed? Don't queue up and go back;
  • allow the intervention of emergency vehicles, freeing the roads and not overshadowing them with their own cars;
  • indicate to the fire brigade the roads or paths you know;
  • provide water reserves and other equipment;

If you are surrounded by fire

  • look for a safe escape route: a road or a stream;
  • cross the front of the fire where it is less intense, to go to the part already burned;
  • lie on the ground where there is no flammable vegetation. Sprinkle yourself with water or cover yourself with earth. Prepare for the arrival of smoke by breathing with a wet cloth on your mouth;
  • on the beach, gather on the beach and immerse yourself in the water. Do not try to retrieve cars, motorcycles, tents or what you have left inside. Life is worth more than a stereo or a backpack;
  • do not leave a house if you are not sure that the escape route is open. Report your presence;
  • sealed (with sticky paper and wet cloths) doors and windows. The fire will pass through the house before the smoke and flames penetrate inside;
  • do not leave the car. Close the windows and the ventilation system. Signal your presence with the horn and headlights.

N.B. The information reported was elaborated from the news published by the State Forestry Corps

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