Prepare a compost

Prepare a compost

Setting up a do-it-yourself compost in your own home is an excellent choice for two simple reasons: first because it allows us to dispose of all the organic waste we produce, for example with food waste, second because with a compost we can produce organic fertilizer to be reused then during our gardening activities. So making a compost is useful and ecological and with this video you will learn how to build one.

A compost can be created in various ways but the simplest way is to accumulate the organic residues in a place possibly in the shade. The heap must be enclosed with a metal containment mesh in order to keep the material together. Once the net is closed, we cover the cylinder obtained with a non-woven fabric (TNT), leaving a large flap that will be used later to cover the composter. By adding material to the composter we will also increase the stability of the latter and to better amalgamate the organic material it is advisable to mix the contents from time to time with a spade.

The composting is a technique that allows you to recycle organic garden waste for the benefit and benefit of the plants grown in it.

THE Organic waste such as vegetable scraps, food scraps, fruit peels, dried lawn grass, dry branches, egg shells and all other elements biodegradable, in particular conditions of temperature, humidity and ventilation undergo a transformation by microorganisms (decomposing bacteria) e macroorganisms (fungi, insects and earthworms) in compost.

Compost is a humiferous soil soft, rich in nutrients ideal for fertilize plants in a natural and ideal way to improve the soil structure.
The decomposing agents to produce a good compost, they need to:

  • an adequate degree of humidity (wet waste)
  • constant ventilation (hard waste)
  • of a correct C / Z ratio (wet and solid waste).
  • A rudimentary container for the composting it can be made, in a corner of the garden or vegetable garden, by building a chest of drawers with wooden planks and metal nets.

Organic waste will have to alternate with a light layer of soil enriched with wood ash or limestone flours.

Special containers, called composting silos.

In both cases, the material must be mixed, in order to avoid excessive compaction, at least two or three times a year with a special fork.

To ensure the right degree of humidity it should be watered moderately and not all only if the climate is dry.

Otherwise it must be protected with sheets.

Household waste and those coming from pruning must first be chopped up and then mixed with dry leaves and nitrogenous products.

Natural compost to fertilize plants

On the market there are fertilizers and fertilizers of all kinds, it is however recommended to learn how to use natural products and use industrial fertilizers as little as possible.

A natural and organic compost can be easily produced with wet household waste, especially coffee grounds and fruit and vegetable peels, to be left in a special composting container and mixed with the earth.

To protect potted plants, especially succulents, from stagnant water, harmful to the roots, it is very useful to prepare a layer of fragments of wood or bark or crumbled pine cones, these are also products that are easily found during walks in the woods.

Also with regard to irrigation, it is good to collect rainwater and use it to irrigate plants, especially in areas where the water in the house is very hard and calcareous.

The best wooden composters

Composter Wood Compost Kit 100x100x70cm

In my opinion it is the best economic wooden composter, it was made with pressure impregnated green pine wood.
It provides two storage sections, one for kitchen and garden waste, the other for ripening composting.

It has important dimensions: 1 meter in height and width by 70 cm in depth.
In order for it to function optimally, you do not have to fill it over 70 cm in height to ensure the ideal environmental conditions for the proliferation of microorganisms and killing parasites.

It turns out to be very suitable for managing medium-sized gardens, in fact it produces about 700 liters of compost.

Easy-Load Wooden Compost Bin - Small - 449 Liters

The Easy-Load small has a composting capacity of approximately 450 liters.

This is my favorite model, at least among the wooden composters, because it is easy to assemble, and you can fill it straight from the wheelbarrow.
It has removable slats that make it easy for you to fill and collect mature compost from the bottom.

It is produced in England by Primrose, a particular arrangement of the staves was envisaged in the design to promote optimal air circulation and accelerate the production of compost.

Medium, large and extra-large versions are also available to meet greater product needs (up to 897 liters).

How to set up a small nursing garden

When planning the site arrangement around the house, many owners think about how to take care of the garden, flower beds, beds… I want to spend as little time and effort as possible on this. Our suggestions site has collected suggestions for landscape designers for organizing a small nursing garden.

First tip: give up the lawn

Yes, it is the lawns that require constant and careful maintenance. Cut, remove leaves and debris, water regularly. There will be many things to do. Therefore, if you want a texture that does not require constant attention, it is better to refuse the lawn. You can, as in the photo above, equip a recreation area under the pergola on the site of the former lawn. Or choose one of the alternatives to the classic lawn, about which the portal has written in detail. These lawns require much less maintenance.

