Irrigation system project

Irrigation system project

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The design phase of an irrigation system is the main phase that allows you to define the various areas where the irrigation system will have to pass. The design is essential to follow a clear and precise scheme, only in this way the same implementation operations will be carried out on schedule. It could also happen that the garden has already been built but there is no irrigation system, then it will be necessary to intervene correctly to minimize the damage. As for the use of water, it would certainly be better to have a well in the garden. The well is certainly a convenience for those who have both a vegetable garden and a garden, so it is one of those elements that must be included in the list when designing the garden itself. The irrigation system project can be entrusted to people specialized in this sector, alternatively it can be carried out personally but you need to have a minimum of skills. There are different types of irrigation systems on the market, although the one that is most installed today is the underground system. A particular watering is required for each type of plant, which is why it is equally important to choose plants that all require approximately the same daily amount of water. Where there is also a turf, it is important to remember that the latter also needs constant watering.

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Each project needs a well-defined scheme to follow, for this reason it is necessary to draw the perimeter of the garden and trace the path that the irrigation system will have to follow, only in this way the exact points will be identified to place the entire system . Of course you need to know the distance of the drips from the same plain otherwise you risk making it rot. These are precautions that may seem irrelevant but are not at all. The irrigation system must always be tested and if it has any defects, they must be resolved immediately. The garden irrigation system can be entrusted to your trusted plumber or gardener, or you can build it yourself. A qualified person is certainly able to build the system in a rather short time, although a lot depends on the size of the garden itself. In any case, the garden must be divided into zones and for each zone it is necessary to set points where it will be necessary to drain the water. The irrigation system must be connected to a water system that will come into operation by opening a valve. The valves allow you to open and close the system, and the pressure in this case plays a fundamental role. In the case of the underground irrigation system, the pipes will be placed inside an excavation that makes them completely invisible, while in the normal system the pipes are visible. The latter method is often used in agriculture, where aesthetics are certainly given little importance compared to the role it plays in a garden. The test is essential to verify that all the valves correspond to the commands and, moreover, the system can also be equipped with an automatism that allows it to start automatically. It is always the customer who sets the opening time of the irrigation system, to prevent the plants from being watered even during the sunniest hours, two different waterings can also be scheduled in one day, this depends on the species present in the garden. .

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The costs for the construction of an irrigation system vary if the work is entrusted to a company or if it is done personally. The company will certainly carry out the work more quickly while, if you decide to do it yourself, you need to carve out some time to dedicate it to this work. Obviously, you will be able to find everything you need in shops specializing in gardening items. The design can also be simply drawn on a sheet of graph paper to accurately calculate the distance from each other of each individual element. Should a failure occur, only the damaged element can be replaced and, in general, an irrigation system guarantees excellent durability. If you were not able to find the fault, you can always request the prompt intervention of a plumber because the plants, remaining too long without being watered, could suffer damage.

Irrigation system project: irrigation system: irrigation system project

The favorable points of an irrigation system are important. The rationalized and constant irrigation allows to make the garden more beautiful and vital enough to be able to arouse a passion for greenery. We must not forget that this system can help when you are away from home or perhaps on vacation. An irrigation system in the garden can also be created by yourself without using any technician, the important thing is to have a system suitable for the needs. A correct irrigation system can be designed taking into consideration the land you have on which you decide to set up a beautiful garden and therefore you need an efficient and trouble-free irrigation system.

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