Herbal teas

Herbal teas

The herbal tea is a compound of dried and chopped herbs diluted in water and taken orally. Shredding is a very important operation that can massively affect the extraction of active ingredients. The herbal tea can be formed from a single type of herb or from various types, in this case it would be advisable never to mix more than five different herbs, as it can create problems of interaction between the various types of plants. The herbal tea can be prepared in the form of decoction, infusion or maceration, this depends on the type of extraction method you want to use. In the case of the decoction, roots, barks, branches, leaves and all those parts whose active ingredients are not damaged with the prolonged boiling process are used; the infusion is used when you want to extract the active ingredients from herbs with thermolabile essences, ... continue

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continue ..., that is that they do not lose their properties with heat. Instead, it is advisable to proceed with maceration if the active ingredients are thermolabile or if they take a long time to dissolve in water. The preparation of the decoction consists of putting a dose of herbs in a container with cold water, bring to a boil and boil for a few minutes until the liquid is half dry, cool and filter. For the infusion, pour a quantity of herbs into a cup with boiling water, leave to act for a few minutes and filter. Finally, for the maceration, a quantity of herbs is poured into cold or slightly warmed water, left covered for a few hours and filtered. There are many types of herbal teas, slimming, purifying, anti-cellulite, for babies, against insomnia, relaxing.

Often, with the arrival of the winter season, we feel the need to ingest hot drinks, most of the time we are undecided about preparing a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. This dilemma can be solved by opting for a nice healthy herbal tea, which besides being very pleasant can also help us to eradicate small ailments.

Herbal doctors recommended the use of herbal teas especially to people who have small but annoying ailments and who cannot bear to ingest other liquids considered more unpleasant. Today the herbal teas on the market contain substances and taste correctors that make them very pleasant and more effective, for example licorice, orange, anise, lavender etc.

Some small tips: remember that if you prepare an herbal tea through maceration, you will never have to use metal containers but porcelain or ceramic. The decoctions and infusions must be prepared just before being consumed and not well in advance.

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