Second tip: mulch whatever is possible

In order not to fight weeds and water the flower beds less often, you need to use mulch. It can be straw, sawdust, wood chips, needles and cones, peat, compost, green manure cuttings. Starting with inorganic materials, summer residents sometimes use films, even newspapers and cardboard. In any case, mulching is very beneficial for the soil and the plants themselves. And the owners will save a lot of time without worrying about the garden being overgrown with weeds.

Tip three: organize a place to store your tools

Yes, even in the case of a small nursing garden, you still need tools. And they shouldn't lie anywhere, so that the search for a watering can or trowel doesn't take more time than the work itself. A small shed, shelves in the garage, special holders for shovels, rakes and hoes - it is not difficult to equip such a storage.

Fourth tip: use perennials

They don't have to be replanted every year, there are already far fewer worries. Lilies of the valley, chrysanthemums, English lavender, millet, iris, phlox, daylilies - the choice of perennials that require minimal care is great. You will have a beautiful flower bed that does not need to be updated every year.

Fourth tip: give up the pond and swimming pool

Even a small pond needs regular maintenance, the water stagnates, it must be changed, the artificial reservoir must be cleaned. You will also have to constantly take care of the pool, change and disinfect the water. If you really want a body of water on the site, you should prefer a small fountain, which you often don't have to wash and clean.

Fifth tip: prefer a minimalist design

Less lush flower beds - let everything be simple, but neat on the site. Numerous low maintenance shrubs along the border, perennials and gravel fill. There is practically nothing to do on such a site ..

Sixth tip: leave part of the garden as it is

Of course, the plot next to the house will still have to be put in order. But the farthest part of the garden, at the border, can be left intact, natural. Especially if there were already trees growing there, which were carefully preserved during the construction of the house. Let it all go here, even the leaves do not need to be removed under mature trees.

Seventh tip: fewer flower beds and flower beds, more recreation area

If you really want to relax on the site more often and not work, equip the patio, giving most of the space for it. Bushes and trees simply frame the seating area. Once invested in the construction of the floor and in the arrangement of the tile or stone site, you will get an area that is very easy to maintain. Sweep the garbage, dust the garden furniture - that's all you need to do. So hang up the hammock, prepare a table and a bench, an umbrella from the sun, sit back and relax!

How to set up a garden with an outdoor kitchen with a modern design

The outdoor space is the extension of the house, therefore the design that is present inside should follow. If the space available allows it, it is also possible to install an outdoor kitchen with barbecue and much more.

How to set up a garden and make it a comfortable place

Of course you will need a furniture set with table and chairs. The material depends on your tastes and preferences. Before making any purchase, it is advisable to take into account the measurements of your garden.

How to set up a garden with a modern design with wrought iron furniture sets

It is necessary to optimize the space so as not to unnecessarily burden the external environment. The important thing is to create a comfortable and not in the last place personalized area.

An example of furniture with two comfortable pink seats

In the image below you can see two comfortable pink seats. They are located in a part of the garden, surrounded by plants. The wooden floor gives comfort and warmth. Plants are also a fundamental part, and they undoubtedly play a very important role.

Very elegant garden furniture with design elements

What would a garden be without plants? If you are not an expert in terms of gardening, we invite you to view our other articles with more information about it.

An original solution to welcome friends

In this composition, on the other hand, we have a shady garden, decorated to welcome friends. Those who have an outdoor space available can also use it for birthday parties and much more. How to set up a garden for a party?

A proposal with a set of black furniture and many evergreen plants

The answer is very simple! The seats and tables cannot be missing. To make the whole process easier, the buffet can also be of great help. Simple lights and garlands may suffice as decorations.

Outdoor furniture with wooden furniture and colored cushions

In this and in the previous image, we have two compositions with wrought iron and wood sets. You decide which of the two to choose. With the right treatments, both guarantee long life and infinite elegance.

Driveway decorated with many flowers and wooden inserts

The blue sky and pleasant temperatures encourage you to spend much more time outdoors. To be comfortable and relaxed, the sofa is the perfect element. In addition, gatherings with friends and relatives will be even more pleasant, if you have an outdoor kitchen available. As we said earlier, setting up a barbecue can be an excellent idea if the space available allows it.

Garden furniture with wooden furniture and a high fence

There is nothing more beautiful than preparing barbecues and having fun around the fire. In the composition here above, we present a furniture with wooden and rattan furniture. Simple and very elegant to ensure pleasant moments in the open air.

An idea with a wooden pergola and an outdoor fireplace with a traditional design

We conclude our collection of ideas with a truly special one. There is a traditional fireplace with a modern design. It is covered with natural stones for a more natural effect.

Video: Making Compost in 30 Days Using Pallet Wood Bins