Information About Peanuts

Information About Peanuts

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Valencia Peanut Info: Learn How To Grow Valencia Peanuts

By Amy Grant

If you are only familiar with peanuts in the form of peanut butter or ballpark snack, you may be wondering what are Valencia peanuts? Click this article to find out how to grow Valencia peanuts and other info on Valencia peanut varieties.

Spanish Peanut Information: Tips On Growing Spanish Peanuts In Gardens

By Shelley Pierce

If you've ever enjoyed peanut candies or peanut butter, then I'm sure you are familiar with their tasty potential and can't wait to get started growing Spanish peanuts in your garden. Let's get talking about Spanish peanut information and find out how to grow Spanish peanuts here.

Watering Peanut Plants: How And When To Water A Peanut Plant

By Our site

Half the fun of raising peanut plants is watching them grow and change rapidly. But in order to achieve this feat, certain peanut water requirements must be met. So how much water does a peanut plant need? Find out in this article.

What Is A Virginia Peanut: Information On Planting Virginia Peanuts

By Victoria Blackstone

Among their many common names, Virginia peanuts are called goobers, ground nuts and ground peas. Although they're not grown exclusively in Virginia, their common name gives a nod to the warm southeastern climates where they thrive. Learn about them here.

Indoor Peanut Growing – Learn How To Grow Peanuts Indoors

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Can I grow a peanut plant indoors? This may sound like an odd question to people who live in sunny, warm climates, but for gardeners in chilly climates, the question makes perfect sense! If you want to learn how to grow peanuts indoors, click this article.

Runner Type Peanuts – Information About Runner Peanut Plants

By Liz Baessler

Peanuts are not at the top of the list of the most common plants in the garden, but they should be. They're relatively easy to grow, and there's nothing cooler than curing and shelling your very own peanuts. Learn about runner type peanuts in this article.

Groundcover Peanut Varieties: Using Peanut Plants As Groundcover

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

If you are tired of mowing your lawn, take heart. There is a perennial peanut plant that produces no nuts but provides a beautiful lawn alternative. The pretty little yellow flowers are edible and can be used in salads. Learn more about these plants here.

Types Of Peanut Plants: Learn About Different Varieties Of Peanut

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Want to grow peanuts? How hard can it be? After all a peanut is a peanut. But what if your search of peanut plant seeds reveals that there's more variety to peanuts than you knew? Learn about the differences between these peanut plant varieties in this article.

What Are Bunch Peanuts: Learn About Bunch Peanut Plants

By Liz Baessler

Peanuts are a huge agricultural crop in the southeastern United States. All that peanut butter has to come from somewhere. Beyond that, however, they?re also a fun and fascinating plant to grow in the garden. Learn about bunch type peanuts in this article.

Peanut Companion Plants – Learn About Companion Planting With Peanuts

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Particular growing requirements for peanuts mean any plants grown nearby must also like full sun, well-drained soil and deeply fertile sandy loam. What are good companions to peanuts? The answer is quite extensive and may surprise you. Learn more here.

Container Grown Peanuts: How To Grow Peanut Plants In Containers

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

While they may be the pride of the South, those of us in northern areas can still grow peanuts. We need only grow them in containers to extend the growing season and keep them warm. Learn how to grow peanut plants in containers here.

Planting Peanut Seeds: How Do You Plant Peanut Seeds

By Amy Grant

Peanuts are entwined into the fabric of America. For that reason, you might be wondering about growing peanuts from seeds. How do you plant peanut seeds? Click the article that follows to find out about planting peanut seeds at home.

Peanut Storing: Learn About Post Harvest Peanut Curing

By Amy Grant

Peanut curing (drying) does not occur in gardens. Curing peanuts may be accomplished via natural drying or mechanical drying following their harvest. Learn more about post harvest peanut curing in this article.

Caring for Peanuts

Water and feeding. Peanuts prefer regular, even watering. Keep the soil moist until the plants begin to flower, then waterless. Once plants are established, allow the soil to dry between waterings. Empty pods, sometimes called “blind” pods, are the result of too much rain or humidity at flowering time. Prepare planting beds with aged compost peanuts, like other legumes, supply their own nitrogen.

Care. Mulch around peanuts to keep the soil surface from crusting and becoming hard this will allow pegs to penetrate the soil. Keep the planting beds weed-free and cultivate lightly to keep the soil loose. Mulching around peanuts will make harvesting easier.

Pests. Peanuts have no other serious pest problems. Fence rodents out of the garden.

Diseases. Peanuts have no serious disease problems.

Wingfield Farm in Tyner, North Carolina, is a fifth-generation family farm that specializes in offering inshell peanuts, grown for and by the family. Wingfield Farm offers farmer stock peanuts for wildlife feed. These Virginia peanuts - which refers to a specific type of peanut that has the largest kernel size of all, and not the state of Virginia - are rich in oils and fats that provide energy. The peanuts are high in calories and protein which promotes growth and good health. Please note: These peanuts are not roasted.

My chipmunks love the peanuts

Posted by Jeffrey W. Schuler on Mar 25th 2021

now have squirrels, blue jays and chipmunks eating them


Posted by Brian on Mar 24th 2021

Love getting the Wingfield farm peanuts. The birds and Squirrels love when I put some out by our feeders.
Good service and delivery is quick.

25 pound bag of peanuts

Posted by Lisa on Mar 23rd 2021

I have been so happy with the purchase of the 25 pound bag of peanuts. I've been purchasing these since last summer and it is by far the best bargain around. The bluejays and squirrels thank you!


Posted by Unknown on Mar 21st 2021

In shell peanuts

Posted by Cliff P on Mar 18th 2021

Good quality great customer service and quick delivery.

Virginia peanuts

Posted by Debora Bridges on Dec 14th 2020

The Blue Jays and Squirrels in my yard love them

A wonderful way to feed the wildlife visitors

Posted by P on Dec 14th 2020

Squirrels are nuts for these

Posted by Jan Stern on Dec 13th 2020

I feed the squirrels, blue jaws & crows. They love their peanuts and these were the best price I've found! I really like that there's one bag per box so they're easier to carry. Shipping was super fast too. No complaints from the critters!


Posted by Kathi and bruce Holmes on Dec 12th 2020

We feed 20-30 squirrels every day and about 6 or 7 blue Jays.

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